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What gets you motivated and moving in the morning?

That spider on my pillow sure got me outa bed. Think I would have won Olympic high jump and sprinting all in one
Matt85 · 36-40, M
Did you scream?
@Matt85 was cross between a sucking in of air/ choking/squeak/and trying to yell WTF! all at same time
I feel like this is why Australia does so well in the olympics.

[image deleted]

@sunriselover beautiful
Ontheroad · M
Okay, now I have this image in my head of you leaping straight up from bed, catching air, and trying to run while still airborne🤣
@Ontheroad you would be pretty much accurate 😆
Knowing I have bills to pay. And my kids really like to eat. I have really become accustomed to Air Conditioning and electricity.
I love mornings. 😃 Wouldn’t want to miss it and only have the less lovable parts of the day to deal with.
Domking · 61-69, M
The creepy crawlies are scary, I agree.
But never run, accidents easily happen when one runs with fear.
I usually move slow, thinking whether peri peri or just ginger lemon would be good for cooking them, then pick with bare fingers to chuck it away, or reach for the gum tipped stick, which is very handy.
justlooking2023 · 56-60, M
At least two ☕s.
@justlooking2023 that helps too
justlooking2023 · 56-60, M
@Bexsy And not being a male 🦁
Pretzel · 61-69, M
My coffee gets me moving
In the morning? Nothing 😅
Jenny1234 · 51-55, F
Getting into a routine every morning is motivating plus making exercise part of that routine. I find that on the days i don’t exercise I am lazy
Livingwell · 61-69, M
My dog. Either him laying on my chest kicking me or the sound of him puking. Immediately awake! 😳
Thinking about what I'm going to do after work...
CheezeburgerBrown · 36-40, M
being sober .. COFFEE
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