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why do u always have to be so grammatically correct?

let me fucking talk backwards and swap my words. i can keep up with your intelligent superior sentences,,, so if ur so smart, why cant u keep up with me and have to correct me and make me feel dumb?
Some people use it to oppress others in order to win arguments. If you can suffocate someone with words you don't have to hear them. It's just a form of brow beating.
If you wish to be understood, talking backwards, swapping words, etc., are practices unlikely to help.

If you wish to be taken seriously, many educated persons appreciate grammatical writing.

Since this is a social platform, posts are open to others, unless constrained by scoping or blocking. Perhaps you need to block more.

Or, perhaps this horrible burden of expressing yourself properly means that you should instead use an alternative medium of expression, e.g., music or fingerpaints.
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i rarely get offended by the grammar police of sw. i am dealing with something called real life.. @SomeMichGuy
@deathfairy Real life? The principles of communication are the same.

Be ungrammatical, switch words, whatever, be don't think that this *helps* you to be understood.

If you wish to be right by the language in which you communicate.

But truly, if language isn't your thing, maybe art, etc., IS. Maybe your physical voice is not the way to express yourself--maybe drawing is "your voice", or photography, or dance, or music, or sculpture...etc., etc., etc.

If language is frustrating, try to find...your *authentic* voice, whatever that is.
Pfuzylogic · M
I enjoy your English.
It is more than sufficient to get your point across. I know Spanish and French at a rudimentary level and personally I believe that many of these that are so picky speak only one language.
CopperFox420 · 36-40, F
Some people have a constant need to be correct. But they aren’t humble about their outrageous standards.
revenant · F
It is designed to make you feel bad.
jackpotato · 41-45, M
just call them a moronic [i](adj.)[/i] imbesol [i](noun)[/i], meaning silly or foolish person concerned with minor issues. AKA simp
DunningKruger · 56-60, M
There's a time to insist on proper grammar, and there's a time to just flow with it.
LordShadowfire · 46-50, M
It takes actual effort for me not to correct people's grammar. Not because I think I'm smarter than they are. Because I lack the mental discipline to read the message without extra focus.
I was an English major and my brain just won't let me do it any other way. 😅 I'm good at deciphering though, so it's all good. :3
They have nothing better to do except bully others and brag about their writing. No one cares about their flawless sentences. Lol
CountScrofula · 41-45, M
You're completely clear in what you say anyone who corrects you need to stop being a dick about it.
Fairydust · F
Grammar police are just arseholes!
MellyMel22 · F
[i][c=BF0080]F*ck them 🔪 [/c][/i]
iamonfire696 · 36-40, F
Who 👀

People like that need to just chill

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