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Long time no see馃様

Hi it's been a year and a half sense iv been on's been hard I just lost my grandma and I thought I could save her from everything but ik know that was not the case.....IV been fighting depression and sleep loss/hallucinations's gotten so bad I don't even go out side hardly any more and IV been slightly losing my mind I'm need some friends and fresh air .....馃槍
friends and fresh air is good!馃憤
Emoxboy22-25, F
@Carazaa 100% 馃檪
Ryannnnnn31-35, M
Damn sorry, grief is strange. I got insomnia also when I lost my father and grandfather.
You'll get past it
Emoxboy22-25, F
@Ryannnnnn thanks..I'm trying to get past it I'm doing work outs before bed and listening to jazz too
Ryannnnnn31-35, M
@Emoxboy Jazz piano is nice and relaxing, love it myself. Happy you're expressing it in healthy ways, best to stay busy and keep momentum going. I remember I barely slept for a couple of weeks while working full time and felt like I was going a bit weird haha, but lots of chamomile and listening to somebody tell a very very very boring story finally got me a few hours.
welcome back sorry too hear you have been having such a tough time personally [emoxboy]
ViciDraco36-40, M
Sometimes we need to find the willpower to make us do things, even when we don't feel like doing them. And willpower itself is a muscle to be exercised.

Try to start with something small for your fresh air. Make yourself take a walk around the block, or if rural for a half mile or so. Schedule it every day even if you don't want to. It will help build your resolve and ability to force yourself to go out and do other bigger things.

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