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advice is appreciated…

hey. i am a female in highschool. my friends are all starting to become sexually active and i feel a little left out and insecure. insecure that i haven’t had sex yet but also insecure about my body and i’m scared that the other person won’t like how i look. there’s a lot of things stopping me..
Don’t get affected by peer pressure.

It’s okay to start late. Everyone is wired differently. Some, like me, are late bloomers…

And that’s perfectly fine.

Some of my friends weren’t interested in studying, they just wanted to settle down and they did. I wasn’t interested in dating until I finished University. Lol…🤷‍♀️ But that’s ok…I didn’t let their craziness get to me.
Notladylike · 36-40, F
There is a lot of pressure especially on young girls to look a certain way. Don’t let that get in your head. When you do decide to become sexually active make sure it is with someone who makes you feel beautiful and safe. You can never get that moment back.
bhatjc · 46-50, M
@Notladylike Amen to that. 🍸
elafina · 31-35, F
Hey hi.. follow your own rhythm, after all it's your own body. Of course the other person will like how you look:) we overthink ourselves...
But please don't be in a hurry. It'll come naturally and you will know.
CountScrofula · 41-45, M
Totally normally to not be sexually active and frankly a lot of teens lie about how much sex they have. Go at your own pace.
bhatjc · 46-50, M
Don't be pressured into it. you may regret it later in life. Just take your time. Always good to talk
Buildingadoor · 26-30, F
My ma always says "if they jump into a croc filled lake, will you too?"
bhatjc · 46-50, M
MagicaloneANRABF · 56-60, M
You have so much time. Dont think you have have sex just to fit in. In ten years you wont know most of these people and have new friends and starting your own life. Just wait.
Spnk8 · 31-35, M
Yeah i actually waited to have sex till i was in my early 30s so its fine dont feel like you HAVE to do it or do ANYTHING.
smileylovesgaming · 31-35, F
We are all different
bhatjc · 46-50, M
@smileylovesgaming true to that. How old was your lover or pm if you would like to answer that?
smileylovesgaming · 31-35, F
@bhatjc he was my age
bhatjc · 46-50, M
@smileylovesgaming Where you each others first. Damn lucky him
in10RjFox · M
Your feelings are quite natural. Everyone goes through this phase of apprehensions until it happens the first time. But no need to be scared or be insecure, for it will happen when it has to happen. It may also be a good idea to look for a matured lover outside of your school and friends for they would respect your body unlike your peers who are also growing up.
cd4259 · 61-69, M
Have faith in yourself, our inner beauty shines through. You have plenty of time don't rush it just to be a part of the "In crowd" your virginity is a gift for someone special.
Listen to other bellow dont go to far down the rabit hole here shes right .

And talk to your doctor and dont rush it
Buildingadoor · 26-30, F
STD's are not cute. Just because they're stupid doesn't mean you gotta be too.
caccoon · 36-40
You are too young to be here. Don't fall predator to creepy men. Don't reply to PMs. Anything supportive can be said publicly.

I would encourage you to talk to your doctor if you have one, or call a helpline to speak to someone. Perhaps your highschool might have a counselor?

I'm sorry to be blunt, but it's unsafe here
caccoon · 36-40
@yourfayet I understand. 💙 There are a lot of predatory men here.

I'm not sure what country you're in, but if you call your local hospital even they might have some leads for you. I know it's harder to say it than it is to type.

But another thing, there's nothing wrong with waiting to have sex. I never had it until I was much older and I am fine with that. When I was younger I wanted nothing to do with it.
@caccoon not every one is bad on here but safe side yes
yourfayet · 18-21, FNew
@caccoon thank you so much.
SarithBorn · 18-21, M
Wait until you're ready don't give in to pressure from others. 😇
Sjones13 · 36-40, M
Just take your time and don’t feel pressured by anyone
I had a lot of older friends, and they passed on to me a REALLY good piece of advice -
'Make ur first time, a good one to remember.'

They said everyone always remembers their first time , and you know, they weren't wrong.

So make it on your own terms , with someone you trust and respect.

Dont ever let people push you into what they are doing .
Truth is, they prolly regret their mistake and are lying about how good it actually was. 😁
bhatjc · 46-50, M
beefo · 26-30, M

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