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What's the closest you've been to love recently?

Some guy who wear pikachu socks and calls me bro during arguments on Snapchat.
LilPrincess41-45, F
That sounds like a keeper 馃槖

Closest was my last relationship until I realized I was just being played.
LilPrincess41-45, F
@BOREDAFPA thank ya. It took me 10 months to see all the red flags
@LilPrincess 5 months for me. Did he also try to make it like you were the one who is wrong?
LilPrincess41-45, F
@BOREDAFPA yes the entire month of January when I finally started seeing everything
Primnproper56-60, F
Looking at a cream cake but not eating it, I definitely felt love!鉂わ笍
Love is a different sort of thing for me, now. I suppose you could say that I "love" a very annoying friend of mine...but do I? I think my feelings have devolved to pity, loyalty, and needing to take care of him That's my quirk. Caring about people who can't really be helped. Then getting angry about it.
Ducky31-35, F
What I've been feeling all week, from this past weekend. 馃ゴ馃挀
Was he in his mom's basement too?
PaleandPolluted36-40, F
@Sojournersoul the situation is actually quite odd thats why i shouldnt be too upset
BLP1152061-69, M
About 926 miles
KingofBones146-50, M
Someone told me that they were interested in having a lifelong Bond but every chance they got they turned it around on me today they walked away I guess it's about time I do as well
Im more of a Charizard guy, but, to each their own.
Being blocked. Damn they must have a crush on me
Donotfolowme51-55, F
How do you mean?
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