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What is your level of comfort for roles in an erotic roleplay?

Poll - Total Votes: 50
I have never roleplayed and have no idea what this post is about but I am making a vote anyway.
Relationships suck so for me it has to be strangers meeting and anything goes.
I prefer strangers meeting and going from there.
I like to roleplay as friends who have a common background and we finally get together for some fun.
I like to play discovery roles of first love and first sexual encounters.
I like to play colleagues and associates who discover a common attraction and go from there.
I like naughty roles of being with someone who shouldn't be with me sexually.
I prefer naughty roles that are taboo and should never happen but it's just fantasy so let's go!
I like more than one of the choices above because I like variety.
I am always the dominant character in the roleplays I write.
I am always the submissive character in the roleplays I write.
I am versatile and will play dominant and submissive roles in the roleplays I write.
I like short responses that are fast and have just enough writing to get a response from partner.
I like long descriptive responses that are like reading a story and being there.
I usually write short responses no matter how long the partner's writing is.
I write long responses and dislike when the partner only responds with a sentence or less.
I will work with my writing partner to make sure the story goes for a long time.
I only like stories that can be finished under 2 hours.
If my partner writes something I don't like I will leave the story without saying anything.
I find it easy to find good writing partners for the roleplays I like to share.
I have a difficult time finding a good writing partner for the roleplays I want to share.
I usually end up writing the roleplays by myself because my partner won't do what I want.
I have never roleplayed before but now I want to see if it is something I would enjoy.
It is anonymous so I will be as rude as I want to be
It might be anonymous but I know how to treat people properly and do.
Roleplay just never worked for me now I write my own stories.
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Erotic roleplay starts with a backstory for each character and a scene where the two characters meet with a setting and a situation that has them interact with the story going on with the creativity and initiative of the writing partners, using what each other writes as inspiration for the next thing to write. But the primary structure that must be agreed to is what roles the characters will be, who they are and how they relate to each other.

The question for this poll is, what is the naughtiest role pairing you are willing to play, can imagine yourself playing, and possibly have already played. Keeping it all anonymous of course, let's see where people are on the spectrum from strangers meeting to the most taboo.

Fun survey that you can vote for as many as apply to you. Leave a comment and maybe there might be some good leads for starting something new with someone new. Have fun with this 馃槉
BecaA5761-69, F
I've done several RP's find the best ones are when we find a common interest or kink if you prefer.
BecaA5761-69, F
@samueltyler2 Good and you?
samueltyler280-89, M
@BecaA57 i have had a cough for weeks, but very ng better.
Storyteller4u261-69, M
@BecaA57 Agreed with common interests and kinks being important as they drive the story and desire to keep writing - good roleplay cannot be rushed and needs inspiration from every response which is why I prefer the long detailed responses trusting the partner to keep within the spirit of the characters so writing does not cause issues for the partner.
Luckylu61-69, F
So many options and yet I don鈥檛 see one that fits me. Role play is tricky if it is with someone you don鈥檛 know it can go off the rails badly and the end result is alienating someone though that was not the intent.

In other scenarios it can become dangerous and end up with someone misunderstanding so badly the other person turns to threats in order to make themselves feel safe.

Role playing with strangers very much depends on how it is approached and whether I feel safe in the process. If I feel safe then I am open to a wide range of possibilities. If not then most likely I will shut down and not participate.

But expecting to jump into role play immediately upon contacting me, will be an immediate shutdown. I鈥檓 not someone who will be intimate with a stranger without some bit of interaction first. And again it very much depends on how it is approached.

A person doesn鈥檛 have to be a friend first but being a complete stranger I could never go for 鈥榓nything goes鈥 not until a good connection is established and I feel safe in exploring taboo topics or other risky situations. Complete trust has to be developed and that takes a while to establish.
Storyteller4u261-69, M
@Luckylu Would be interested to know how it could be a more inclusive poll. I completely agree that there is a period before beginning a roleplay where the potential writing partners need to become familiar with each other, preferences, likes and dislikes, expectations, possible character traits, potential storyline plots and direction for storyline elements and much more determined prior to any backstory and starter written for review and possibly editing to be done so it is right to begin and continue.

My preference is to write on a platform where threads are separate for this kind of discussion from the storyline to avoid any disruption to the flow of the story.

Compatibility between partners on many levels is also high on the list of things of importance to begin and continue to write together. In a real way a friendship can evolve from the joint writing venture and I find those friendships to in many ways be truer than most others with the commonality of wanting to make the writing better and the story memorable.
JustJan51-55, F
I like whan it just evolves catching you by surprise 馃槝
bugeye26-30, F
if it's with my BF there is no limit on how weird or taboo we can get. we once had someone call the police on us because i wanted to see if i could get him to abduct me and take me home against my will. it was all fun and pretend to us but i can't blame the people who called the cops on us :D
BecaA5761-69, F
One thing I've noticed is that role play is meaning different things to different people here. There are the ones lucky enough to do it in person, for that you do need a trusted partner and both of you have to be on the same page. I think maybe more organized? Then there are the ones like me, who do the role playing on line. For us it's I think easier to find someone to play with. Sometimes if you are really lucky you find a good match that can last awhile. I've one or two friends in here that I've been playing with for years. Sometimes it's more of short term thing. Maybe a option as to whether you play in person or online?
I enjoy writing creative erotic for a friend,knowing their kinks and fetishes beforehand I always manage to get them turned on and then the rp starts from there.
@MethDozer is available for both submissive and dominant erotic role play . He has a difficult time finding a writing partner for these types of roleplays .
@MethDozer I was trying to make you laugh
@Chernobylplaygrounds I've chuckled and smiled but I'm just too exhausted to belly laugh atm
@MethDozer poor methy
Rainandforest22-25, F
Too much options lol
Storyteller4u261-69, M
@Rainandforest Is there a select few that relate to your roleplay perferences? I tried to be inclusive, perhaps it backfired for many, sorry it comes across like trying to drink from a firehose lol
Rainandforest22-25, F
@Storyteller4u2 yes of course
It limits you to three responses. I鈥檝e done a few RPs but wouldn鈥檛 call myself an expert. My preferred one is impossible in real life and I haven鈥檛 found too many people who are interested in it.
Storyteller4u261-69, M
@LeopoldBloom The limitation has been removed.
@Storyteller4u2 Thanks, but I think I was able to choose the ones I like. My idea of a good RP is one with long responses that move the story, rather than short back and forth comments, and ideally one that gives me the opportunity to act out my preferred fantasy. I've run into a few people who seem open to anything, which is great.
zonavar6851-55, M
No idea what erotic roleplaying is about. Only thing I can think of is that 50 shades crap
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I've never done [i][b]erotic [/b][/i]roleplay - only disciplinary ones.
Paralyzed by the number of choices .. ;-)
I like to roleplay as a horny guy who wants to have sex.

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