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What are your thoughts on this????

My friend called me distraught her ex husband who was absent for some time reappeared he is now requesting to see his son, she is very kind person
She sent him a picture of her son. Who is literally looks exactly like , he looked at the pictures called her back and told her that the kid looks like her馃拃
Basically I know both of them and everyone with even half a sight can see that the child looks like him
He also made a comment about her son needing a hair cut 馃拃,

I remember her telling me that he always complained about something with any pictures that she sends ,
That either the kid is skinny anything you name it
I didn't know what to say because i didn't want to be negative. I told her that i will call her back
Ugggggg what's wrong with this guy ????
Queendragonfly31-35, F
He's in a very immature way trying to tell her that he wants to be involved in his sons life and how he's raised.

Becoming a parent doesn't come with a manual. Some people are too insecure and assume the other parent is better for the kids but then with time they realize they are neglecting their child a second parent and they wanna be there for their child.

Unless the parent has any issues that is a danger to the child, let the child have both parents.
What bothers me about the ex is why did he stay out of the boys life until now. I understand him having a change and now wanting to be part of his sons life but he evidently didnt say that. What it really comes down to is what does the boy want, is he old enough to answer that? Its his life involved.
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@Suggestmeone I'm not saying the man didn't fuck up. He was obviously too immature to have a kid at the time, or he wouldn't have run. But why is it okay to stop him from seeing his boy?
@LordShadowfire No, I don't think she could stop it if thats what the boy wants. Its, I guess, the boys decision if hes old enough.
It's really a rotten deal for the woman every time this happens. To my mind the father gave up his right when he ran away and left the woman and his baby behind. Like I said, I'm old and come from a time when men stood with the woman and played a big part in raising his kid. It absolutely never entered my mind to run.
Convivial26-30, F
There's two aspects involved here... What is morally right and what is legally right.. It could get messy
Sojournersoul100+, M
Has he been absent in the son's life too?
RadiantRose31-35, F
@Sojournersoul Yes he has 馃ズ
Sojournersoul100+, M
@RadiantRose Dont think he should have much of a say then.
What he's really saying is he wants to be part of his son's life, and he just doesn't know how to express that.
NinaTina26-30, F
@LordShadowfire yes he wants a lil say so in how hes raised
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