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How good are you at socializing?

Very good. Very charming. Most of us psychopathic narcissists are. 馃毄馃毄馃毄馃檮
perceptivei31-35, F
@LoneVoice yeah, ok.
This message was deleted by its author.
MoonlightLullaby41-45, F
I hate it for the most part.

I can either be the life of the party or an utter wallflower ( not from shyness though). Depends on the situation and or the people.
@MoonlightLullaby me too ms lullaby
When I'm alone, it's terrible. I wouldn't approach anyone. If I'm with a friend and they bring some new people, it's usually okay unless they appear to be the type of people I don't like. Also, if someone approaches me, I might be wary at first but if they seem okay, I have no issues talking to them. I just don't ever initiate anything myself.

Which is...a problem for obvious reasons.
@CrazyMusicLover maybe you鈥檙e just being careful. 馃槬
@mindstruggle It has the opposite effect though because then I talk more to those who approach me instead of carefully choosing who I will talk to. And I'm too grateful for those interactions.
@CrazyMusicLover Your such a nerd 馃. lol.
A cute one though 馃槉
cherokeepatti61-69, F
A little better than that, but it all depends on who I am around. Some people I feel like I鈥檝e known them all of my life even when first meeting them. Others seems to exude a cold blast when I try to be friendly with a few words. I let that kind go on.
perceptivei31-35, F
It depends on my mood. If I'm in a happy mood, I'm more social and willing to speak to others. As I've gotten older, I don't want to chit chat as much especially with people I don't know. I used to chat with my Uber drivers a lot. Now I just want peace and quiet and watch the scenery outside. I much rather not have a conversation with my hair dresser or anyone doing my nails, facial, etc.
Jonjdw46-50, M
I don鈥檛 like talking to people. I won鈥檛 start a conversation. But I have.
Good when I want to. Kinda a decision but I mostly an introverted
Livingwell61-69, M
Not bad. I can have a nice conversation with anyone.
Thevy2936-40, M
I like to people watch. But I wear my headphones so people think I'm listening to music and leave me alone.

Last time I was on the Tram. People mistook my umbrella for a walking stick and kept offering me seats....
@Thevy29 I'm a people watcher too
Slade56-60, M
When I get beyond my reserved exterior I am pretty good. I don't join in when it becomes a contest. Thus I have never been big on dance clubs, discos etc
@Slade why didn鈥檛 go to any dance clubs or discos in your younger years?
Slade56-60, M
@mindstruggle occasionally. I don't do flashy stuff. I'm better in a quieter environment
@Slade I respect that. 馃檪
HumanEarth51-55, M
I would walk up to anyone and start a conversion.

You try to look away from me. I'll get more in face.
@HumanEarth I don鈥檛 want near you then. 馃槮
HumanEarth51-55, M
@mindstruggle People deserve the respect to see eye to eye when talking to someone
I was a very big socialiser in the past. It actually caused too much stress. So I'm more introverted now. Which is perfect.
I'm married to many women so I have to be able to keep up with all of them
@SW-User lol
chasingThursday36-40, M
Not good at all especially with strangers. I never know what to say and then I get nervous and awkward lol
NotSureAboutMyUserName31-35, M
I spoke to almost everyone in my floor at office.

Note: I work alone at night.
I am good at making casual conversation, but I prefer to save that for my REAL friends.
It's bad. I'm gonna die alone 馃槀
1490wayb56-60, M
@AlienFox so will i...question is how long for someone to find my cold smelly corspe
@1490wayb this is frightening.
I will talk to anyone but i wont let them get close.
Very yes
@AbbySvenz easy as breathing?
I mean鈥f you鈥檙e a severe asthmatic on a smoggy day, sure @mindstruggle
@AbbySvenz dayumn!
exexec61-69, C
I'm good, but my wife is outstanding.
I am extremely engaging
Good idea
@HannahSky yeah. You get knowledgable of the stuff you read. Lol
@Chernobylplaygrounds sometimes I just want to hiss. 馃鈥嶁檧锔
Sidewinder36-40, M
About average.
thepropulsivepanda31-35, M
Not very. 馃檭
vetguy199151-55, M
Pretty much
About that level too.
uncalled456-60, M
iamonfire69641-45, F
I will talk to people, Even ones I don鈥檛 know.
@iamonfire696 you鈥檙e like my aunt. She does that too.
iamonfire69641-45, F
@mindstruggle I mean there鈥檚 days I don鈥檛 leave my house too though lol
I'm good at it lol

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