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What do you spend most of your time thinking about?

In fairness I will admit that I spend most of my time thinking about current events. I am obsessed with what is happening......I'm not sure that obsession is healthy.
I think about God, and how I can do His will. I sometimes pray that I will be physically able to do His work. I don't mean preaching or annoying people with my beliefs which I know they don't want...I mean helping to feed those who are hungry or sick or in need.

Then I think about current events, and how the things which I KNOW to be wrong in our country can be combatted by one woman who really doesn't want to be arrested for insurrection.

I've concluded that the keyboard is more powerful than the sword...馃ぃ
Oberon156-60, M
@4meAndyou It is no wonder I love you so much! You are the Queen of keyboard warriors! I wish I had a fraction of the eloquence, truth, and wit that I have seen from you in the last few eons.
@Oberon1 I think in some ways, we have both helped to make the SW American populace aware of the incredible injustices and rip-offs that are occurring since the inception of the present regime.
Oberon156-60, M
@4meAndyou I know.
I've tried to become less obsessed with current events because I realized the toll it was taking on me. I've essentially decided to ignore any news about COVID, the doom-and-gloom cycle is hard to get out of and there is nothing I can do about it, so having periodic moments of panic where I think "the pandemic is never going away, we're going to be wearing masks forever, etc." was doing me no good. The environment is another one; I live in the West so I became obsessed with wildfires and monitoring where they were happening, whether they were going to target any place I care about (they did and destroyed a beautiful place that will never be the same again)...but again, I can't do anything about it, I can't fight a wildfire, I can't stop nature. So I've tried to dial it back and focus on smaller-scale, more cerebral and insular things. I've tried to make my daily life run more smoothly and devote my time to thinking about things that are timeless, like literature and art and philosophy. It's better than panicking about the physical world falling apart. So far it's been working but every now and then I'm tempted to get sucked back into the negative spiral.
Carissimi61-69, F
I thought a lot about current events too, until I realized what a negative impact it was having on me, so even though I still have thoughts during the day about them, I鈥檇 say that I think more about exercise ... new moves, routines, nutrition, goals etc. It鈥檚 better for my peace of mind, and I enjoy it.
Oberon156-60, M
@Carissimi I hope I can straighten up like you have in that department. I accept my responsibility for my choices, but I have to admit that my 'obsession' has 'driven me to drink' several times in the last 20 years or so. Alcohol is a dire poison for me, and I have allowed my fussing and fretting over things I have absolutely no control over to give me an excuse to surrender to the arms of my 'bittersweet love'......a love that I hate. A love that may kill me.
Carissimi61-69, F
I had no choice. It was detrimental to my mental health, and made me feel awful. I didn鈥檛 want to live like that. It was like being sucked into an abyss. I became more discerning about news, podcasts, posts I read or watched. You said the operative words: 鈥淚 have absolutely no control over.鈥 That鈥檚 your 鈥済et out of jail鈥 card. We can hold our views and opinions. We can help with things we can change, but there are new generations who are holding the baton now, so I let them speak for me. I don鈥檛 know how much time I鈥檝e got left on this earth, so I don鈥檛 want my old age to be as miserable as my younger days were. Sometimes you have to let go, and find as much positivity in your days as possible. Leave the young ones to fight these battles. @Oberon1
@Carissimi That's exactly what I do. I think it's the most productive way of navigating through this or [i]any[/i] world.
ShadowWorker61-69, F
Balance.. you care what is happening in our world. Honorable. You need to limit your attention on world events. It does blind a soul.. repeatedly...brainwashing!!!
Look at what is at hand in your immediate spaces. Focus on your blessings, retrain your mindset.
Yin and yang... it's time for positive vibes.
Oberon156-60, M
@ShadowWorker Thank you! Well said, and very true! I hope I can check this.
elafina31-35, F
i think a lot about geometry, human interactions and relationships, and whether my time is best spent investing in this world or searching for the possible existence of others?
Oberon156-60, M
@elafina When you discover that the components of mathematics derive from the smallest particles imaginable, you realize that mathematics is the study of the integrity of the universe. Then you get a beer.
elafina31-35, F
@Oberon1 or go visit a relative and bring an old awkward trigger in the conversation LOL
About the things I want to get back to and indeed I make plans but what is it they say about plans? A number of things. George Steinbeck springs to mind, as does that phrase: "Life is what happens when you're making plans."

