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36-40, F
Empathic, compassionate, open, honest, giving, a great listener, lover of music
Give a Gift Β»
31-35, M
here ya go
51-55, M
Didn’t have ingredients for brownies
... so I hope this is ok
Happy Day πŸ˜ŽπŸ‘πŸ½
46-50, F
You're welcome. Thank you for the gift. Remember to always shine like the 🌟 you are. ☺
22-25, M
No problem. I hope nothing but the best for you.
18-21, M
I don't post a lot .I'm poor! Thanks for letting me be in your posts ! Most people see my age and don't pay attention.
For your dreary ass Boston Weather!
18-21, M
Thank you for getting through what you did and coming out so nice .
36-40, M
Somethin to warm you up when the snow hits! ;)
Dark Chocolate 😘
56-60, M
I don't drink but tonight I make an exception ,
Now write I did my best on a piece of paper
set it on fire ,,let that lady and her ignorance go Sometimes you have to accept you can't fix stupid ,or the ones who listen to them U know
26-30, M
To keep you warm when shoveling
36-40, F
But I only took a bite 😸
Merry Chrismahanukwanzakah! 🎁
18-21, M
since your single ,this guy will keep you company! thank you for the awesome gift
22-25, M
Sorry. Couldn't find a laptopπŸ™‚
22-25, M
Sorry. Couldn't find a laptop πŸ™‚
51-55, M
Hi .I just want to say that you've brightened my day today. I like your user name also.always Have! I hope you're smiling today.
22-25, M
A toast to a new friendship :)
46-50, M
This is our first Christmas together on here. Hoping there are many more to come
46-50, M
Sweets for a sweet woman I just met
22-25, F
A lovely person like you deserves endless presents 😊
51-55, M
He he ... so do you!!
26-30, M
I read you love dogs, so heres a cute puppy for you.
22-25, F
Thank you
Cheer up love....things will get better over time. Hang in there!
26-30, M
No worries. You got this. ^^
SW User
Hope we may become friends :)
41-45, F
Thanks for BA!
51-55, M
Thanks for the memories
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