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Should I go to the food bank?

I stopped going for multiple reasons. Going there makes me feel like a big loser. I have to take two buses to get there. The food isn't very good. Some people are worse off than me.

Still, with rising food prices... 馃槓
Matt8536-40, M
If you are hungry, you should eat.
Nevaeh008136-40, F
@Matt85 nmh
kentex35100+, M
Don't starve yourself. It's there to help people temporarily until they can back on their feet. And when you get back on your feet you can reciprocate as you can afford at that time. It is humbling. I've had to ask before. More than once. And the donations they get are often the most economical that can be found but if that means they can buy ten cans of stir brand of 5 cans of name brand, they feed twice as many families. I see some nice vehicles lined up outside but keep in mind everyone is a heartbeat away from catastrophy. One clogged artery can put the whole family in the poor house. Trust me on that one.
AbbeyP70-79, F
Why a loser? You are in need.
Emjay18-21, F
@AbbeyP I am below the poverty line.
AdaXI41-45, T
I'd be stuffing it down my throat while they were still filling the bag...

I've got no pride, LMAO!馃槅
pride4926-30, M
AdaXI41-45, T
Wow that is one microscopic picture @pride49 So what is it? Did a donkey just sh!t on Madonna's face or something?馃槅
pride4926-30, M
@AdaXI it's white chicks xD it's actually a black guy dress as a white woman on a date with Terrell.
I wouldn't think the food there would be very good. But beggars can't be choosers. And if you really need the food, you'd swallow your pride and get the food.
go to the food bank, I mean it. Enough food, like enough sleep makes all other difficulties easier
Nevaeh008136-40, F
You gotta do what you gotta do.

I'd share with you what little I have if I could.

No judgement. Just straight saying. Don't take it wrong. It's from the heart.
Iothemoon41-45, F
Struggling does not make you a loser. If you need the resource, then use it.
One day when you're in a better position you can donate and help others.
exexec61-69, C
Yes, go to the food bank. I work at a County Food Bank distribution twice a month, and we distribute food to over 200 families each day. It is there to help people who need it. Most families have at least one person who is working full time, but that's not enough to support a family. We don't look down on those who come for help. In fact, they say we are the friendliest people they meet each week.
@exexec good for you I do the same with my daughters, and I also donate every year
@exexec one of the most important things we can do in life is right in our own communities give back so good for you and your wife
There is nothing wrong with seeking help when you have always tried to help yourself first before seeking it. An looser is someone who never tries to turn their situation around and only expects others to change it for them. If you can say deep down I tried my very best to turn my situation around but still need help from others than you are not an looser. We all need some help from time to time. All in different ways and big or small.
You either need food or you dont. You dont sound hungry to me.
Emjay18-21, F
@Selah Free food means being able to afford things like clothing and furniture. I don't have much.
Virgo7961-69, M
Go, that's what it's there for.
May not be long we'll all be there at this rate
PoetryNEmotion61-69, F
If you have to eat, you will go there. When I lived in Texas, towards the end, when things fell apart, mostly because of him, I had to go to a food bank. I remember pulling up in front of it three times. I knew there was no other cjoice. It was a humbling experience. I got food for the three of us. Some of it was horrible. But it was food. People who work there are kind and understanding. Swallow your pride. Go.
Torsten36-40, M
cant be doing too bad if you are picky with what food they give you
Havesomefun256-60, M
I know that feeling but better to swallow pride than been hungry
Havesomefun256-60, M
By the time my bills are paid I have 60拢 to last a month not good
Yeah I feel this. But I have to remind myself that over 60% of the people in my country are also at or below the poverty line. So at least it's common even if there is still stigma from the one percent.
Emjay18-21, F
@canusernamebemyusername I'm sorry your country has so many poor. I'm worried lately about inflation outpacing my small income.
@canusernamebemyusername Sorry I meant 60% live pay check to pay check. Not the poverty line. Which is pretty poverty itself. One surprise medical bill and you are homeless.
HappyCamper7446-50, M
If u r truly in need and hungry, u should go. Going through tough times is common and accept the hand up. Then when u r back up on ur feet, pay it back by making donations to the local food bank to help others in need.
Strongtea22-25, M
It鈥檚 hard for me to think what that must be like, I think I would feel like a loser as well, but if you need to use it, then maybe you should.
Lady, loser? Hunger doesn't care about your status. That sh*t is painful. Get on the bus and get something to eat
No one can decide for u, I wouldn't think ur a loser bc of it.
You should go. Even if the food isn't very good, you can save some of it for when the rising food prices cause you to go short.
Yes, absolutely. That鈥檚 why it鈥檚 there. And there is no shame in accepting help when it鈥檚 necessary.
Go and volunteer馃槉
Of Course...
maybe I should go

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