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What was your first time drinking? 馃憖

The first time I ever tried alcohol was at a party my parents threw 馃槀

I was 11 at the time. I remember they had me taste a daquiri & I liked the feeling so I kept drinking more 馃槄 then they stopped me so I continued to sneak small shots of Jagermeister whenever nobody was looking 馃槍

I remember that was when this "Party Like a Rockstar" song was popular so I remember that repeating a few times. Then this one song played & I fell deep into the vibe 馃槍

So I grew up always playing this song when I'd drink even though I knew nothing about that stuff yet 馃槀

Scribbles31-35, F
I think I had tasted a few sips or a small cup of hard ciders, beer and wine coolers and such a few times at family events when I was a child, because I was a curious child. I can't say I liked any of it. But I liked trying it.

I didn't really drink anything until I was 14, a friend of mine got drunk and her boyfriend took advantage of her a few times. It scared her and it was a bad experience for her.
A week later, She started bringing water bottles filled with Vodka almost everyday afterwards (her 20 year old boyfriend supplied her with all the cheap vodka and beer she wanted). She came to me to talk to about it and I very vaguely admitted to having some bad experiences too. She said, she guessed that I probably had and pressed me to tell her, but I never did.
I really wanted to help her but she outright demanded that I not try to help her with her problems and just shut up and drink with her. Unfortunately I liked the Vodka as a kid, and we sometimes enjoyed mixing it with juice and started to find solace in drinking too. It felt therapeutic at the time, because we'd find a quiet spot in school and drink and talk about some of our problems, listen to music, and what we wanted to do in life, at the time I thought maybe I could convince her to dump that guy, or I could help in some way. She desperately needed a shoulder to lean on. We also laughed at the thought that we did better at speaking Spanish in Spanish class after drinking (I was convinced it helped roll my R's). Later in highschool we both had a hard realization that we were depressed, drinking more and more and just wanted to get drunk every day and weren't functional human beings with hopes and dreams anymore. We stopped caring about anything.

One day we had gone a bit beyond tipsy, and we were hiding from some guys looking for us. It scared us all over again (because we realized it would be hard to protect each other and we didn't like that) and We both immediately cut back to once a week. And she finally dumped her boyfriend for good instead of hooking back up. It took me a few more years later before realizing I needed to go sober to clean up. I didn't like my reliance on it after I was finally free from my parent's home and the lucky thing was that the guys I dated didn't like me wanting to get tipsy before sex (not every time anyway) which helped pushed me to sober up too. Thankfully they were all good guys, and I never got hurt by them. I started sobering up around the time I hit 21. She ended up going to AA when she was 18 and later on became a firefighter. She was so happy with where she was headed in life. I remember celebrating with her and telling her how proud I was of her.

Note to self: I should really go hang out with her sometime. We haven't spoken in years.

Not sure how we never got caught by any adult. As an adult and former teacher, I'd have been immediately suspicious. I guess we were good at flying under the radar.

Anyway, to any kids out there...don't drink to escape or mask your troubles. It's not worth it. You just become dependent on the alcohol and that can cause all kinds of problems. You still have to deal with the original problem.anyway. And most importantly, try to be safe and if shit happens, get somebody to help you! :/
Scribbles31-35, F
@ChiefWalksWith40oz hahaha. Sorry for the length. If I have something to say, it's always a book! Otherwise I'm very quiet. It's the same in person.

You're absolutely right about the stages. I hit every single one of those. Thank goodness, I knew my limits somewhat because I never suffered the "I can't stop and keep being hospitalized for alcohol poisoning" stage. Because after seeing some people go through's absolutely a stage too.

What was your favorite mixed drink using vodka when you were a kid? One day I mixed in watermelon kool aid, and it was so good! It seems funny now, because koolaid is such a kid thing to want to mix in. 馃ぃ

I feel like an old granny to admit that when I was in high school, nobody had cell phones yet. 馃槀馃懙. I didn't get a cell phone until I was like 20...and it was 2007 or 2008 or something like that. That was after I had Facebook! I bet I could find her on Facebook if I can remember my password and ask her to FaceTime sometime.

