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If your ex came back and said "let's work it out" - would you?

XDHyperGirlXD131-35, F Best Comment
Give him a dildo and tell him to go fuck himself 馃憖
pdockal56-60, M

He might like that and want more !!!!!

ImpeccablyImperfect51-55, F
No. Although I do believe he is still trying to hang on to me.
We talk every day, multiple times a day鈥e is consistently sending dirty/expectant texts鈥nd he will still make comments about the future which invariably include me in the picture鈥e sends me pictures of his 鈥榩lans鈥 and blueprints for the house he is going to build at the acreage (trying to entice me back??)

It鈥檚 a very confusing time for me because I still love him very much. He was my best friend for 8 years鈥ut still, no.
It didn鈥檛 work out for very valid reasons.
I would be a fool to think it would be different now.
Livingwell61-69, M
@ImpeccablyImperfect I'm sorry it worked out that way. You are correct. People are who they are and never change. I hope your heart heals sooner than later. You're a sweet lady. 馃
slorollin41-45, M
I would rather shit in both hands and clap! 馃挬馃憦馃憦
@slorollin I take it that's a no 馃ぃ
slorollin41-45, M
@Lilymoon that's a big 10-4 馃ぃ
zonavar6851-55, M
No second chances for an ex. Better off alone. No matter how much it hurts to be single when you opine about how you can't show your young child what a loving couple relationship is like. But no women in their 50's are interested in a single dad with a daughter in his care.
When my first fianc茅e contacted me after twenty nine years, it was like talking to a ghost.
We had been to together for two years, we were 21/22.
She asked about my mother, who had been dead sixteen years.

I had to reconstruct vague memories of the past. Good ones.

But it was then I found out she had two timed me with one of her lecturers. That would have hurt, had I found out at the time. But I would have moved on with my life a lot faster too.

No, reassess, adapt, move on.
Jemimapuddleduck31-35, F
@sunriselover Why after so long, I wonder?
@Jemimapuddleduck There was a social media site called Friendsreunited when the INTERNET started.
She found my name on there.

Unhappy marriage. Her husband was a control freak. She was not even allowed her own email.

I met him once.
He used to give her a lift from her Uni to mine.
No, I'm very happy with the lovely man I'm with. It'd be like dropping a cherry and grabbing a piece of pig dung.
I might be tempted, but hopefully I'm smarter now.
zonavar6851-55, M
No way - my ex will never ever get back with me because I wouldn't let her if she tried it on. She never acted like a friend when we were supposed to be together so why would I trust her to be like that now?
Kstrong56-60, F
@Jemimapuddleduck well i suppose it depends on the person if they are prepared too let bygones be bygones and why and what terms the relationship finished on
RopinTexan31-35, M
Depends on which ex. First one, absolutely not. Second one鈥鈥檇 consider it, but I鈥檇 need time to think about it.
zonavar6851-55, M
@RopinTexan ex's are ex's - you should *never* take an ex back.
Nah... that boat has sailed.

I might have had thoughts along the way - but there's no going back for me.
Kazuya6931-35, M
guess it depends, like I'm not so much of an ass i wont at least entertain their case.
HumanEarth56-60, M

She'll be running from a shot gun blast before any notations can happen
thenormalkindofcrazy31-35, M
Oh hell no. She just tried last week and I shut that down.
If I had an ex, it would depend on the circumstances we split ways.
sarahcupcake36-40, F
I would deffo sit down with her and talk
He already did 馃槒

Too late 鈴 the damage was done.
Ducky31-35, F
No. I'm married, lol.
Jemimapuddleduck31-35, F
@lovelyguy143334 Lol, what??
lovelyguy14333431-35, M
@Jemimapuddleduck she wouldn't left
For making work it out in future 馃槣
Jeephikelove46-50, F
Depends which ex! 馃槄
summalovin18-21, F
knowing me, yes
JohnnyNoir56-60, M
Applepiedom56-60, M
NatureGuy7751-55, M
chasingThursday36-40, M
Hell no. He made it very clear he didn鈥檛 care about me or my feelings. I have to be shown that only once
Ya know what, I think I could be better explained this way:
Unlike Phil, though, I'd follow through
"You'll have to first take that up with my wife"
Never, the cops in my country want her

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