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Should female Uber passengers have the option to request a female driver to avoid assault or harassment?

IWasCallingYaLarry · 26-30, M
I mean women can assault women just as easily as men can. So I don't think that automatically would make female passengers safer, so no, I don't. It doesn't make any sense and is just discrimination based on gender.
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IWasCallingYaLarry · 26-30, M
@LoneVoice And so what?
ScorpioBites · 41-45, F
@IWasCallingYaLarry It’s a comfort zone thing.
Ducky · 31-35, F
Seems like a good idea, but then it opens up the whole case for discriminating against men and as others answerers have stated, female drivers are just as capable of sexual assault or otherwise harming or harassing female passengers, so it's hardly a guarantee of their safety. It's just not plausible in the grand scheme of things.
@Ducky I’d be more worried about a man passenger that had bad intentions requesting a female driver, so he could act on it. The only way that could even work would be to guarantee that the female driver was getting her request from a female passenger too.
Ducky · 31-35, F
@DarkHeaven I just avoid Uber altogether and seek more trustworthy transportation, like taxis, whenever I need it. Even if it may cost more.
Turtlepower · 36-40, M
At that point they'd need to have proof the customer is actually female too because men will pretend to be females to end up with a female driver (I'm not sure if Uber does verify already anyways).
Jeephikelove · 46-50, F
@Turtlepower good point, look how many pretend to be women on here!
@Jeephikelove it’s just seems dangerous for the female drivers, unless it can be verified both ways.
Jeephikelove · 46-50, F
@DarkHeaven 100%!
ScorpioBites · 41-45, F
No harm in it (pun unintended) It’s like choosing a female OB GYN.
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ScorpioBites · 41-45, F
@Spectra Men losing business? What would the conditions be for this to happen? Seriously, the simplistic thinking of such people.
ScorpioBites · 41-45, F
The comments…oh please…WTF is the problem with these users about a female passenger wanting a female driver. It’s a comfort zone thing.

You don’t even trust women drivers.

And yet you say it’s discrimination.
@ScorpioBites past that I 💯 agee with you.
Spectra · 22-25, F
@DarkHeaven Well if a guy does that they should be reported once the driver arrives and sees a man instead of a woman, the ride should be cancelled and then have their account banned or suspended
@Spectra 💯
deadteddy · 26-30, F
I think there should be a different service of the same company called as “ Uber girls “ , I think even female drivers would feel safer that way . I know drivers who have been robbed by passengers.
Zeusdelight · 61-69, M
@deadteddy That is a possible solution, however, if people are concerned about male drivers, the males they are concerned about might target "Uber Girls"?
@Zeusdelight If the driver and the fares are at least given the option to choose who they want to do business with, then the male passengers will only be paired with female drivers who are happy to carry them.

Given society today, there's a chance that there are male drivers out there who might not feel comfortable with female passengers, too.
ScorpioBites · 41-45, F
@deadteddy I am also thinking HerBer. Hahaha
Jeephikelove · 46-50, F
Yes they should be able to
Kae20 · 56-60, F
Yes of course
black4white · 56-60, M
They very well should be able to request women drivers its actually surprising that its not offered as its much safer for the female clients.
NOW... you get people that are going to twist and turn this any way to say its wrong and so be it but the bottom line is that as a woman you probably feel you can hold your own if you have to against another woman much better then you can a man and i wont be surprised if most women feel that way.
Its a safe and GREAT idea.... good thinking.
@black4white As a woman who was locked in a cab with a male taxi driver (because he wouldn't get paid until he got to the destination and soon to be ex paid him - I had no money on me and needed to get home from the hospital), I am now wary of getting in a taxi driven by a man when I am alone.

Yes, I have unresolved issues with men... and what he did to me that day caused major issues and further trauma for me. I even offered the driver my phone to show that I wasn't going to bunk on him without paying the bill so that he wouldn't lock the door on me.
black4white · 56-60, M
@HootyTheNightOwl And you are solidifying my point...i am sorry that happen to you and the male species really kinda sucks... There are TONs of good men out there but WOW soo many bad ones and i know for a female its probably VERY to EXTREMELY scary getting in a vehicle with a strange man.
Spectra · 22-25, F
@black4white Yea seen a lot of ppl say you could still get assaulted by a woman but the fact is it’s statistically less likely to happen and you generally have more chance of over powering the average woman than an average adult man if that sorta situation were to arise. On paper sure anything COULD happen regardless of gender but realistically most women would just rather take their chances with another woman when it comes to safety and comfort
daddybloke · 41-45, M
well i feel threatened by black and asian drivers can i ask for a white driver ? i don't think so lmao
Spectra · 22-25, F
@daddybloke My argument there would be that statistically you’re more likely to be targeted by someone of your own race. But when it comes to sexual abuse (outside of prison) women are definitely targeted more by men than other women. And usually if it is woman on woman sexual assault/harassment it’s by someone who they know personally like a family member, teacher, or coach. But the chances of it being a random female driver are comparatively low. Not saying that it can’t or doesn’t happen. It’s just generally less likely.
Viper · M
So female Uber drivers have never assaulted or harassed anyone?