But I kept making them despite some Kafkaesque stuff because I must. I can't not. I have given up giving up. 馃憤

Takes a while but sometimes if you are stubborn enough. Oberon my friend I hope you persevere and stay with us. All the best to you truly and sincerely. For what's worth I think you're a good guy - and a great singer-songwriter! 鉁岋笍
Oberon156-60, M
@SW-User Thank you my friend! Most people attribute that quote to John Lennon! It is one of those quotes that has a legion of authors! I appreciate the strokes and the tolerance! I'm glad we have had a chance to grok.
I think about being more healthy oriented, my family, thinking about moving, the latest news on covid, the weather...
eli160170-79, M
How the hell Yale ever blew that football game to Harvard back in November.
Probably one of the less attractive questions to ask anyone with a kaleidoscope mind.
Keepitsimple51-55, F
Usually my kids or things I have to do
smiler201256-60, M
{@oberon1] i can understand what you say . i am the same i sit and think about ukraine and the consequences . at the end of the day we are doing ourselves no favours as these are things out of our hands . what will be will be so we should not worry and enjoy ourselves
iamonfire69636-40, F
@riseofthemachine sorry you went through that
riseofthemachine41-45, M
@iamonfire696 its life . She always came into my mind wondering did she sort herself out
riseofthemachine41-45, M
I went to a shrink before to sort out problems and I actually knew more than the shrink and the shrink couldn't figure it out .
Do you know how I knew? PAIN Your your own best shrink in life @iamonfire696
badminton61-69, MVIP
Politics, current events, the environment, sex, aging, monster/science-fiction movies, cats, comix, TV shows.
caPnNathanael22-25, M
The evolution of things. How they were, how they are, how they might be are things I think about often.
riseofthemachine41-45, M
Either quiting something or letting go of something
What makes people behaving like a**holes and to what degree it is actually their fault. What are signs someone is actually dangerous and not just a regular pain in the *ss taking joy in threatening people.

My current position and my future plans

My skin, how it improved in last weeks and what can I do to heal it entirely.
Rhode5756-60, M
I spend alot of time thinking about the stupid mistakes I have made in the past that have come back to bite me and wish I could leave my past in the past but it seems to follow me .
riseofthemachine41-45, M
@Rhode57 if thoughts of people are in your mind , go back and make amends or else you be very unhappy for the rest of your life
Rhode5756-60, M
@riseofthemachine I cant believe me if I could I would .The only way to fix it is go back in time and change it which I cant do .
Rhode5756-60, M
Its wrecked 2 marriages and my life all because I let my heart rule my head at the time .
The thing I spend most of my time thinking about, is how fantastic it's going to be when I make my transition to "the other side." Knowing how fantastic that's going to be, and how relieving it will be to leave this spent body behind, is the most comforting thought I have.

Scotty, beam me up.
GeorgeTBH31-35, M
riseofthemachine41-45, M
@GeorgeTBH music gets me through it . Your right
GeorgeTBH31-35, M
Tres1351-55, M
kodiac22-25, M
simplicity and complexity, patterns of behaviour, psychological stereotypes, food, cooking, nutrition, music evolution, designing stuff in my head, religion, God, early culture and origin stories, dynamics going on at work, culrural differences, fantasising, painting and drawing, self improvement, etc etc etc .

And every now and then I try to think of nothing at all.
TurtlePink22-25, F
My pu$$y getting ran over by a bus
Oberon156-60, M

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