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im an old soul...
Were you ever get surprised to see your selfie?
I took this one selfie and was so surprised coz it doesnt look like me! Lol! I just find it too beautiful or maybe it was the first time i discovered that angle of not sure, just sharing.
36-40, F
30 replies
3 days ago
Personal, Thoughts & Feelings
I Random Selfie
jusy realized how much my hair has grown in 3 years
36-40, F
42 replies
3 days ago
I Am Single
i wonder when and where will i get to meet my future partner. How does he looks like. Is it him that is overly inlove with or its me that wouldnt be able to live without him. Lol crazy thoughts, thats what it makes when youre single for sometime i gu...
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36-40, F
8 replies
3 days ago
I Think Lyrics Can Say It Better Than Words
Ive been trying to take a nap but just couldnt.... hear this line on my background music in my dark room... " dont call me baby unless you mean it" ;) yeah right... dont mess with if you have no intention of loving me! Just saying.
36-40, F
3 replies
4 days ago
I'm All Alone
I thought I'm getting used to being all alone. But there are just these times when you feel like it's creeping deep within your soul. This loneliness is suffocating. And I'm stuck! 😢😢😢
36-40, F
10 replies
Jul 23, 2017
I Want to Be In a Healthy Loving Relationship
i think i missed being in a relationship, to love and be loved is just too lonely to be lived by yourself, no one to share the pain and no one to celebrate little joys with. It could have been lovelier counting the days passing by with lov...
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36-40, F
13 replies
Feb 18, 2017
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