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I’m confused...

Last night my boyfriend admitted to being a narcissistic abuser but said it so nonchalantly that I wasn’t sure he cared.
BlueVeins · 22-25
antisocialbutterfly · 22-25, F
Look I got a lot going on today . New concerns about my job, my mom is totally pissed off. Might not be so bad if my only worry was my boyfriend @BlueVeins
th3r0n · 36-40, M
@antisocialbutterfly I'm telling you honestly that every minute you remain with that man is a mistake with a harsh price to pay

And if you get married and he leaves you, a man who follows the law of God will not be with you because the Bible calls marrying a divorced woman adultery

You're looking to get married to a man who doesn't love you and ruin your chances of real love
th3r0n · 36-40, M
@antisocialbutterfly I just read on your profile you're a virgin, you could find a Believer in Christ that would cherish you quite easily to be your husband, you don't need to endure emotional and psychological abuse
LunaRavenWolf · 31-35, F
Narcissists are incapable of caring about other people so I can assure he doesn't care just be glad he told you before it was too late. I also dated narc for a while but I was lucky to find out who he was early in the relationship.
Narcissistic people don't care about others, so he probably spoke the truth and you judged his feelings correctly. That attitude is also something that will never change, because they don't see it as a problem and will therefore never accept help.
Kiddo, that's what we call a red flag.
th3r0n · 36-40, M
@antisocialbutterfly why? What about you makes you undesirable??
@antisocialbutterfly I agree with th3ron. What others think is not important and there is nothing cute about him driving you to self-harm. And you don't have to get rid of the pictures when you break up. It's perfectly fine to hold on to memories of the good times without putting yourself in danger by staying together.
th3r0n · 36-40, M
@NerdyPotato wise words well said
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antisocialbutterfly · 22-25, F
But then I’ll die and the cat will eat me @MalteseFalconPunch
th3r0n · 36-40, M
@antisocialbutterfly you think he will literally kill you? Sounds more like a narcissistic sociopath
eMortal · M
You probably have developed a codependency towards him.

Start focusing on his awful side. Soon enough you'll grow out of love
JupiterDreams · 31-35
You [i]need[/i] to dump him. You deserve so much better... I don't understand why you're sticking with this guy. He's not good for you.
Jeffrey53 · 51-55, M
Tell your friends “if i end up missing tell the police talk to him first”
th3r0n · 36-40, M
@Jeffrey53 you, sir, are not wrong
th3r0n · 36-40, M
Narcissists don't actually care, that's the thing
Wiseacre · F
That is a HUGE red flag...DTMFA!
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