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Why am I single?

A question I ask myself constantly... Sometimes I tell myself its of my own choice. Other times I think its because I am unattractive (which I am to some people.) On occasion I think it's because of my peculiar qualities which only tend to come out at the worst possible moments! I don't know. This is honestly more of a rant ( and story limits what I can title things so... ehh) anyway I am home bored after acing an exam so .. this is probable a strange time to have this question stuck in my head. Continue on with your normal points thank you for the time .
dancingtongue · 80-89, M
You're still single because at least subconsciously you realize you have not experienced enough of life yet to commit it to one person for the next half century or so. Don't be in a rush to box in the rest of your life and then regret it. When you are ready, and when you meet someone you are ready to commit to, you will know. Meanwhile, explore all options and gain some experience with life while you are free to do so.
silver1sil · 22-25, F
[@626983,dancingtongue] I like this answer! It is quite nice and well thought and written to meet what I likely needed to hear.
Bustoff77 · M
[@376166,silver1sil] I agree ! Your to young to be worrying about things ! Enjoy yourself. ! Things just kinda have a way of working out ! 🙂
silver1sil · 22-25, F
[@267955,Bustoff77] Honestly, I love the answer. but "things have a way of working themselves out" ahh it drives me insane mainly because part of me believe this and the other part wants to control how it works out 😅
StevetheSleeve · 26-30, M
I sometimes struggle with this question too. When I do, I usually end up pointing the finger at my flaws, real or imagined, much like you did. It is not a healthy exercise for me because I don't see myself changing simply in pursuit of a relationship. Maybe some day it will be important enough but it isn't now.
silver1sil · 22-25, F
[@487145,StevetheSleeve] You shouldn't. changing is only good when done freely and for yourself if one sees the value in changing. otherwise it's likely you will revert back.
One: Do you love yourself? Truly? You must first be able to love yourself before you can be worthy of someone else's love.

Two: Are you searching? Searching will lead you to find the wrong people. Rather, be open to being loved and finding someone rather than actively searching.
silver1sil · 22-25, F
[@1351,TeresaRudolph71] [@17336,NerdyNudist] So, people can and will love you even if you don't love yourself, the thing with this is sometimes you end up hurting someone else... the person caring for you ends up having an overtaxing amount of energy sucked out of them when trying to love you and show you that you are so worthy of said love. And care and appreciation and time. So honestly in my opinion (and I'll probably get backlash about this at some point) don't get in the into a relationship if you don't love yourself, a significant amount. I've seen people go down that hole and it's terrible to watch it makes me angry for both parties...
TeresaRudolph71 · 46-50, F
[@376166,silver1sil] I've actually watched someone (a dear friend) go through the same thing, loving someone who didn't really love himself, and yes, it nearly sucked the life out of her.
silver1sil · 22-25, F
[@1351,TeresaRudolph71] it's a shitry thing to watch but it's honestly not much you can do. You can give advice and try to help but it's rarely listened to and it's just truly hard to watch and be around
abe182 · 46-50, M
You seem just fine to me. Don't stress and be picky.
silver1sil · 22-25, F
[@9825,abe182] I manage to pick assholes mainly, because I can be as much of an asshole and would like to do so while knowing that it wont really cause someone harm in any way.
abe182 · 46-50, M
[@376166,silver1sil] this is why you're single 😂
silver1sil · 22-25, F
[@9825,abe182] Possibly.
AlmostAnAngel · 100+, F
[@15494,tenente] me either...😜
SW User
No way that you are unattractive you look really beautiful in your profile picture
S2dio57 · M
Enjoy being single , you’re young...
silver1sil · 22-25, F
[@413897,S2dio55] I will. thank you.
jaymic64 · M
You have time. Don’t worry yourself
uncalled4 · 51-55, M
You can't look at single/not single as "proof" of being attractive or unattractive. It's not an endorsement.
silver1sil · 22-25, F
[@329500,uncalled4] I don't I am very attractive and honestly i get quite annoyed when people say otherwise But I doubt that everyone feel confident all the time. Everyone has moments where they don't feel "pretty" or "cute" or
Brawny · 41-45, M
What subject was the test?
silver1sil · 22-25, F
[@684304,Brawny] History. Which for some reason I suck at even though I do enjoy learning it. But this year I am doing fairly well.
HoraceGreenley · 56-60, M
Don't worry about it
A) I think you’re attractive.
B) I can’t believe you aren’t dating someone right now.
C) There is something you’re not telling us.
silver1sil · 22-25, F
[@93244,wistful] thank you
well its a thing
always. I can't very well tell you all my life in this.
Not asking you to tell me everything... just telling you - that for me, this is what I see in you...
silver1sil · 22-25, F
[@93244,wistful] If you knew me that would still be the case I am guarded in some respects and I do tell a lot. Mainly because I'm not afraid to mention certain stuff but I am guarded in what I deem sensitive material which I believe shapes me to be me.
frequentlyme · 70-79, M
In truth, I think it comes down to this: Because I am who I am... if I wanted to be paired, I would change who I am. Not going to happen.
DunningKruger · 56-60, M
If you don't want to be single, you may have to take action, find someone you'd like to date and make your interest known.
booboo · M
the greater question though IMO is, "why does it matter?"
silver1sil · 22-25, F
[@37628,booboo] because Its a question that came into my head 25 minutes ago and wouldn't leave ... also because writing things out sometimes helps me get rid of it
tsunami64 · 31-35, M
Come back soon pleaseeeee....
silver1sil · 22-25, F
[@346909,Georgimy] Pretty sure I know what I am. So, I am single .

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