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Going grocery shopping, at least for me, used to be fun...

It used to be a relaxing experience, but something happened in the last few years and now it seems more like a headache than anything else. Stores seem to make it impossible for things to be streamlined. Walmart specifically has made it so only certain self-checkouts are open to the public whereas others are exclusive to people who pay a subscription. How does this help the customer and make things streamlined?

To me it feels like stores are making it harder to have an enjoyable experience at the store.

What are your thoughts?
I used to like to cook. The planning and the execution of it all.
But after years of life, I hate cooking. I hate grocery shopping.
But then, the checkers used to be people I knew on a surface level. I would see them at their work, around town, sometimes at someone's else's home They were friendly, and they still are, but I feel no connection to them anymore.
The actual checking out experience, as in self checkout vs. The grumpy old women who probably should have retired by now but obviously cant because life is expensive, isn't a factor to me so much as my disdain for having to feed people who aren't happy unless it comes out of a box, from a server or through a drive through window
If I cooked for just me, maybe I wouldn't hate it so much.
I could use actual flavors and vegetables.
PerfectionOfTheHeart · 46-50, F
I used to enjoy it as well. But now with increased prices on nearly every item I purchase and sometimes the price that pops up on the screen not matching the price on the shelf, there is little enjoyment for me. Feels too routine and the vibe in the stores has gone downhill drastically. Not a fan of any of it anymore.
hunkalove · 61-69, M
My neighborhood supermarket is Kroger. They usually have one register open and they don't care how long the line is. No concern for customers, employees, or products. The store is filthy, the shelves half-empty. They used to do the stocking at night but now it blocks the aisles. They don't seem to care. And the employees are so obviously unhappy. I wish I could go somewhere else but I'm 74 and don't drive.
@hunkalove This is happening everywhere
SunshineGirl · 36-40, F
So self-checkout (originally introduced to cut wage bills) is now regarded as a privilege? 🤔

Supermarket shopping in person is far too complicated. So many rules and pricing structures . . one price for customers with a loyalty card, another for the disloyal. The only visible staff are shelf stackers and security. Easier and a little bit more enjoyable to do it at home from a laptop.
Heartlander · 80-89, M
@SunshineGirl Yep, and whoever automates that completely will likely be the next multi $billionaire. Amazon is probably the closest now. Walmart fills the home delivery orders by hand and unless they are doing something else in secret it won’t be them. Aldi, I would think with the most streamlined food markets in America would seem the most logical. Teamed Aldi up with Trader Joe would be the perfect match. They are already family. We know it’s coming.
One of several reasons why I have Walmart grocery delivery. It’s a beautiful thing.
The pandemic changed it for me .. there are still some stickers on the floor ( keep your distance) in some shops as a stark reminder of that dark period in our lives

Quick get toilet roll ! 🙄💀
Lilnonames · F
I enjoy buying just what I need and cooking a great meal almost every night
I have never come across anyone ever mentioning subscription based checkouts in any of the other social sites I go to.
PerfectionOfTheHeart · 46-50, F
@NativePortlander1970 Ummm…

Self-checkout lanes will only be available to Spark delivery drivers or Walmart+ subscribers at select locations, said a Business Insider report. In the mornings, self-checkout lanes are more likely to be closed and possibly only open for select populations. As customer traffic increases throughout the day, regular self-checkout may still be accessible, Walmart told The Arizona Republic.

It’s at the discretion of the store manager, but yes, it’s very much a thing it seems.
@PerfectionOfTheHeart Show the actual article link, don't just say they told some newspaper.
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