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One thing I used to hate about Yahoo! Answers...

The report monkeys.

Not the ones who reported the literal Nazi content or the illegal imagery.

The ones who thought that because they didn't like something, they could just report it en masse and make it disappear, and that would be okay.

I lost so many accounts, because the Christians would gather together and report a question I wrote until it disappeared, rather than admit that they couldn't answer it.

There should be consequences for people who falsely report, but apparently, there just aren't. We live in a world where bullies are rewarded, but only if they bully in the right way.
AndysAttic · 56-60, M
I think I was one of the most reported people on that site but I never once victimised, spewed hared or anything that could be regarded as harmful. However, I think some of my output upset some people.

I do think that the admins took my side later on as my questions remained even though mass reporting was evident.
@AndysAttic I never understood that. I saw one of your questions disappear literally as I was typing "LOL 😆".
Lol, my questions used to get deleted all the time. And they used to report you if your post wasn't in "question" format. Also you weren't allowed to curse. 😂
@LordShadowfire Lol, when I first came here I was like, What? you're allowed to curse, Awesome! It tool me a while to get used to it. I still don't curse much though 😂
@MsSwan I do, when I start to get mildly annoyed. It's nice to have it as an option.
@LordShadowfire Yeah, I reserve it for when I'm really mad, lol
[quote] We live in a world where bullies are rewarded, but only if they bully in the right way [/quote]

Yeah, but SJWs are the crowd madness du jour. 🤭
@BritishFailedAesthetic Do not start.

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