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have you ever had a crush on someone and you were so sure they would say yes if you asked them out...but..

back in junior high school in the 10th grade i had the hugest crush on this girl. i had other crushes but the crush i had on this girl was massive. we hung out with our "crowd" and always got along, i was sure she kinda liked me too. i decided to ask her out for our grad ceremony and cruise...well it wasn't really a ceremony per se as it wasn't a high school graduation. but she said no....i was devastated. my heart fell to the bottom of my stomach and all i did was turn around and walked away...then run home and cried...yeah, i cried. she tried to call me back as i turned away but i couldn't. the next day at school a friend of mine told me she had a boyfriend who was in high school and that's why she said no. she felt really bad and would have said yes....damn you older are pigs
I once heard a former co-worker had broken up with her bf and decided to call her. I thought she liked me, but the answer was no. She had gotten back together with him. It was a long time ago, I don't even remember her name. I saw her at a bar years later with some mutual friends and she seemed awkward.
@BrewCityBarfly from my same school i ran into a couple school girls whom i was attracted to and interested in at a bar years later. i joined them for a drink and we reminisced about the old days. i told them i had crushes on both of them. they were probably a little out of my league. but they both looked at each other and smiled. they both asked why i didn't ask the out 🤷 then they were both married. but they were lovely ladies.
smiler2012 · 56-60
@beermeplease can understand your point there was a girl that worked in our canteen at work and i was shy then but plucked up the courage too ask her for a date. but she had already had a boyfriend i was heartbroken by this and i will aways have a soft spot in my heart for her
Ferric67 · M

And I asked her to make plans
Very similar to your situation
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@Bang5luts yep 8-10....but i lived in a different province before where junior high went from grades 6-8
Donotfolowme · 51-55, F
Yes more than a few times

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