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Why do some people claim that mushrooms don't taste like anything and then insist on putting them into everything?

Matt85 · 36-40, M
Is there any real need to be upset?
Iwantout · 26-30, M
Because they absorb the flavors of whatever is around them when they get cooked
MasterLee · 56-60, M
Like onion people
ViciDraco · 36-40, M
@MasterLee i like onion now. Didn't as a kid. It definitely has a taste though.
Fluffybull · F
I love mushrooms, they definitely have a taste of their own.
WanderlustCat · 36-40, M
I cant get past the slimy wiggley texture.
Teirdalin · 31-35
The fungi has to spread.
smiler2012 · 56-60
{@vicidraco] 😆all i can say they must have funny taste buds
Good question…
Morrowind · 26-30, M
Like your butthole?
I love mushrooms, and they do have a taste, but they also enhance the taste of certain foods. I love chicken and mushrooms over rice with a sauce made from spices, chicken broth, Greek yogurt and white wine.
ViciDraco · 36-40, M
@bijouxbroussard I can appreciate when people like them but admit they have a flavor. Then it's just a difference of palate.
Maybe they're really magic mushrooms they're putting in. 😱
I honestly have no idea. Maybe they think the mushrooms will take on the flavor of whatever they're cooked with, like eggplant or tofu.

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