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馃様Couldn鈥檛 sleep

I tried tried tried but couldn鈥檛 sleep. Now I am getting irritated. Why it is happening to me?
Some time ago, I learnt that having grapes or a spoon full of sugar helps to resolve sleep issues.
Palvinderkaur41-45, F
@Lyfis2live Really? Thanks
@Palvinderkaur Well, the fellow is into medicine and I listened to him on one of his YouTube based posts.
Palvinderkaur41-45, F
@Lyfis2live oh nice
Henal26-30, F
I have this problem as well. A doctor once advised me to do some mediation. That might help?
Palvinderkaur41-45, F
@Henal I took sleeping pill too. But failed
Palvinderkaur41-45, F
@Henal I will try this
Henal26-30, F
@Palvinderkaur I hope it works for you 馃檪
Peapod61-69, F
I have trouble staying asleep, but can well appreciate not being able to fall asleep to begin with.

At some point, I will give up trying and just start reading.
You just identified the etymology the fact you are "Trying" this is affirming and reinforcing the inability to sleep.

STOP trying, get up and do something, take a walk or start a journal ( starting with a daily gratitude list) Sleep will come when it does. A couple, even three, nights of sleep deprivation isn't yet a serious symptom. Instead of feeling irritation, just relax and surrender. Or read ALL of my posted stories, that is enough to put the entire SW membership to sleep. I wish you my best.
smileylovesgaming31-35, F
U are excited for Halloween
wintersecret41-45, M
Ur mind may not be at peace and something must be irritating you

Try meditation with soft instrumental music
Does your mind race when you close your eyes to go to sleep?...if so, theres your answer
Palvinderkaur41-45, F
@Tminus6453 my mind is full of thoughts . Not free.
Been fighting it on/off for 30+ yrs .. hope it eases for you soon
scorpio61141-45, M
Meditate and read some novel or anything that you like to.
Drink some milk.. maybe you are just cranky
romell51-55, M
Start a healthy gym routine helps
{@palvinderkaurdulay] 馃槸sorry too here that i can appreciate what you mean as i get restless legs and cannot sleep and it is awful when it happens
Palvinderkaur41-45, F
@smiler2012 馃様
Adstar56-60, M
Probably a middle aged woman over thinking.. Not being able to shut down.. It happens to many..
Convivial26-30, F
Something weighing upon you mind?
Palvinderkaur41-45, F
@Convivial now feeling good
Convivial26-30, F
@Palvinderkaur funny how life is cyclic... You just need to hang in there
JoyfulSilence46-50, M

I hope you can fall asleep.
Palvinderkaur41-45, F
Do something else for an hour or so instead.
SmoothBody26-30, M
did you read my message ?
Palvinderkaur41-45, F
@SmoothBody which one ?
Palvinder ji, some get lot of sleep.
Armaan36-40, M
What happened
Palvinderkaur41-45, F
@Armaan now I am fine

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