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Raw liver is delicious. But the stores are sadly running out of liver.

Looks like people are turning back to old ways more and more. Not only liver is cheap but it provides all the nutrients the body needs.
Meat in general is getting so expensive that people are finding old cheap ways for nutrition.
Lamb liver is more expensive. So that leaves beef liver.
The thing is...supermarkets are running out liver meat...people pre order them..so you are lucky if you find some ....
4meAndyou · F
I do like liverwurst, and pate de foie gras, but just can't get over the ONE time my mother tried to cook liver and filled the entire house with the most disgusting smell.
revenant · F
@4meAndyou nope I do not give a damn..If you were born to endure hours and hours of what/if blalblallbla about food. It is so fukking boring and unintesresting. I do not give a damn what a fillet mignon is and what kind of wine it is. I do not like wine anyway. I do not care. It is all overated. Fuck it.
I wish I were born in the US
4meAndyou · F
@revenant I will adopt you...😉
revenant · F
@4meAndyou awww I wish...thank you for the kind thought😊
I get it at walmart for my dog,,,some times i batter in flower cook it with onions for my lunch,,
if cooked to long it will get tuff ,,
In England liver is quite popular, there was no middle of the road, you either loved it or hated it. Beef, lamb and pigs liver were very inexpensive Liver hotpot was delicious. I'm not sure i would consider eating it raw though. People are eating more heart, kidneys you name it. Beef is becoming unaffordable.
revenant · F
@Majorlatency so true...very inexpensive..there was no uuuuuuuuwwwww effect. A bit like black pudding.

I do not have any pans yet so...ahahah...I am odd that way. I just got myself a small piece of lamb liver today at almost 6 euros !!!! it is still in the fridge.

Am living like a monk 😎
@revenant Black pudding is great, fried with a little onion, a great complement to any English breakfast. You should try heart, baked in a little foil its surprisingly good.

Don't become a monk, it's too restrictive. Monks rarely party..On a restricted budget, you'd be a good survivalist, living off the land!

Food is very expensive in the EU.. Head back to Canada, its a bit more affordable..
Fairydust · F
My dogs just ate it for lunch, it was in the reduced aisle. They go crazy for it.
IamCuriousBabe · 51-55, F
I can always reach for a can of liver spread any day.
revenant · F
@IamCuriousBabe I used to like the special russian cans of liver, not available here
IamCuriousBabe · 51-55, F
@revenant We only have 2 popular brands of liver spread, both local, and peppery.

We also have a few popular dishes cooked with liver slices.
Wow, that is hardcore.
revenant · F
@BritishFailedAesthetic I am getting used to it
@revenant Well, you are alot braver than me!
revenant · F
@BritishFailedAesthetic that is awfully nice of you to say and it warms my hear.
I've never had it raw.
revenant · F
@SW-User I tried for the first time...so tender you can almost cut it with a spoon...I did not fall ill either lol
SunshineGirl · 36-40, F
It is beautiful and extremely nutritious. I wouldn't eat it raw unless I knew where it came from, but should only be cooked lightly. The trouble is each sheep/cow has only one liver, so not many to go around 🙂
revenant · F
@SunshineGirl liver is big...they slice it ...they could not sell it whole...
Slade · 56-60, M
I'd worry someone did a Phillip Roth into it 😱
Slade · 56-60, M
@revenant wasn't a human liver but it had human...components added!

Now if was Dahmer that be an entirely different story
revenant · F
@Slade without flava beans
@revenant he is saying the man used it to masturbate. put a slice in the liver wrap the penis you have a perfect vagina ,,,like a woman on her period
NativePortlander · 51-55
When I used to cook in restaurants for a living, whenever someone ordered liver and onions with bacon we'd draw straws, the shortest one had to cook it. Blech 😖
revenant · F
@NativePortlander not exactly popular with anglos.....I know...I just bought a small piece of veal liver today ..almost 5 euros...
there is no special smell and so easy and fast to cook too ! sorry to say you were working among weirdos lol😊
bookerdana · M
And it tastes great with onions 😋 Why is lamb liver more expensive??
bookerdana · M
@revenant That fillm baaa-thers me 🐑

Ok,I'll leave
revenant · F
@bookerdana well I am hooked now but spending almost 6 euros for a small piece of veal liver today was hard to digest 😂
bookerdana · M
@revenant If it cost that much it &^5$ well better be delicious..Thats the vaudeville "get the bad comedian off the stage hook ie,me)
Wiseacre · F
Liver is one of the healthiest things which is tragic bc it tastes icky.
revenant · F
@Wiseacre it does not to me...very tender in fact🙂
romell · 51-55, M
In this profits driven world...people kindly check your liver..especially those who were admitted in hospital s recently...lol
😰🤢🤢🤢🤢 Liver
revenant · F
@SW-User Silence of the Lambs
Jacko1971 · 51-55, M
@revenant https://youtu.be/bIahXVJrvT0

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