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Would you have the nerve to milk a rattlesnake? Would you be able to climb a 2000ft tower to change a light bulb?

AbbySvenz · F
OMG I’ve seen those crazy lightbulb changing videos and that’s a definite “hell no”
@AbbySvenz saaameee theyre like a trillion feet in the air on a tiny ladder
AbbySvenz · F
And then no ladder, just shimmy up to unscrew that bulb… 😵‍💫@TryingtoLava
@AbbySvenz they get alota money for that thou like they only havta to do that once a month or something
GerOttman · 61-69, M
I done high work, not my favorite but I can get through. Gotta trust your safety equipment. Rattlesnake, need some big ass gloves at the very least!!
I might be able to do the tower so long as I was harnessed.
Rattlesnake would be harder.
TexChik · F
If you believe a reptile produces milk you are in for a surprise.
No cuz why would i wana
@TryingtoLava Rattlesnake venom can be useful in the medical industry.🏥 Venom can be profitable.💲
@UnderLockDown ill make money through futures shorts and dips hahah no snakes for me
fun4us2b · M
I've twice spontaneously picked up Garter snakes - the first time, it did a lot of wriggling so I set him down, the next one seemed curious about me passed me a few times on the rail so I spoke to him and before I picked him up and he stayed calm....not sure about a rattlesnake though....
First, 🤮

Second, No
MyNameIsHurl · 41-45, F
Nope and nope
likesnatural · 70-79, M
exexec · 61-69, C
I have handled venomous snakes, so if I had to, I could milk a rattlesnake. I am not climbing that tower.
Azlotto · M
[quote]Would you have the nerve to milk a rattlesnake? [/quote]


[quote]Would you be able to climb a 2000ft tower to change a light bulb?[/quote]

No no, shit no.
@Azlotto Yeah, that 2000ft climb is a little intimidating.😆
Azlotto · M
@UnderLockDown Indeed...My height ceiling is about 10ft.

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