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How can you make your families and churches “woke-proof”?

Countering Woke Culture with Biblical Truth

Wokeness, and everything that stems from this philosophy, is incredibly destructive to people, to families, and to communities. But there’s a simple solution—and it starts in Genesis! For today’s blog post, enjoy this insightful letter from our Executive CEO Martyn Iles:

The person who understands and believes Genesis 1–11 is woke-proof.

Such is the enduring relevance of Genesis. It has the blueprints every generation needs.

Consider the focal points of woke ideologies—race, LGBTQ, identity, environmentalism, marriage, gender, abortion, truth, power—time and time again, the answers are in Genesis.

This is because “woke” culture is an attack on the way God ordered and designed creation.

To be “woke” simply means to be awake. Awake to what? Awake to all the kinds of oppression in society that used to go unnoticed because they are hidden in the “system” we’re living in.

But what is the “system” which is so oppressive? Well, woke ideologies say that things like marriage are part of this system of oppression, or the gender binary, “heteronormativity,” the ethnicities of people, and so on.

They actually think that we can destroy these realities and be less oppressed as a result!

But these realities are not “systemic oppressions.” These realities are just, well, reality! They are God’s creation design and order.

Thus, woke culture is an attack on creation.

Hence, the answers are in Genesis, because Genesis 1–11 is about God’s design and order in creation. It specifically addresses the things that wokeness attacks.

Right now, there is a wave of compromise sweeping the Western world, including America, on all these woke issues. A generation is being taken out of the church, believing Christianity is bigoted, hateful, and oppressive because it believes in God’s creation order and design.

This woke critique is causing pastors to compromise and the world around us to reject the Christian faith.

But Genesis shows us the connection between how things are made and how we must therefore live. It answers this woke critique by describing realities—like males and females, the fact of only one “race,” and so forth—and then showing that these realities hold the key to understanding our world and living wisely.

Genesis shows that the very things wokeness attacks are for our good!

For the past five years, I have been teaching Australian young people about the connection between Genesis and the woke ideas they are being confronted with. This teaching always had a major impact on them and fortified them in their faith.

Seventy of these young folks have just visited the Ark Encounter to participate in our brand-new, 10-day Catalyst program. They came all the way from Australia just to be there.

Young people are hungry for answers. We’d like to build more housing so that we can run these programs year-round—the demand from around the world is huge.

But Catalyst is only the beginning.

by Ken Ham on February 17, 2024
Featured in Ken Ham Blog

Until next time.
I don't know why, instead of calling it [i]woke[/i], call it what it is, indifference and callousness to the Word of God and hateful towards those of faith. Which is what the Bible describes as what will happen in the end times. And I don't understand why that would draw ministers to reject their faith. Is there faith that weak that they are not even strong enough to stand up for their faith?
GodSpeed63 · 61-69, M
@LadyGrace [quote]Is there faith that weak that they are not even strong enough to stand up for their faith?[/quote]

Without the Spirit of Christ in their hearts, they can't become more than conquerors. They are religious people like the Pharisees.
missyann · 56-60
@LadyGrace They reject it for the same reason everybody else does fear of liberals. You’re right when you say that this all is indicated at the end of the world.

I don’t know what it’s gonna take for the righteous to stand to gather and fight. When the end of the world does.,come they are going to be running to hold the righteous hands and then it will be too late. We have to stand up now.
GodSpeed63 · 61-69, M
@missyann [quote]I don’t know what it’s gonna take for the righteous to stand to gather and fight. When the end of the world does.,come they are going to be running to hold the righteous hands and then it will be too late. We have to stand up now.[/quote]

Amen, sister, amen!!
DocSavage · M
[quote] The person who understands and believes Genesis 1–11 is woke-proof.[/quote]

People who believe in Genesis 1-11 believe in a flat earth.
Still waiting for an an answer from your last post.
newjaninev2 · 56-60, F
@Dumbman [quote]Light also bends in presence of black hole[/quote]

[i]Spacetime[/i] bends in the presence of a Black Hole... light doesn't
LordShadowfire · 46-50
@newjaninev2 I thought it was both.
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4meAndyou · F
Recently, I received a letter from my church, which says they are going to have a "gospel centered discussion focused on the teachings of our Savior and our relationships with our LGBTQ+ brothers, sisters, friends, and family, and those who identify as such.

Review of church doctrine, including the love of our Heavenly Father for each of us; the Lord's plan of salvation, and the Saviors's direction to "Love One Another".

Contemplate the experiences and perspective of faithful LGBTQ+ church members."

Now, my own brother is gay, and recently, he married his partner. They are now spouse and spouse.

I LOVE my brother, but I can't help but feel he has done wrong.

Love and tolerance for perversions and normalizing them is all very well, (or not), but my church, in the past, did not tolerate same sex sexual relations or marriages.

If they say that they LOVE LGBTQ+ members of their church, they are saying they are perfectly willing to condemn that person to a lifetime without knowing carnal love, or marriage. It means being an eternal outsider to a very family oriented church. Such a person would be constantly kicked in the teeth by the built in family centered focus of that same church. I feel they would condemning that person to a deep, deep depressive existence, which might eventually result in suicide.
4meAndyou · F
@GodSpeed63 Thank you.
@4meAndyou Your feelings are correct. You are right to love your brother and you're also right about him having done wrong. As for the carnal love problem, there's no easy answer, just like there isn't an easy answer for plenty of others who also do not find carnal fulfillment. The only difference is that we put those people in jail when they seek that fulfillment
4meAndyou · F
@ImperialAerosolKidFromEP Expanding my love for my brother outward to ALL people whose carnal fulfillment is non binary, (with the enormous exception of pedophiles, whom we would definitely put in jail), I feel it is wrong for my church to deceive these people. They tell them how much they love them, deceive them into wanting to be a part of the church, and THEN, after they've been baptized, they let these people know that they can't EVER have sex. That part needs to be made plain and clear right up front. They do NOT accept these people because they can't allow them to live with a same sex partner, or have any sort of carnal fulfillment.

I believe that deception leads to suicides.
Morvoren · F
That which won’t flex will brake. That which cannot adapt will die.
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Creationist Ken Ham, the notorious owner of The Ark Encounter and the Creation Museum, has once again found a new way to swindle the good people of Kentucky out of their money.
Not satisfied enough with winning a court battle worth $18 million in tax rebates after convincing a judge that his for-profit business, which is actively using religion as a form of employment discrimination, he has now sold the land the theme park sits on, worth $48 million, to his own non-profit entity, Crosswater Canyon, for $10. You read that right, ten dollars.
DocSavage · M
Kenny attempted that. Kentucky sued to have it reversed. Saying that it betrayed the spirit of the deal.
Adstar · 56-60, M
Preach the 10 commandments which include the following..

Thou shalt not Lie..

Wokeness is a lie so if a church community stands against lying then they will stand against wokeness brainwashing divisiveness..
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