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Any Japanese food lovers?

Anyone ever had grilled Unagi before? How about some authentic Tonkotsu Ramen? Any Japanese food lovers? My first time with Unagi a couple days ago, I was NOT disappointed.

[image deleted]
Unagi is sooo good ! 馃構
huskyguy8931-35, M
@bijouxbroussard I had heard on a video that it was like top of the line stuff. I was hesitant but when I saw it on the menu I was like...ohhh we are gonna chow tonight! Lmao
@huskyguy89 I also like natto (fermented soybeans) which is an acquired taste. When my father was stationed in Japan after the Korean conflict, he was introduced to it. Years later, he would go to Japan Town in the city and bring some home. That鈥檚 how I got used to it. Mom would make us eat it out in the garage ! 馃槄
huskyguy8931-35, M
@bijouxbroussard that's pretty awesome sounds almost like Tofu in a way, which I've not tried lol
Magnolia2118-21, F
I've had good stuff. Inarizushi is simple but tasty.
Magnolia2118-21, F
@bijouxbroussard Yep, tasty and comforting. Too bad the place I got them from is... 500-ish miles away.
@Magnolia21 Oh, that鈥檚 too bad. I no longer live near where I used to get them, either. 馃ズ
huskyguy8931-35, M
@Magnolia21 I'm sorry it's so far..the place I tried this is about 800 or so miles away. :( I feel ya on that, unrelated but I love your Lulu profile pic. :)
i want it all... with a seaweed salad side, pls 馃槍

Notladylike36-40, F
Japanese food is my fav 馃構
huskyguy8931-35, M
@Notladylike what's your favorite? I'm like making a list of things to try so far lol
Notladylike36-40, F
@huskyguy89 Aburi Salmon is my favourite
Absolutely love it! Sushi and Sashimi are big favorites, plus real ramen, yakisoba and omurice (home style not the fancy restaurant stuff), Hakusai No Tsukemono (fermented cabbage) and many more - had a Japanese girlfriend when I lived over there and ate nothing but.
huskyguy8931-35, M
@Ontheroad oddly enough Hokkaido is one I've had my eye on for a long time
huskyguy8931-35, M
@Ontheroad and I'm definitely a country boy so small towns and friendly people are perfect for me. :)
@huskyguy89 the most beautiful part of Japan and regardless of what time of year you go, there is always something to do... including winter sports.
I鈥檓 not an expert in Japanese food鈥 but I love any kind of ramen and I liked octopus soup too鈥
huskyguy8931-35, M
@Soossie I've never had octopus soup before! The ramen we had was the first authentic style I've ever had. I don't know if I can ever go back to the package stuff lol
badminton61-69, MVIP
Unagi is eel. I like it. For some the taste is kinda strong.
@badminton It鈥檚 funny, to me it鈥檚 always just tasted like barbecued fish.
huskyguy8931-35, M
@bijouxbroussard same here!
Those dishes look good.

My favorites are : Smoked unagi, shrimp and vegetable Tempura with tempura sauce, chicken katsu, many of their meat dishes and Wakame seaweed salad馃構
@huskyguy89 will need it if you order many in one sitting 鈽猴笍 Try them, seriously, you'll love them for sure!
huskyguy8931-35, M
@LilMissAnonyMOUSE I'm looking forward to it ;)
@huskyguy89 鈽猴笍馃憤
ChampagneOnIce51-55, F
I like miso soup, ginger salad dressing, sushi rolls that have cooked meat in them like crab or lobster, green tea ice cream, and edamame. I don't like fish so it rules out a lot of items, but I like the seasoning in Japanese cuisine.
huskyguy8931-35, M
@ChampagneOnIce we had green ice cream too! I wasn't sure if it was matcha or what but it was delicious
I LOVE Japanese food. But, I've never had grilled Unagi or Tonkotsu Ramen.
I'm certainly willing to try them, though. 馃構
huskyguy8931-35, M
@PhoenixPhail let me know how ya like it!
@huskyguy89 I will. I'll have to make a special trip. I don't eat out very often.
I've found their menu online before. I'll look at it again. Thanks for the recommendation. 馃崳
@huskyguy89 I found T O N K AT S U S A U C E on the menu, but no Unagi.

If you see it on the menu, let me know.
Japanesse is a favourite, it is always my choice when we go out to eat ( I think my husband has stopped asking where I would like to go) and unagi is delicious!
huskyguy8931-35, M
@Jorogumo lol my girl is a pizza lover (same as I am) so our go-to is usually pizza. Lol but man I loved Japanese food. I'm looking for places here back home lmao
JamieDeer36-40, F
I think my all time favorite Japanese food is curry. We have it nearly twice a month in my house. Taiyaki with bean paste filling is probably my second favorite.
bugeye26-30, F
there's a Japanese seafood restaurant in the Town near me and its amazing. tried calamari for the first time ever there 馃ぉ
huskyguy8931-35, M
@bugeye that's another I'm curious about.
I used to eat a lot of it in Hawaii, but frankly, not enough food for me! I like saki.
huskyguy8931-35, M
@Wiseacre I've never had sake but I've been really wanting to try it.
Try it@huskyguy89
Love it.
Give the Japanese curry a try, unlike any other curry.
Even on pork or chicken tonkatsu
huskyguy8931-35, M
@Ghostinthemachine 馃い will do!
Grilled Unagi is great. It's usually brushed with teriyaki sauce. I love Nigiri and Sashimi.
I enjoy their fried meat dishes. I line Miso soup too.
huskyguy8931-35, M
@soar2newhighs that's what my girl went for was the Bento box with chicken. :) She's more picky than I am but lol
@huskyguy89 There was a tiny shop ( long since closed) in NYC鈥檚 Greenwich village that was run by a Japanese man and staff where I鈥檇 often go for such good fried dishes. Miss the place.
I'm not Japanese but I am a food lover. 馃檪
huskyguy8931-35, M
@Newfound1 lol I'm not Japanese myself either way welcome to the party! Lol what're some unique ones you've tried before? Or would recommend to anyone?
@huskyguy89 Beef Negimaki is my fave.
Yum. Love grilled unagi. That looks delicious.
huskyguy8931-35, M
@BizSuitStacy my first try of it too. Was awesome!
Zaphod4246-50, M
The Japanese definitely know how to cook eel 馃い
huskyguy8931-35, M
@Zaphod42 I was blown away by the smokey, sorta barbecue flavor it had! 馃い馃い馃い Wasn't what I'd expected at..all.
Just the sushi but I can't take for now.
jasonhere200018-21, M
unagi is one of my favorite foods ever 馃槱鉂わ笍
Degbeme70-79, M
Oh my gawd yes! 馃い
huskyguy8931-35, M
@Degbeme probably my favorite Japanese food now!
I like salmon rolls :)
I like it too.
Lov the food
basilfawlty8931-35, M
I enjoy sushi, but I'm vegetarian.
So my toppings stick to avo, cucumber, soy, wasabi and mayo.
huskyguy8931-35, M
@basilfawlty89 I'm definitely down to try that! And wasabi woo!
DDonde31-35, M
I've never yet had Unagi. I do like sushi though
huskyguy8931-35, M
@DDonde sushi was one of those foods I was wary of at first..(plus I don't eat a lot of fish) but when I tried it and realized there's wasn't any "fishy" flavor to it. I wondered what else I missed out you see the end result 馃ぃ
DDonde31-35, M
@huskyguy89 Yeah I feel like you have be in an adventurous spirit to try some Japanese food for the first time
huskyguy8931-35, M
@DDonde or at least very...very bored of the usual lol

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