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18-21, F
United States
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Student, love sports and beaches and shopping
Can a girl that isn't married and isn't a virgin anymore still go to heaven?
18-21, F
20 replies
1 day ago
Dating & Relationships
I Love to Write
Does anyone want to write a story with me? I have the first part, and you can write the second. It can be whatever story you want to guide it too, and I will do the same. It will be fun, but you have to know how to write, I don't want to write w...
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18-21, F
23 replies
Jan 30, 2017
I Am Scared
My friend that lives a few houses from me has a dad that is a drug addict. She has been living with her grand parents for years and her dad is not allowed to see her. Today he was seen standing in front of their house holding a hammer and looking thr...
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18-21, F
7 replies
Jan 25, 2017
I Love Stories That Touch My Heart
The sun was shining as I lay on my back in the cool water. I was drifting down the river again, I do this a lot, every day in fact. The ocean is salty, but up here on the river there is fresh water and it feels nice on my body. Warm sun, soft water...
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18-21, F
1 reply
Jan 21, 2017
Why do people say Hi but then don't say anything else?
I say Hi back and then its like they don't want to talk.
18-21, F
13 replies
Nov 27, 2016
Friends & Acquaintances
How do I pick a career?
When I get to grade 10 I am supposed to pick a career to work on, but how does anyone know that?
18-21, F
31 replies
Nov 17, 2016
A good book?
I am home sick today and just finished reading The hobbit again. I need a new book, can someone recommend something? I like all kinds of things if they aren't boring.
18-21, F
22 replies
Nov 17, 2016
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