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TikTok Should Be Banned

‘I feel like someone encouraged her’: Girl, 12, found dead at her Argentina home after practicing viral TikTok 'blackout challenge' – aunt says she was found hanging by a rope and friends watched her kill herself on livestream

Milagros Soto died at her home in Santa Fe, Argentina, on Friday after doing the viral TikTok 'blackout challenge'
The 12-year-old girl is said to have received a link from a classmate before participating in the dare
Soto placed a rope around her neck while she held her breath and twice tried to remove it and failed
She tried a third time and was unable to get the rope off before she died
The child's death was caused by 'mechanical asphyxia by hanging' and 'there are no signs of abuse or third party intervention'
caPnNathanael · 26-30, M Best Comment
I think overall, Tiktok is a cancer in this world
Budwick · 70-79, M
@caPnNathanael Thank you Captain - I agree
Thinkerbell · 41-45, F

A cancer on this world (especially in the West), but NOT in China.

Barefooter25 · 46-50, M
@caPnNathanael Another reason to ban TikTok is because they make really bad songs popular!!

AbbeyRhode · F
Another thing President Trump was right about.
Still, I can't help but think that if a 12-year-old could do something that stupid, it might have only been a matter of time before she found a reason to do something equally stupid and deadly.
Yvonne · 22-25, F
@AbbeyRhode I think it has a lot to do with the way social media influences us and especially the pressure it can build up is dangerous for kids. TikTok should be banned.
God bless the girl it's devastating.
Slade · 56-60, M
@AbbeyRhode if we create a narrative that Tik Tok is racist, the stupids will gouge their eyes out before touching iy
AbbeyRhode · F
@Budwick True. Parents really need to be aware of what their kids are doing online.
It's unfortunate she tried this and died as a result. But because the link she followed came from TikTok, doesn't mean TikTok should be banned. That's like saying screwdrivers should be banned because someone decided to poke himself in the eye with it, and blinded himself.

People just need to practice common sense.
Wol62 · 51-55, M
@TESSA111 I don't think the girl was stupid.
Thinkerbell · 41-45, F

Do you think David Carradine was stupid...?🤔
MasterLee · 51-55, M
@Thinkerbell yes Carradine was dumb.
If it wasnt tik tok it would have just been some other site
Budwick · 70-79, M
@OogieBoogie [quote]And im going to do what that girl should have done - look out for myself, know i dont deserve to be bullied , and walk away[/quote]

See ya!
Don't take any hemp nooses!
@Budwick oh , im screenshotting [b]that ![/b]
Here you are pretending to be 'oh so Mr Ethical' , and now youre making jokes about her death .

Isnt it funny how if you engage someone enough their true nature comes out 😏
Budwick · 70-79, M
@OogieBoogie [quote]Isnt it funny how if you engage someone enough their true nature comes out[/quote]

Yeah, I thought you were leaving!
And we are NOT engaged!
BreezeyBree2 · 56-60
If not TikTok, then something else. Many things done are stupid and people should know better.
Now, let me say again... children, even teens, need someone keeping track of emails, messages and sites used....including "friends"
Budwick · 70-79, M
@OogieBoogie Yup - pretty comfy.
@Budwick most bullies are .
Budwick · 70-79, M
@OogieBoogie Are you still here?
Magnolia21 · 18-21, F
Tidepod challenge rings a bell. Idiots gonna idiot, social media just makes it easier to spread.
akindheart · 61-69, F
that is very sad. China is using TikTok to access the younger populations phones. It is not good and i refuse to download it
Budwick · 70-79, M
@OogieBoogie When you make insane comments, that's what you get.
Now, go sit in the corner and think about what you have done!
When you are ready to apologize to all the SW users that have visited this post, you are welcome to return.
@Budwick you're acting like im your daughter, (which i haven't consented to), and youre calling [b]me [/b] crazy ?

You have a very odd defensive mechanism when you realise you are losing an argument man .

N.B. Also - I'm not into ageplay, so no thankyou.
Barefooter25 · 46-50, M
Poor girl. If the vast majority of the world's population knew that TikTok was privately run by the Chinese government, I doubt alot of people would sign up. On the other hand, alot of people would still sign up and join despite the fact that the Chinese uses TikTok to gather information.
Theyitis · 31-35, M
Lame excuse for canceling TikTok. As others here have stated, could have happened on any number of social media platforms that didn’t catch it quickly enough. If this is your only legitimate problem with TikTok, then you should be satisfied if TikTok simply makes a new rule against posting dangerous stuff like this and makes a good faith effort to enforce said rule. I suspect the real reason you want to ban TikTok has more to do with it attracting and spreading progressive politics.
@Theyitis exactly and its shameful of him to use a childs death to push his political agendas like he always does on here
Budwick · 70-79, M
@ExperienceDLT [quote]its shameful of him to use a childs death to push his political agendas like he always does on here

