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Why are atheists so angry?

Many atheists seem to find it offensives that others believe in God, why is this? Do they feel threatened by believers or are the just a little frightened the the believers may be right? Do they feel under attack by believers?
redredred · M
How would you like to live amongst people who believe there are invisible squirrels that do favors for people if we ask them nicely? Worse yet, these people have actually gone to war over what constitutes "nicely" and exactly how we should talk to the squirrils and even what we should call the specific squirrel.

Do you think eventually a little anger and impatience would enter into your demeanor?
@BlueMetalChick I'm sure they are both very nice young gentlemen but they both have a wild look in their eyes. If their lives go south in a few years, I wouldn't be altogether shocked. But, of course, I wish them the best.
BlueMetalChick · 26-30, F
@quitwhendone Well they are at a punk rock concert in that picture so perhaps their reckless expressions are exaggerated because of the setting. Especially with Lake. Having known him for well over a decade, I'm fairly confident that the days in which his life truly went south are behind him now. He struggled quite a bit with his abusive alcoholic mother and his psychological health during his late teenage years, but has since rebounded pretty strongly now that he's in college studying a major he is passionate about and working a job he is genuinely interested in.

Chicken Noodle is a different story. He's a fairly introverted person with very specific interests that makes it difficult for him to relate to other people. He's friendly and intelligent, but also quite intense, and has never had a healthy home life, at least not mentally and emotionally. His mother is a borderline agoraphobic who spends her entire existence shut in her house reading Stephen Kings novels. She needs to be highly intoxicated to leave her house without having intense anxiety attacks. His father is a generous and amiable person but he's also neurotic, scatterbrained, and fancies himself as some kind of philosophical genius. I wouldn't be surprised if Gabriel were to require some help from friends to get himself on track in the next couple of years.
@BlueMetalChick Like I said, I'm sure they are both very nice young gentlemen and I wish them the best, especially if they are friends of you and Kenzie.
BlueMetalChick · 26-30, F
Well, let's put it this way. Atheists aren't the ones telling people that they're going to burn in hell, or that they deserve to starve in the street. People believing in God does not upset me. What does upset me are people like John Hagee or Rick Wiles who claim that God has instructed them to cause great harm to others, or to neglect and abuse the most vulnerable among us, such as the homeless or disabled.
@BlueMetalChick I understand the joke but let's be real about that quote and break it down.

God isn't a man, nor invisible, he isn't in the sky, he doesn't have a list of ten things, he won't send you to a horrible place and he doesn't need your money.

I feel that Carlin's comment just shows how out of touch most people are about religion. If that quote is how Americans view Christianity then I'm shocked they have as many followers as they do.
BlueMetalChick · 26-30, F
@Qwerty14 I feel like he's insulting the church as an institution more than people who are religious.
@BlueMetalChick Oh definitely. Fact is religious people don't ask for money, they give the money. But it still highlights a lack of knowledge about religion and about Christianity.
I find it to be quite the opposite actually.
fairefoutre · 70-79, M
@SW-User Do you mean those oddball American evangelists? Usually in the money making business. Don't you just tell someone bothering you to go away that's what you say to salesmen isn't it?
@fairefoutre They don't sell, they attack and shame.
fairefoutre · 70-79, M
@SW-User How do they manage that. I can't think of any Christian denomination who do such things?
Linda77 · 41-45, F
I've noticed more anger between religious groups who don't agree with each others views
fairefoutre · 70-79, M
@Linda77 Can't say I have seen that. As a Presbyterian I am not angry with methodists, Episcopalians, Lutherans etc. I have very fundamental differences with Catholics, can't say they annoy me in any way.
@Linda77 How are you dealing with the virus?
Harriet03 · 41-45, F
I don't find it offensive others believe in a God.
I find it offensive when they try & enforce it in schools, government & in particular try & ram it down other peoples throats.
Especially children!!
What kind of person tells a child about eternal damnation, if they don't do something?
Child abuse!!
Stay safe, be safe ✌
@Harriet03 I am everybody's god
Harriet03 · 41-45, F
@CherryNow You got a Holy day?
TheIncredibleHulka · 26-30, F
I see it's almost always the other way round. I'm agnostic but I don't find it relevant to announce it in public unless some bambling baboon appears trying to coax me into following something I clearly don't believe in by beating their drums. Keep your stuff to yourself I say, live and let live!
Elegy · 41-45
We hate lies by nature.
Sroonaka616 · 26-30, M
I just get annoyed by people in the street who are screaming about how we all live in sin.
Jm31xxx · 41-45, M
Because often they got treated bad by religious teachers at school and they cant get over it.

