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Is the EU rejecting the Progressive movement?

Undoubtedly however, the star on a stunning electoral night was the National Rally party of Marine Le Pen, which dominated the French polls to such an extent that Macron immediately dissolved the national parliament and called for new elections to start later this month. It was a massive political risk since his party could suffer more losses, hobbling the rest of his presidential term that ends in 2027.

Le Pen was delighted to accept the challenge. “We’re ready to turn the country around, ready to defend the interests of the French, ready to put an end to mass immigration,” she said, echoing the rallying cry of so many far-right leaders in other countries who were celebrating substantial wins
DogMan · 61-69, M
I don't know why it is considered FAR RIGHT to oppose unfettered illegal
BigGuy2 · 26-30, M

WOW ... what a put-down - LOVE IT
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Yes, the hostages were freed by force by the IDF, or in your addled mind does it only count if Hamas frees them?

Once again, most of the hostages were freed during a cease-fire, and this way has been safer. So if the goal right now is to get the hostages back, the best move would be a cease-fire. But again, Israel doesn't want that.

And, true to your dodgy form, you conspicuously omitted to mention that Hamas freed civilian hostages during temporary cease-fires only as part of a TRADE for Israel freeing a much LARGER number of incarcerated TERRORISTS that Hamas wanted back.

Learn what it means to dodge a point. I'll give you a hint. I can't dodge a point that you haven't made.

I already mentioned elsewhere that the Palestinian civilians are in no more danger of ALL being killed than German and Japanese civilians were of ALL being killed in WW2 by Allied bombing. Your comment, as usual, is ridiculous

The UN legit made a bunch of new laws after WWII because of all the war crimes that happened on both sides. Like yeah, everyone did terrible things during that war. Going forward, we don't want those things to happen again. That's why the motto is "never again" not "well, it happened once, so whatever."

Also, this is a dumbass comparison by a dumbass Nazi (you). WWII was an actual war between countries. Gaza is not a country, it's part of Israel. And Israel isn't just committing genocide through targeting civilians with bombs, they're also using starvation, like the Stalinists did to commit genocide against the Ukrainians.

It's hilarious how the globalist narrative labels everyone to the right of communism as some sort of right-wing extremist. The alarm clocks are waking up people all over the world.

@sree251 it's reality...and denial to those living in the CCN bubble.
sree251 · 41-45, M
@BizSuitStacy Do you mean CNN bubble? Meanwhile, it seems that Europe is asserting the right way and kicking out the leftist elites.
@sree251 yes...thanks for catching my typo
Northwest · M
Le Pen's party is called Rassemblement National, it doesn't really mean National Rally.

They received about 30% of the French votes. I guess you can say dominated, which is that they received the largest percentage, out of the French EU Parliamentarians, out of of all the parties, not the majority.

This, however, does not translate into the same proportions for the French electorate. Which is why Macron moved to immediately dissolve the French parliament, to put this question to rest.

Every single person I know, in France, did not vote in the elections.

The white french youth vote, is about 1/3rd right wing, however that particular demographics is declining due to lower birth rates. For the same age group, the immigrants and various ethnic groups, is trending higher, due to higher birth rates.

Bottom line: this lit a fire under sane people's butts and the image is going to look significantly different during the general elections, with the socialists taking a bite out of Macron's majority.
DogMan · 61-69, M
@Northwest Some believe the right will take a bigger chunk in the general, but who
really knows.
Northwest · M
@DogMan If Macron loses, it's not going to be to Le Pen, it will be to the left.

Meloni is the only one that's legitimately deserving of bragging rights. She is hosting the next G7 meeting, and she's going to use this, along with a "softer" image she adopted since her election and the blow up of her personal life, to lord it over the other G7 participants. Who knows, maybe she gets a shot at Trudeau now.
Strictmichael75 · 61-69, M
@Northwest Well I voted as did a lot of peopled and I voted too
The extreme right party of Le Pen 31%’
The Right Les Republicans 7.3%
Macron 13.8 %
Ecology 5.5 %
Now the lazy complaining people have to put up or shut up in the legislative elections
Latenightgamer · 41-45, M
Western Media will portray any true conservative as far right. 1992 Joe Biden would be considered a right winger by today's press.
DogMan · 61-69, M
@Latenightgamer Right on brother. If you are not progressive, you are labeled a Trump
cult member, and alt right Nazi.
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22Michelle · 61-69, T
@DogMan Really? Let's be honest, the average American couldn't even find Europe on a map, let alone have a clue about what is actally going on politically, economically or indeed crime / terrorism. When we have murder and / or poverty rates like the USA maybe then we'll pay attention.
22Michelle · 61-69, T
There no xones where Sharia law is allowed in the UK. That's a lie pushed by Trump and occasionally by Fartrag here in the UK.
22Michelle · 61-69, T
@DogMan Like I said, there is no evidence that such areas exist. I bothered to some research. If you have credible evidence to the contrary I'm open to be persuaded, but you don't have any.
DogMan · 61-69, M
@22Michelle This is from the BBC. This is from 2009 Sharia Law has been operating in
the UK since 1982. You should be ashamed that you hide from this. But don't feel too
bad, as we have it on the rise in the U.S. too.