Thanks, man. Much appreciated :) Kicking my bad alcohol dependence is one of the very few things I'm very proud of myself for.

Nowadays I can manage a glass of wine or whiskey, or half an ale or weird flavored craft beer or something a few times a year.

And cheers! You should be proud of yourself for how you've turned out.
I don't talk to you much, but anytime I see you around SW, You've always struck me as someone with a good head on their shoulders (loads of introspection, and a determination to figure things out or work on getting your shit together) and a good heart (cares about people and cares about justice). Hope you're able to fill the rest of your life with lots of happiness.

And good luck with any goals you have regarding alcohol, life, and what-have-you. :)
@Scribbles I'm glad you never reached full blown alcoholism 馃檹 my favorite vodka mix was honestly vodka & orange juice though 馃槄 I LOVED orange juice growing up so that was my go-to.

I plan on slowing down my drinking this year. This pack I'm almost done with is actually gonna be my last for a while. I'll drink with friends or something but I wanna slow down overall. I'm happy you were able to slow down so much yourself 馃槍 I hope you can get in touch with your friend. Make the effort fr.

Thanks for the compliments though 馃ズ it means a lot. I haven't seen you very much so I'm surprised you can see that much about me & I feel bad I haven't noticed you quite as detailed. I do know you're a good person though just from seeing you around. I'ma add you so I can see you in my feed
Scribbles31-35, F
It's not an in-depth character study. Lol
Just something I noticed from coming across a few posts.

It's okay, I'm rather boring on SW. I come and go alot too. I don't often post things anymore. So feel free to change your mind later if you like. But that's nice of you. I'll add you too.

Good luck with your goals!
At 14, I had a friend in high school who often brought a thermos of orange juice and vodka and would drink it during free period.

A couple of times I took a sip, but seeing how it affected her put me off. At a house party she got really drunk and some guys were, I guess, about to take advantage.

It was a bad scene, and I phoned her older brother. He showed up with friends, helped me get her into his car, took us home.

Then he went back, and he and his friends beat some of the guys up.
Years later, he told me that if I hadn鈥檛 called him, the guys at the party likely would鈥檝e "pulled a train" on her, possibly on me, as well. 馃槼
@bijouxbroussard I actually got suspended my freshman year of high school for bringing vodka in water bottles to drink with my friends at lunch 馃ぃ馃ぃ so I can relate to your friend on that.

The train part is terrifying though. Chances are, that's exactly what would've happened. I would've went back & beat the fuck out of those dudes too if I was the brother 馃し I used to love whooping ass for my siblings
Starcrossed41-45, F
At 16, my best friend's mom got us some bartles n james, boone's farm and zima - I'm guessing because her cokehead ass reasoned we'd puke and pass out well before alcohol poisoning [nor was there enough to get poisoned if we split it] and we had a couple of guy friends come over and watched some horror movies. Bad mom left us for the night to take our chances with dumassary injuries and teen pregnancy I guess?

We put jolly ranchers in the zimas.

We forgot about the pizza we put in the oven upstairs for 2 hours and had to get it when the smoke alarm went off. Despite it being charred the boys ate it. ...I might've tried some of the least burnt cheese.

I know I was drunk but I swear I woke up and one of the movies was about some vampires that had these long tongues that had teeth on the end of them and there was oral sex and thinking "WHAT. THE. FUCK!?!?!" then passing back out.

The end.
Starcrossed41-45, F
Technically it was when I was like 13 and my mom gave me a Grasshopper at Christmas.

And a handful of times she gave me shots of blackberry brandy when I was sick because her grandmother did it.

I dont really count those though.
@Starcrossed daaamn I haven't had Zimas in a while 馃槄 I literally put jolly ranchers in them EVERY time I have them. It's a must. But aww that sounds fun even though it was horrible on the parents behalf 馃槀
But geez... Wtf were you guys watching? 馃樁
Starcrossed41-45, F
@ChiefWalksWith40oz lmao I'll forever wonder what it was. I've resigned to the fact I'll never know.
DearAmbellina211341-45, F
My first taste of alcohol was at 15. I got drunk on whiskey. The second time was at 17, I got drunk on Screwdrivers. 馃槅
@DearAmbellina2113 straight to the whiskey 馃槄 nice
LunarOrbit56-60, M
It was normal for an Italian kid to get alcohol before they were old enough to start school. Diluted grappa rubbed on the gums of a teething baby was common. Marsala to help with digestion. I remember having a raw egg yolk scrambled with brandy and sugar when I was around 3. Crazy if you did that with kids nowadays.