Well, you know HIM - he is very opinionated, especially about protecting children.
Unlike your team that gets off killing them before they are even born.
@Theyitis see the ignorant comments above i rest my case
Ontheroad · M
Totally agree - sometimes to protect the vulnerable we need to have rules, and TikTok, if it allows this stuff, needs to go.
Penny · 46-50, F
although this is tragic. tiktok is like a free platform. you cant blame tiktok for the stupidity of people. not saying I like tiktok but why ban it? so stuff liek this wont happen? that to me is not a good reason. maybe making an age limit would be wise though for using it?
@Penny And, I think it's likely that if she didn't get the idea from TikTok, and act on it, that she would have acted on something else just like this from a different site, or from someone she knows.
Penny · 46-50, F
@PhoenixPhail its really sad. the poor thing. i cant say ive never been challenged to doing a blackout before and this was before the internet. luckily i didnt die
@Penny I'm so glad you [i]didn't[/i] die. And, yes, it's sad this happened to her. 😔
There are just no words for this that are fitting enough to say how tragic. This never should have happened and Tic Toc should definitely be banned, held accountable, and sued. Social media is to blame for this, those using it as a tool to hurt others. This is just outrageous, troubling, and deeply saddening.
iamelijah · 26-30, F
I don't know what to say. It would be rude for me to say if she was a stupid to take that challenge (forgive me of my rudeness).

I'd say it would be better if there age limit to every social media.
12 years is too young for her to get involved with adult stupid challenges. At her age, their curiousity and impulsiveness it can lead her into now.

Maybe government should filter these type of challenges instead blocking them. Filtering nonsense idea to reduce number of self harm by accident or stupid ideas.

In my other opinion, yes TikTok should be banned since it gave nothing benefical to people except doing stupid things to gain fame. It used to post creative videos but now just plain stupid.
graphite · 61-69, M
Remember as kids when we'd go outside and play? Now kids sit staring at glass and plastic plates all day, their lives revolving around social media. Of course, we're doing the same thing right now on this website.
BreezeyBree2 · 56-60
[quote]The 12-year-old girl is said to have received a link from a classmate before participating in the dare[/quote]
A link from a classmate....the 12-year-old evidently had someone send her a link...she evidently wasn't on a site until sent a link?
Yvonne · 22-25, F
@BreezeyBree2 TikTok only lets you watch content when logged in so she clearly had a profile.
BreezeyBree2 · 56-60
@Yvonne Yep.... but was sent a link....
And that's a wrap. I just wish for people to watch out for children better on internet and daily life. It's our right to check emails and such... and FRIENDS.
Lilymoon · F
That is horrible. That garbage should be banned.
carpediem · 61-69, M
Try suing the Chinese government
wildbill83 · 36-40, M
beyond me what possesses people to partake in all these idiotic "challenges" on social media (it's not just shittok)

quite frankly, those who create and encourage them should be in a straitjacket...
Who the hell is stupid enough to put a rope around their neck to black out!?!

Its not tik tok that failed this child ....its her parents.
(And her 'friend').
@OogieBoogie ikr. And yet so many ppl blaming tiktok. Haha. Why not blame all social media not just one in particular. And blame the situation. Ugh ppl nowadays.
@Darksideinthenight2 someone was talking about wokeism earlier today ....and this is just another form of it .

I remember growing up and being dared to do stupid shit . And...some i did, and some i plain straight out rejected.
....Some i even got ridiculed for not doing.
Its called growing up, having boundries, and building character.

This isnt unique to tik tok, or even the internet .....we've been doing this ever since we started competing for mates and social acceptance.
@OogieBoogie it is. I glad u put some common sense behind this. It soo frustrating when ppl blow it out of control. Yes it sad she did that. But unfortunately ppl do some stupid shit and yes even grow ass adults been doing stupid shit ever since we been alive
Thinkerbell · 41-45, F
Boy... look at all the CCP bots rushing in to defend the western version of TikTok. 🙄
(That's the version that's not allowed in China)

How tragic. This never should have happened.
TeirdalinFirefall · 26-30, M
It was only a matter of time until suicide became trendy.
So you never got dared to do somthing while you were growing up ?
ShenaniganFoodie · 36-40, M
Tik Tok is Chinese spyware
uncalled4 · 51-55, M
Very sad. We all did impulsive things as a kid that were NOT terribly smart. This is heartbreaking.
DDonde · 31-35, M
It's pretty messed up.
Well it not the site fault. They not liable for this. It her fault for trying it and not having any supervised with her. Why she doing it alone?
@Budwick and i said i have seen them just bec u dont see it doesn't mean it doesn't happen and do u see pms no.
Budwick · 70-79, M
@Darksideinthenight2 So you think that behavior should be banned?
@Budwick You do remember why EP shut down right?

Was EP responsible for what happened? was crazies who used the site that fucked it up.

I agree tiktok has bad shit on it, but it also has educational, funny, artisric and clever stuff on it too.

You are doinf what generations ago said about popular 50's and 60's music, "its destroying our kids, leading them into irresponsible behaviour"....yet i bet you rocked out to it anyway.

Tik tok is just a modern version of what EVERY generation faces - peer pressure.

Yes , those stupid posts should be taken down, and repeat offenders even banned.
But you dont throw the baby out with the bath water.

Part of growing up is learning about logic, self, calculating risk, independence, forethought and such .

The saddest part of all this is - why did she lack in self confidence or critical thinking so MUCH ....that she never once considered this a stupid idea and ignored it ?

My daughter uses tiktok all the time, (and has done for YEAR), but for art, jokes, life hacks, music, memes and lgbqt+ awareness, fashion ideas, animé and cosplay.

Anything can be bad if you illuse it.

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