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What are your most trusted sources for information.

Not just in this current climate but any time you want to verify research or just plain read to learn about topics you may only have just become aware of.
Ambroseguy80 · 51-55, M
@2cool4school 😂😂😂

I was just kidding about that.
2cool4school · 41-45, F
@Ambroseguy80 that’s what they all say 😝
Ambroseguy80 · 51-55, M
@2cool4school 😂😂
Jasondf · M
Breitbart. CNN Fox MSNBC
They all report the truth. It’s interesting what each source doesn’t talk about.
Pavona · 26-30, M
@2cool4school Ah OK just another Trump fanatic. I've just seen your reply to one of my other comments. Now I know not to take you seriously at all🤣
2cool4school · 41-45, F
@Pavona I don’t even vote. You’re really not good at reading people. Even with a profile etc.
2cool4school · 41-45, F
@Pavona what caused you to even try and connect pouts to my post ??
Karen from facebook
2cool4school · 41-45, F
@TheOneyouwerewarnedabout really over Tom from MySpace
Or the guy who saw tiger?? (Aka Tiger King)
SerialVisage · 36-40, M
Me 🧐 you can trust me. My name’s Fred Fred Burger.
2cool4school · 41-45, F
@SerialVisage are you listed in the phone book ??
I think I still have a few old thick ones with practice lead lodged in the middle
They still printed those for a few years after they lost their relevance.
SerialVisage · 36-40, M
@2cool4school I’m listed in the funny papers
2cool4school · 41-45, F
@SerialVisage good one!! 🤪
Honestly if we all took say an evening of the week and focused on some comedy I think it’d be good medicine for morale. Idk 😐 could just be me.
Pavona · 26-30, M
Despite being Irish, I trust the BBC most as they are objective for the most part. I also try and read scholarly articles on Google Scholar and try and stick to mainstream news programmes and newspapers that don't have extreme political bias.
2cool4school · 41-45, F
2cool4school · 41-45, F
@Pavona I just realized who’s playing games. Have fun. Try the freeway or the train tracks.
Pavona · 26-30, M
@2cool4school I agree with you about al-jazeera to be honest. They’ve always been very objective. And are you talking about me playing games? What have I said?
Zoranna · F
No one source. I like to watch/read a variety of news from different countries to get a broader overview. Likewise with learning about topics but I may start with Google to find them. Clear as mud? 🤭
2cool4school · 41-45, F
@Zoranna I agree with the “strategy of monitoring other countries news ie not just reports tailored to your country region or zone.
We all have to start somewhere. Googles just kinda become the Dewey decimal system of the inter web.
Like news sources? NPR, BBC, Al Jazeera.
More specialized stuff like science or medicine I go straight to scientific journals.
2cool4school · 41-45, F
@canusernamebemyusername wow j totally agree with you. I’ve found al jazzera to be very informative and interesting. Of course NPR for many different reasons.
And yes the lancet as well as .gov .org sites and long PDF files.
Thanks for answering.
@2cool4school Always get stuff from multiple sources. And you are welcome:3
2cool4school · 41-45, F
@canusernamebemyusername it’s a smart way to approach a lot in life.
[c=#359E00]is american still concern about politics more than their safety?[/c]
2cool4school · 41-45, F
@YukikoAmagi idk I’ll have to make some calls. Pretty sure health is still priority two at best for some people. It’s Darwinian evolution mixed with technology and emotions. So it’s basically a non stop 💩 hitting fans for the aware. And blissful ignorance and large fines for the naive.
[c=#800055]I do use internet for getting information and yes books too. [/c]
2cool4school · 41-45, F
@valobasa4ever ok 👌
Any specific parts of the internet that you find most useful or helpful in a unique way ??
Thanks for the reply
MethDozer · M
YouTube and reddit
2cool4school · 41-45, F
@MethDozer two solid ways to see what’s happening in the world as we seem to film everything and talk about it and other stuff online.
Reddit I feel like is almost a thankless platform. It should get more credit. No rhyme intended.
Nanori · 31-35, F
2cool4school · 41-45, F
@Nanori SW gossip or general gossip ??
Nanori · 31-35, F

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