Please note the last sentence. Sharia is operating in tandem with the British
legal system.

An estimated 85 Sharia councils could be operating in Britain, according to a 2009 report by the think tank Civitas.

Several bodies like the Islamic Sharia Council have seen a large increase in their cases in the past five years.

''Our cases have easily more than tripled over the past three to five years," says Sheikh al-Haddad.

''On average, every month we can deal with anything from 200 to 300 cases. A few years ago it was just a small fraction of that.

''Muslims are becoming more aligned with their faith and more aware of what we are offering them,'' he explained.

The principles of Sharia govern all aspects of a Muslim's life. It is derived from a combination of sources including the Koran, the Hadith, which is based on the example of the prophet Muhammad, and fatwas, which are rulings of Islamic scholars.

Sharia has been operating in the UK, managed by locally-appointed councils, in parallel to the British legal system since 1982
22Michelle · 61-69, T
@DogMan Civitas is an extreme right wing "think tank" that won't reveal its funding. It is based in Tufton Street with similar extreme right wing organisations. It is not a credible source for information on things such as whether Sharia law is being practised in the UK.
graphite · 61-69, M
Europe has been hit with terrorist attacks and stuff like that since unlimited immigration. Poland has refused the immigrants, much to the chagrin of the EU, but notes Poland has had no terror attacks as a result.
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@graphite Ah so you’ve read some articles! Have you lived here? Visited even?

This nonsense about “no go areas” or Sharia law in the UK is nonsense pushed by clueless far-right shills.
sree251 · 41-45, M
Poland has refused the immigrants, much to the chagrin of the EU, but notes Poland has had no terror attacks as a result.

Meanwhile, the Poles are migrating all over the EU. I was in Ireland once, and the folks there were complaining of the Poles going there to work.
4meAndyou · F
Everyone, everywhere, has grown sick of the far left Marxist twaddle we've been fed. Thank God people are waking up.
Thinkerbell · 41-45, F

Yes, they were shocked into relative silence for about a decade after the collapse of European communism, but after that, the "we'll get it right THIS time" nonsense started again. 🙄
Richard65 · M
Yes, the far right is on the rise in Germany and France. What could possibly go wrong?
DogMan · 61-69, M
@BohemianBoo There are hundreds of different charts out there. One thing they all
have in common is, Illegal immigrants in the U.S. exploded as soon as Biden got into
office, and immediately reversed all of Trumps policies. But I know, Orange man bad,
so everything got better under Biden. 🙄
@DogMan Serious question here. If that wasn't true, would you accept it, or would you just keep repeating the talking-points you hear from the media?
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Now that the AfD is the second biggest party in Germany, y'all can drop the veil and just say Nazism is back.
Thinkerbell · 41-45, F

Boo-Boo's sugar daddy pays his rent for him... all Boo-Boo has to do (besides bending over) is to post lefty claptrap. 🤭

DogMan · 61-69, M
@Thinkerbell I wonder if his keepers dress him in cute outfits? Or just leather
and chains?
You guys believe that anyone that loves their country, is a Nazi.

I love my country. I'm not a Nazi.

I actually think you Nazis are anti-american. America was built on democracy, which you oppose.
Strictmichael75 · 61-69, M
The problem id the big percentage of people who don’t go to vote, yet have big mouths to criticize everything
Now it’s put up or shut up time
Macrons pulled a sneaky..
mr unpopular can now run on EOs. Without a government until the respective election.
Can still do some damage while in damage control
hippyjoe1955 · 61-69, M
Le Pen is hardly 'far right'. Even the most extreme right leaders in Western Europe are what we would call CINOs. Conservative in Name Only.
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