Lets be honest, there is something wrong with religious teachers so hopefully, God gives Atheists a special pass when they die.
BlueMetalChick · 26-30, F
@Jm31xxx This comment right here is why you get attacked by atheists. Because you just make shit up about them. Come on, you wouldn't want me to do that to you, would you? I could make some shit up and say the only reason you're religious is because your parents were atheists and they abused you as a child.

And furthermore, what part of the world do you live in where religious teachers are a common thing? Even here in the USA, which is more tolerant to religion in education than most of the developed world, you can't do that in public schools.
Jm31xxx · 41-45, M
@BlueMetalChick im in the UK, and there are many faith schools but parents can send their kids to Atheist schools if they want.
BlueMetalChick · 26-30, F
@Jm31xxx Back home in Serbia almost everyone identifies as Eastern Orthodox but fiercely rejects the vast majority of EO beliefs, which is quite odd.
MasterofNone · 22-25, M
They don't fear that believers may be right, they are very convinced against that. They are angry because they simultaneously believe that the world is full of stupid people and inherently bad and that universe cares for no one. This kind of belief would put anybody in anguish forever. But not all atheists have this uncaring universe belief and are fine.
People say "I notice a lot more anger from theists/atheists" all the time but they fail to see the obvious... The nonbelief/belief in a god isn't what makes them angry. Being an arsehole does. Their religious affiliation has nothing to do with their attitude.
fairefoutre · 70-79, M
@Qwerty14 Very true
@fairefoutre like when people say "religion causes war" they're total idiots. War is usually always for land, money and power. Nothing else.
MrDiegoWolfe · 36-40, M
they like true believers of all religions feel their truth is the truthiest... The problem is that everyone is not following even the basic rules of morality set down by those same religions cause they feel that others are lesser.
I have only seen that with people that are antitheists and satanists. Both of which fall under the umbrella term of atheistic. But I have seen far more believers spreading hate. Such as westboro baptist.
texasdaddydom · 51-55, M
I see no evidence indicating atheists are angrier as a whole then believers. Never been offended of other beliefs in a benign deity. Only feel attacked when actually attacked.
Chevy454 · 41-45, M
Because it’s hard to imagine that people who believe in fairytales actually live among us.
fairefoutre · 70-79, M
@Chevy454 A good example of atheist anger.
@Chevy454 The American dream, a utopian society, fair trading, good faith bargaining, true capitalism, true communism, human rights, freedom, free will, true self awareness...

These are just a few of the fairytales people believe in. I don't see atheists getting annoyed that people believe this stuff too
Chevy454 · 41-45, M
👍👍👍👍👍 Religious people are the ones that hate everyone that doesn’t fit their beliefs. @fairefoutre
basilfawlty89 · 31-35, M
Eh you get asshole atheists and asshole religious people. Depends on the person really. But there is a group of atheists I'd call antitheists like some of the New Atheists than genuinely seem to hate religious people, religion and do nothing but mock. Not like the atheists of old who actually used to debate.
TheWildEcho · 56-60, M
@basilfawlty89 yes you get some on here, they live such sad lives their only 'pleasure ' is mocking and swearing at believers
Sazzio · 31-35, M
It may be the attitude of SOME believers I guess?

I believe but no way do I enforce it on others.
fairefoutre · 70-79, M
@Sazzio Yes there are some tiresome nuts from batty little sects, but the nuts exist everywhere.
User41 · 36-40, M
Some of them do I guess 🤷🏻‍♂️

But for the record, I think it’s more likely there is no god
fairefoutre · 70-79, M
Well I seem to have got you all chatting lol. Now off to have a shower.
Tracos · 51-55, M
only the zealot atheists are... just like with any other religion...

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