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The Early Hours.

Cant say have much of a story. Im better with pictures. I hear tales of cliques on this site and I am fascinated. At the same time i don't care enough. I have my shit to deal with. My own thoughts to express.

Its near 1am and my mind is lit up like a Christmas tree and my soul is restless.

I wonder if its the uncertainty in the month a head that keeps me awake.
I want start working on my stories again but i cant seem to string two sentences together. I think i need someone to brainstorm the plot with.

Then there is the pet project. Work stresses. Too much going on and nothing at the same time. I stepped outside my comfort zone. Did something outside of the routine and now i feel so disconnected from time and space.

It happened last year aswel when i look a trip to the UK. On my own for the first time. This trip was shorter and inland. But still it was for reason that i cant be sure will matter in 6months. I think im afraid that the trip was unappreciated. That it was an ill conceived attempt at holding on to a relationship thats already lost.

Reality seems absolutely thin right now and I guess I wonder if anyone else has experienced something similar.
Convivial · 26-30, F
You're questioning your existence methinks... It can be healthy or it can be a rabbit hole..... Maybe change is in the air and that's what you sense
Alorajade · 36-40, F
@Convivial i often question my existence. And the reality of it all. I often feel disconnected. Like im not really here.
Convivial · 26-30, F
@Alorajade that's not necessarily a bad thing... Just don't forget to be honest and remember the good, too ;)
supersnipe · 61-69, M
Interesting thoughts here. If you're not sure something will matter in six months' time, then in my experience, it probably won't.
ninalanyon · 61-69, T
[quote]I think i need someone to brainstorm the plot with. [/quote]
Perhaps there is someone or several someones here who could help?
ViciDraco · 36-40, M
I know how the writing thing goes. So many ideas yet so difficult to express them. A million questions as to whether something has too much or too little detail and how to get from point A to point B without seeming rushed or boring.

I've also done the long journeys that were intended to connect by turned into farewells.
Your post is heartfelt… i understand your words

You’re perfectly fine to question… wonder

Make sure you get some good rest, the mind is better after a good sleep

I’ll be checking in on ya … 😘

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