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Who you waiting?

Who is the most person that you waiting for his/her messages here and you open the site for read his/her posts?
StevetheSleeve31-35, M
People aren鈥檛 going to answer this because they鈥檙e worried their other girlfriends/boyfriends will see. 馃槃
[big][center][u][i][b][c=A69800]A few people.......................................[/c][/b][/i][/u][/center][/big]
Carissimi70-79, F
I don鈥檛 wait for anyone here, but it鈥檚 always nice to see posts from people I know rather than all the 鈥渟trangers鈥 here now, which seem to outnumber the familiar faces.
No one anymore, anyone I鈥檓 close to messages me offsite
Not messages though they are welcome if they come decently. I just enjoy the comment interactions. And the posts are always random and different. It keeps my mind at easy. I'm pretty imaginative and it helps when I switch from one topic to another, multitasking replies on subjects that I care about.
The one person who will never post here 馃槣 I鈥檓 always hoping I鈥檒l get a message or something though on messenger or something鈥.something. I think she鈥檚 done with me for now though.
ninalanyon61-69, T
Specifying one person would be divisive. I open SW in the hope that all my friends will be posting something or commenting on something.
Jackson71124736-40, M
No I haven't been in here enough to build those type of relationships.
TheMountainMan26-30, M
There is one girl... She makes me really happy when she replies to my messages.
that girl w the hottest pfp. oh god i miss her
Just you, but I only discovered you a moment ago
Havesomefun256-60, M
An really good friend but can鈥檛 find them
Sometimes I wish I had someone like that.
That doesn鈥檛 even make sense.
MarIion31-35, F
I'm only stalking one person on here
samueltyler280-89, M
great profile image!
Evened51-55, M
Didn't happen yet here.
exexec61-69, C
That person knows.
No one only here
samueltyler280-89, M
There are a few.
Monalisaa198636-40, F
I鈥檓 waiting for Elliott North he came in my sleep last between 8:30 pm and 9 pm I hugged him tight when I saw him and we kissed it was so nice
Monalisaa198636-40, F
I delete my every message I get or I tell them I鈥檓 taken
Donotfolowme51-55, F
candycane31-35, F
No one any more I just read them as I get them

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