But the first time I got twisted was 17. Buddy and I went toe to toe on a 26er of rye whiskey. Bottle done in 5-6 minutes. I walked home on my face.
I greened out鈥.parents thought I was on drugs鈥nd got rushed to hospital. They let me sleep it off there making sure I didn鈥檛 aspirate on puke.

Took me 40 years to enjoy rye again. 馃あ
@LunarOrbit to imagine having egg with brandy as a 3 year old is wild 馃槀 times were different for sure lol. But daaaamn y'all went too far on that rye 馃ぃ I definitely see why you got sick. But yeah I get that. When I got alcohol poisoning from vodka, it made me not touch that stuff ever since. It just grosses you out after that for some reason
SkeetSkeet100+, F
5. I tried to cook my younger brother some food because we were hungry. It was like tomato sauce and something else I dumped into a cupcake pan hahaha. The only thing to drink in the fridge was beer.
@SkeetSkeet lmao aw how sweet of you to be making food that young 馃槍 or trying lol. Lil ghetto kids just tryna get by. Did you know you were drinking beer or did you just drink it because that's all there was? 馃槄
newdawnnewbeginnings36-40, F
It was on Summer 2013, I was 26 years old by that time, I drank Absolute vodka with orange juice.

I thought that if I kept myself clean and lived my life drinking alcohol for the first time with a partner then I would be a happy person instead of drinking alcohol at age 21, but then I understood that people wanted to control my life and make it like any other lady鈥檚 life before me, but then after separation and divorce and becoming a mother, I told myself 鈥淚 cannot fix my past but I can change my future鈥.
@newdawnnewbeginnings vodka with orange juice is a good combo 馃槍 I quit vodka in general after getting alcohol poisoning from it at age 16 though. I've hated it ever since.

I'm glad you took your choices into your own hands though. You literally don't have to do shit you don't wanna do.. & likewise you can do anything that you want to
newdawnnewbeginnings36-40, F
@ChiefWalksWith40oz this is why drinking alcohol for guys has to be at age 21 and for women at age 26, because our guts and brain can handle alcohol. My brother, I understand that probably life made you be a grown man at teen years, and I know that if you got kids, you would guide them to be drinking at the age they feel comfortable drinking and not obligated or forced because they have to please people, and I am not judging that you are a people pleaser, so don鈥檛 take my comment negatively.
Jenny123451-55, F
Drunk? 14 years old new years Eve at local bar that never asked for ID

But we were allowed a little wine on special occasions growing up and also sips of my dads beer but he hardly ever drank
I think I was 15.
I had 3 beers and I was tanked. 馃ぃ
@Lilymoon lmao that's okay it happens 馃ぃ once in high school, I got shitfaced off of only 3 Bud Light Straw-beritas 馃槀 (to be fair, they were 8% alcohol though & I chugged them. Plus we were smoking 4 blunts at the same time).

