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Blocked Facebook section was like a graveyard of zombies

Yesterday I was thinking about a girl I dated 15 years ago. We dated for 4 years. I don't miss her at all, she was such an obnoxious person, I was simply curious to see what she looks like now. Just to see if she looks different than when I dated her. She's had 2 kids since we broke up so I figured she must look at least a little different now. I couldn't find her Facebook page so I went to the photos of a mutual friend and found photos she was tagged in but her name wasn't hyperlinked so I wasn't sure if she deleted her Facebook or if I blocked her..

So I went to the blocked users list on my Facebook account which has at least 150 people on it (I'm a habitual blocker on social media) and trying to find her name in this never ending Santa's list of despicable human beings made me feel so disgusted. Within a matter of 30 seconds I literally felt my body temperature rising and I almost broke a sweat! I felt like was in a dark space with rotten corpses in every direction and no matter where I turned to escape, I would be stepping in a puddle of rotten putrid filth, like liquid hot garbage. I felt like I was unintentionally summoning the undead from their graves. I even stumbled upon other women that I've dated and blocked that I wasn't even thinking about. After about 2 minutes of not being able to find my ex's name I GTFO of there and vowed to never return to that blocked users list E V E R A G A I N

I will never give a damn about what that ex, or any ex for that matter, looks like for the rest of my days. They're in the past and that's where they will stay for the rest of eternity.

I think you’re over exaggerating. It’s been 15 years why does it matter anymore?

I’ve never had anyone blocked for more than 2 years.
@LordShadowfire Lol totally justified. Did you cook that chicken with the fish inside of it? Reminds me of Turducken
@GoToTheCompound I don't even know where the picture came from, lol. It just showed up one day on Reddit, and then over onto Facebook, and then everybody was sharing it with each other, laughing at it, and this woman is like, "nO! yOu aRe wAsTiNg fOoD! hOw dArE YoU? aAaRgH!"
@LordShadowfire You should've pretended you took the photo and told her that you threw it in the garbage right after taking it. That really would've steamed her bean
DiegoWolfe · 36-40
my only ex had two kids with her Highschool BF who is emotionally and mentally abusive to her, and she was diagnosed with Schizophrenia so i really dodged an 80MM round with that one, and after the ex told me of the diagnosis and such i just stopped caring
@DiegoWolfe You mean she got back together with her highschool BF after you & her broke up? That's interesting. Girls love crazy guys that are mean to them, what can I tell ya.. You definitely dodged a bullet Matrix style
DiegoWolfe · 36-40
@GoToTheCompound Actually she slept with him while she was visiting home aftet we had an argument and that basically broke us fully up
@DiegoWolfe Pssh trilfin' who-ah.. you're lucky she did something that put the kibosh on your relationship before you did something that would've made you stuck with her
Nuh uh... I ain't going there - the family members of one of my abusers are there.

I'm not that dumb...
@HootyTheNightOwl What do you mean you can't really avoid it?
@GoToTheCompound Let's just say... it's also the name of a global business...
@HootyTheNightOwl Oof that's annoying
Ceinwyn · 26-30, F
That’s a lot of effort for someone you don’t give a damn about 😑
@Ceinwyn It was only like 10 minutes of my time
Ceinwyn · 26-30, F
@GoToTheCompound If you didn’t give a damn the correct time would have been 0.0 seconds.
@Ceinwyn I just wanted to see what she looks like now, that's all. My emotions aren't mixed into it
Bladey · 56-60, M
You were able to find her ... and them. I can't even find a single one of my own 31 profiles on Facebook.
@Bladey I wasn't able to find her. I gladly gave up
This is the most T R I G G E R E D post I’ve seen in my 15-20 years in the internet
@SW-User Lol how so exactly? I'm just keeping it real
looping · 18-21, M
sounds like you miss her ngl
@looping Trust me lad, I don't miss her at all. I can't count the number of times she seriously annoyed me in the span of the 4 years I dated her. She was a spoiled brat. And she was really cute so she was pretty conceited and always used to getting away with the shortcomings of her personality

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