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I really need help but warning its about self harm

So I just need advice on two things, one should I tell my girlfriend I self harm and if I should how do I tell her? I want to tell her cause I basically lied and told he I don't do it anymore and I feel guilty and don't want to hide it. Plus in the other hand I have absolutely no clue on ho to tell her about it, because honestly how the heck do you just randomly begin to tell someone about that? So it would really help me out if people could comment on this and help, thanks for reading!
[big][center][u][i][b][c=A69800]I think you should just be honest with her.

Maybe you can ease into it slowly and make her aware of how you are feeling and that you did not want to lie but was not sure what to say and how to deal with it..

Tell her maybe why you are doing that and ask if she can help you deal with it and to stop or ask for what she would do on that situation.

Jorogumo · F
It can sometimes help the other person understand whats happening for you by giving them information to read. There are some good websites with real and insightful info.

Telling someone is hard, maybe take the conversation to a neutral space where you feel safe enough to share. Always remember someones reaction to what you share is not a reflection of you, just their understanding.

And most importantly reach out for help, this is not something you can always do alone seek professional help as well.
collin · M
please tell your girlfriend. communication is the best thing in a relationship, and there is a chance she can find out sooner or later.

maybe don't bring it up directly, strike a conversation and talk for 10 minutes or shorter if you can. then bring it up when the time is right. you can do this!
collin · M
@helpmeplease i'll check it out. don't blame yourself for this outcome, even if i suggested it there's never really a right time to bring up topics like those. it'll always be awkward
@collin I know but I said it at such a random time I hadn't even talked to her since I got home that day injust really wish I would've followed your advice and worked up to it instead of panicking and just saying everything at once.
collin · M
@helpmeplease it's okay. there's no use getting worked up over something that's already done, what matters is that the truth is out and you've done it. it feels bad at first, but i encourage you to accept it.
Just tell it as it is. Hopefully she will love you enough for you to stop having any urge to self harm for good.

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