But my homies never let me live it down 馃槶 I still get that brought up sometimes lol
@ChiefWalksWith40oz The weird thing is I still can't drink too much I can never keep up with some peeps. 馃お 馃
@Lilymoon that's okay you don't need to drink much 馃槄 I hate when people get all pushy about you drinking slow or pacing yourself. Everybody's limits & tolerances are different
exexec61-69, C
I didn't drink in college, which made my fraternity brothers happy because I could be the designated driver to take their dates home after drunken parties. They liked to mix a batch of fruit drink with everclear for "picnics" with their dates. They used me as the taster to make sure it wasn't obvious the punch was spiked. That was my first taste of alcohol.
@exexec wow so they were getting girls drunk without telling them it was alcohol? That's questionable asf 馃樁
exexec61-69, C
@ChiefWalksWith40oz I don't think any of the girls got drunk. They knew it was alcoholic. The guys got drunk, and I drove the girls home.
I was 15 when my mom offered to make me a cocktail. That was pretty significant because she was the strict parent. Like, really strict! But must鈥檝e figured I was old enough for one in her book, lol. I just hope she doesn鈥檛 regret it now since I ended up becoming an alcoholic. Not until many years later, but yeah鈥
@Ducky yeah for a strict parent to make you a drink that young is wild 馃槄 my dad wasn't even strict but I didn't start smoking or drinking with him til age 17
@ChiefWalksWith40oz I鈥檇 expect that from my dad since he was the more laid back parent. That鈥檚 cool that you鈥檙e able to drink and blaze up with yours too.
I was around 7 and went with my older Brother to a his company's picnic. I guess everyone thought it was cool to let me drink beer and watch me act loony. I was hung over by the end of it. 10 years later I went to work at the same company, and there were still people there who remembered that day.
@BrewCityArtist damn there must've been some loyal employees for them to be there long enough to remember you 馃槄 that's funny though
@ChiefWalksWith40oz People were loyalists for sure, with people working 30-40 years at the place. At least until some genius CEO came in and it all went to shiz. The people they started hiring were just pathetic, and I left. I probably know 1-2 people still there, most were laid off, retired, or quit.
@Jeephikelove ewww the cigarette butt drink 馃あ馃あ poor you. But damn I think this is the first & only time I met someone on SW who started drinking before me 馃槀
Jeephikelove46-50, F
@ChiefWalksWith40oz ya it was gross.
I was 14. My buddy and I got a friends older brother to go to the packy to get us some Boone's Farm apple wine. We procured two bottle of that nasty swill and drank all of it. That was the first time in my life that I learned what my stomach lining looked like. I prayed for death.
@DrPhibes I'm not a wine person so yeah that sounds horrible 馃槄
SwampFlower26-30, F
13, my dad let me have a shot of tequila before telling me a really embarrassing story about himself on tequila 馃槀
@SwampFlower that's hilarious 馃ぃ
SwampFlower26-30, F
@ChiefWalksWith40oz Don't take the mountain girl to the city and let her drink 馃ゴ
@SwampFlower I was born in the mountains 馃槍 but grew up in the city. So throughout my life every time I visited my hometown... Turns out the same way 馃ぃ

You have the time of your life when you step outside your bubble
SlaveEt31-35, F
I've tasted alcohol of various kinds and come to the conclusion that 99% of it is disgusting. Needless to say I've never been drunk. Don't like the feeling either so there's that too, lol.
@SlaveEt yeah it doesn't really taste good 馃槀 we all just do it for the feeling lol. It's good you don't like it though
elafina31-35, F
Around 14, at a family gathering, I drunk a couple of glasses of wine and vomitted after..
@elafina damn 馃槄 weeeeaaak lol. Nah I'm just kidding 馃槍 it makes sense for your tolerance to be that low as a teenage girl
Ashleewalk18-21, F
I was 11 too at a neighbours party lol
@Ashleewalk what cool neighbors 馃槍

Or weird ones 馃え because I wouldn't let my neighbors kids drink 馃槀 did you sneak it or what?
I had a few sips of beer with my dad when he was barbecuing when I was like 12. I told him it鈥檚 gross he told me that will probably change as you get older and by the time I was a sophomore in high school he was right!! 馃幆
Elessar26-30, M
Beer, 16

At the time legal drinking age was 16 here, at least for low alcohol volume stuff such as beer and wine
@Elessar nice 馃槍 at least you followed the law lol. By the time I hit the legal age I was already drinking for 10 years 馃槀
Elessar26-30, M
@ChiefWalksWith40oz Bear in mind, it's barely enforced here. Something like 3 out of 4 bars and alikes wouldn't care about asking your ID. In any case my reason was that before that time I wasn't really interested 馃槄
SunshineGirl36-40, F
When I was 14 my grandfather gave me a glass of homemade plum brandy. I slept for 15 hours solid after that and when I woke up I had wet the bed 馃槥

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