I think all customers should be given quality service, period.
Pretty sure they have that option and if there is not a female driver in the area then they can hitchhike or walk. If a female Uber driver has to come 200 miles to pick her up, then she can pay for it. But I still think they have lots of options.
At this point, the info says no. Interesting, because drivers can request only women clients:

[quote] This is why Uber launched the Women Rider Preference feature in 2022, a feature which gives women and non-binary registered driver-partners an opportunity to express the preference to only receive trip requests from women riders when they are online with the Uber app.

This feature can give you extra peace of mind when driving during optimum earning hours, such as in the evening. Empowering you with more confidence to earn anytime, anywhere and allowing you to improve your earning opportunities.[/quote]
Josh1454 · M
I don’t see why not. Even if a driver has a clean record doesn’t mean their presence could trigger someone due to PTSD. Just like some men might not be comfortable with a female driver.
Viper · M
@Josh1454 Hmm, what if a female is not comfortable with a female driver?

Or a male isn't comfortable with a male driver?
Josh1454 · M
@Viper I guess they can request the opposite, drive themselves or walk.
Nitedoc · 51-55, M
That's a great idea.
11knaves11 · 41-45, M
I think their should be more accomodations to be considered with women and teens/kids. I personally can't ever take one. I just do not trust it.
RedBaron · M
@11knaves11 My wife and I take them all the time in lieu of owning a car in our large city. We’ve had no issues, and it’s no riskier than traditional car services or yellow cabs.
11knaves11 · 41-45, M
@RedBaron it's logical and makes sense for you. I get it. Just not that willing to advance in friendliness is likely my root issue👌🏽😝
cecile · F
i don't think so, not all men are perv's most are just trying to make an honest living, where do we draw the line with discrimination
Jeephikelove · 46-50, F
@cecile when sexual assaults against women stop, that’s when.
cecile · F
@Jeephikelove how many of them are specifically male uber drivers ?
chasingThursday · 36-40, M
Don't those cars have cameras?
chasingThursday · 36-40, M
@Viper Some Uber drivers do have them though. I've seen videos of Uber drivers dealing with nasty customers.
Viper · M
@chasingThursday yeah, some Uber drivers do have them for customers

But what happens when it's the driver's that is the problem?
chasingThursday · 36-40, M
@Viper which is why I think cameras should be required
SinlessOnslaught · 26-30, M
On one hand you could say it's not fair to male drivers but on the other hand it's for a pretty good reason.
I knew of a woman once who became a taxi driver for that express reason . She had suffered domestic violence and knew what it was like to feel threatened by the close proximity of a man in isolated quarters .

She did really well . Her whole clinetelle were women .
freshstart · 41-45, M
I like the sentiment, but Uber wouldn’t get away with that kind of protocol in the US.
Wizardry · 46-50, M
Don’t see why not as well. Plus it’s up to them if they feel comfortable or safe
I guess but they might be waiting awhile. I can’t recall seeing many female drivers
QCDog2659 · 61-69, M
Nashville has a ride share service for women; with female drivers.
Niceguy26 · 41-45, M
I think that is already an option, isn’t it?
MarineBob · 56-60, M
Men should request one also
Degbeme · 70-79, M
You know I think this is a great idea.
vetguy1991 · 51-55, M
Dont see why not
HannahSky · F
For safety, yes
I don’t see why not 💁‍♂️
Myself11 · 61-69, M
Yes definitely 👍
Ferric67 · M
sure, why not
I’d like that.
DownTheStreet · 51-55, M
No, that would be discrimination.
Spectra · 22-25, F
@TheLustyLord Gotcha, just been hearing more and more about bad cases between female riders and male drivers. Some might be false reports of course. But a lot of ppl online are starting to mention the request a female option as a solution. Was just curious how others felt about it
SinlessOnslaught · 26-30, M
@TheLustyLord There are doctors who run their own practice or make a flat rate (I think). So not having female clients would end up paying them less.
This message was deleted by its author.
lumberjackslam · 41-45, M
yeah but then you would get trans women doing it too
MrSmooTh · 31-35, M
It's sad that that even comes up. At the same time though, what's stopping a female uber driver from pulling a gun and robbing you?
Highskirt · 51-55, M
In a lot of towns uber is banned due to un licenced cars and drivers they use .never travel alone in one if you really have to use them
John679 · M
U still could get assaulted by a female so
deadteddy · 26-30, F
@John679 John Olinger? Are you back?
John679 · M
@deadteddy who? Idk who that is. Lol John is my middle name I like it more than my first name. Who is John linger?
Jacko1971 · 51-55, M

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