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I feel really depressed...

And I'm having sucidal thoughts...
This self harm to my forehead has been going on for years... YEARS... I dont know how to stop when It starts...
This is going to be scary for me because I cant keep living like this anymore... its ruining my life. And I dont want to keep living if it's going to be like this...

My birthday is this month...

I will try to make it until then

But I feel so serious about this thought, I dont know who to talk to. Because I dont know what to say about all this...

I am pouring my eyes out. I really dont know how long I'm going to make it... until this ends me in a moment of madness.

I used to be beautiful b4 all this... and I didnt even like myself...

Now I cant even love myself...
You need to see a professional about this S. Do you need help searching for a doctor? Dealing with this on your own is no longer an option.
Pfuzylogic · M
You have not lost anything you can’t recover. It will take some small continual steps to build yourself into someone you can appreciate and actively protect from the self harm that you currently are acting on. You do need help from professionals but if you need a voice to talk to, I am always available for you Em.
LadyMay · 41-45, F
Oh honey. Wrapping you up in a huge hug. I use to self harm and I had the same thoughts and even an attempt. I know that right now it’s hard to see past all the thoughts in your head and climbing out of that hole feels impossible. I want you to know there is help and there is hope. Please please,please, right now make a call to the suicide intervention hotline or go to the ER. They can help. It’s really hard I know to take that first step. But you are a precious life and you have hope of so many good things to come. Your life before this moment does not define you. You get to choose What defines you. Fight for yourself. You won’t regret it
[@1019291,LadyMay] Please listen to this person, no ones judging you. We all wish you the best, so nice to hear from someone whos been through it
DolphinCookie · 36-40, F
You need to call your doctor or go to the hospital. It will take awhile but with the right treatment things can get better
DeWayfarer · 61-69, M
Girl I have seen pictures of you even when you were little. You have posted them remember. You have always been beautiful. Even at your most low.

Don't let others standards of beauty be your standards. Beauty is within and only you can change that.

Yes I know you have been through a lot. Others have been through even more. You can get through this. You have to want to though.

Seek help if you can. Yet know that you are more than wanted.

Hope your birthday on the 28th is totally the best one.

ScarletWitch · 26-30, F
its bad
Thanks for sharing your pain. It means. A lot to me. You are still beautiful. There’s nothing I can do or say to make it better. Just know you can talk with me anytime. Alright?
MentorDaddy · 56-60, M
You are beautiful. Keep that forehead unmarked and reward yourself.

If you feel the need for physical pain to take away the pain a self administered spanking is safe and impactful.
in10RjFox · M
Find someone to love.. that would get you to forget yourself for sometime...
You have to tell us on your birthday - so we can wish you a happy one !!!
Seek some professional counseling, please.
lovelywarpedlemon · 26-30, F
Your skin does not define you. Your habit doesn't make you bad. If you have no one else call this number. You can at least talk to a real human. 1-800-273-8255. Then when you have calmed down call to make an appointment with a therapist.
Aardvark97 · 46-50, M
This is quite common among your generation, and your age group, especially on here. What were u thinking before the first time you engaged in this behavior?
ScarletWitch · 26-30, F
[@1007974,Aardvark97] I had to get rid of what was there
Aardvark97 · 46-50, M
[@386170,ScarletWitch] Well clearly one of the reasons of this behavior is that you have secrets you wish to hide from people, to blot them out, including from yourself which forces u to dwell on them more. So what is it you are hiding?
hey, you are still beautiful, dont you give in, you can make it past this, talk to any of us anytime you need, no judgement, no strings attached.
SW User
I'm so sorry you feel this way, but you're still beautiful even with that scar. Please see a doctor and ask for help with your depression.
Douglasquaid · 31-35, M
Why do these thoughts come to you?

For any of my trouble, I would try to find the root cause and I will try to deviate my mind.
suyash2510 · 22-25, M
Hey there! You're beautiful ❤️ don't let these thoughts come to you. You can always talk to me!
I wish I had something productive to say, but all I got is happy birthday this month 🙃
Your STILL beautiful! Do not kid yourself!

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