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Have opened and Instagram page for the first time,

Yes I did, to share my writings. I made an anonymous page and now Idk how to get followers lol馃槄
If you have an anonymous Instagram then I guess the idea is for nobody to find out who you are. I have five of them plus two of them which is actual me. So you don鈥檛 need followers on anonymous account. I made one of a Cockapoo and got three followers all of which don鈥檛 follow my real accounts.
One pic in a bikini and you will be swamped!
@Smartygirl24 I have nothing against poetry and feel it is an art form that eludes me.
Smartygirl2431-35, F
@WillaKissing I understand
@Smartygirl24 Thank you. Being truly Dyslexic and hit hardest in the written language does not help me to grasp poetry, but I see the art and pleasantness other's get from it.
twistedrope26-30, M
Careful... Instagram is a dangerous addictive app. I save and rewatch vids. Keeps me out of the reels.
Neither do I but I don't mind, lol. I have no idea if anybody ever visits my page either.
MrsMONAKanful36-40, F
I don鈥檛 have instagram anymore
They will find you if you keep your posts public. They are owned by Meta just like Facebook
Smartygirl2431-35, F
@mindlessdrifter who will find me?
@Smartygirl24 other account holders. I've had a few follow me. It took some time but it worked out
Medoesnotcare22-25, F
I鈥檒l follliw you
Smartygirl2431-35, F
@Medoesnotcare so sweet of u. Tnx. But its in Farsi I dont think u would understamd anything I post馃グ
Medoesnotcare22-25, F
@Smartygirl24 ah ok sorry I must鈥檝e misread. I thought you wanted someone to follow your page not understand your posts
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Lonewolf51156-60, M

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