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How do you distract yourself from worries these days ?

Nanori · F
Trying to master the art of not giving a fk
Lemony1199 · F
@Nanori I need a whole semester and a degree 📜😅
Mooed78 · F
@Nanori I am getting better with age on this one!!
riseofthemachine · 41-45, M
@Mooed78 i agree 100% my dear .
Age is the difference , not worrying about nothing .
NewBeginnings7790 · 41-45, F
Wish I knew
revenant · F
I say to myself or aloud : Ohhh FUCKKKKK ITTTT Let It Go. Sometimes it works and other times it does not.
Boleuskas · M
If you find a way do share please

This always help🥰
Get busy with tasks, work , chores. By being idle, you end up brooding.Listening to music helps too or watching movies.

The best thing though is to tell yourself that worrying will not solve things and may in fact negatively affect you.
melbeacher · 56-60, M
Majorsite · 61-69, M
Shoot guns !
I want to know
MURD3RM0NK3Y · 26-30, M
Video games
IM5688 · 61-69, M
I can escape all my worries by going to sleep.
Whatever I am worried about will still be there when I wake up, but then I can handle it with a fresh mind and new outlook.
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Convivial · 26-30, F
By realising that many, is not most of them aren't real and will never happen.
Save your energy for when real shit happens
Running away from them and postpone and living in a mild headache constantly.
Honestly im struggling and overwhelmed with them. Maybe i need to face them
Hobbies and jokes
Cigarguy101 · 41-45, M
Cigars and whiskey
Iwillwait · M
Sleep or try to sleep
Byron8by7 · M
TV and YouTube
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iamelijah · 26-30, M
Eklipse · F
I don't. I worry anyway. I just keep going though I guess.
ravenhill · 46-50, M
read the bible or the oxford english dictionary.
I walk a lot every day 👍
[image deleted]
LordShadowfire · 46-50
I play video games and hang out with friends.

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