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Do other people’s opinions of your partner matter to you?

They’re really important to me and can often change how I think about my girlf quite dramatically, although I do generally reset back to ‘base level’ after a while.
That's a big fat NO!

I feel that would be fickle and not a very strong relationship at all, if others can influence or change our feelings about somebody we claim to love.
Strongtea · 22-25, M
😳I know, I do feel bad taking other people’s opinions seriously. @LadyGrace
exexec · 61-69, C
I started to say "no" because everyone who knows Lynn has a positive opinion of her. After further consideration, I realized that we keep some parts of her past secret because they would change some people's opinions of her. So I guess the answer is "yes."
Kstrong · 56-60, F
@exexec always defend your partner protecting your relationship, coming to the defence of them, be the buffer between them and the world....words either spoken by you or someone else can break their spirit and do damage, how many relationships have been broken because of the partners not protecting their loved one? Words can destroy
Wol62 · 51-55, M
I'm not a snob, but only take seriously the opinions of people who matter.
JustNik · 51-55, F
No. We all have our impressions and opinions, but they’re usually based on limited understanding and I take them (my own to whatever degree they’ve bothered to form included) with a grain of salt. In my husband’s case, I’ve never met anyone with more ability to choose the opinion others will have of him, so it’s always just more interesting than anything.
I think it should be it’s part of a healthy relationship for your friends and family to like the person you are with. My Dads family did not like my Mother and as a result I have never got to see my Grandma, cousins or aunt much at all.
Either their opinion is important or not important, it depends entirely on who the other person is. I might think about it but it shouldn’t matter.
Firestarter · 26-30, F
It used to. But, now that I am more mature I have grown to not care what others think. It’s my feelings that matter.
they might be jealous of her on tiktok
Strongtea · 22-25, M
Yes, I do suppose so, good point.@Kitsunex
@Strongtea they just don't want to see either of you being happy
Notsimilarreally · 31-35, F
I don't think it's healthy to be so easily influenced.
Bleak · 36-40, F
BOREDAFPA · 41-45, M
Only if it's something where they are trying to warn me about something said or done. If they just don't like their looks or personality I could care less
DDonde · 31-35, M
I think how my family would think of her would impact me, but it would never impact how I think of her. If that makes sense.
Donotfolowme · 51-55, F
Of course it does. They love him more than me 🙄 what does he have that I dont 🤨

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