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Tax curfew tomorrow, do you know where your taxes are?

I filed mine today. I owed a ton, for some reason (payroll math), I didn't have enough withheld last year and got nailed this year as I ended up in a higher tax bracket. Basically stole the meager bonus I got this year (made even more meager by the ridiculous amount withheld).

My daughter didn't do her taxes yet.
I’m filing zelinskey as a dependent
@TheOneyouwerewarnedabout Worth a shot. The Feds won't let me declare my daughter as a dependent because the cutoff on earnings is around $4k for non full time students.

I wonder what President Z made...
@BrewCityBarfly it’s been reported zelinskeyy and his top generals skimmed 400m of that 100b…

No wonder they wont pass a audit in congress/senate ey?
Throw in the FTX bitcoin money laundering to political parties during the 2022 midterms.. with Ukraine dollars…
MrBrownstone · 46-50, M
@TheOneyouwerewarnedabout I guess some are above the law.
MrBrownstone · 46-50, M
Yes,my taxes are in Ukraine.
@MrBrownstone ...and they didn't even need to apply for a grant.
Starcrossed · 41-45, F
I got kicked in the gut and didn't withhold enough either. Super fun on top of the new furnace payment.
@Starcrossed IKR. Did you get a credit for the furnace?
Starcrossed · 41-45, F
@BrewCityBarfly oh yes, it replaced an OLLLLD one we knew would eventually die so we had it on the service plan. Dishwasher died a month ago too, it was also on replacement plan thank the gods.
I did mine in February and like you I owed a bunch.
@independentone It's ridiculous. I changed my W4 to single, now I'm taking home less, hopefully will not have to pay next year.
@BrewCityBarfly Don't be so sure, I had mine set at 0 dependents and still had to pay. I am grateful that I had saved enough last year that it was only an irritant to have to take money out of savings and not a scramble to find money to pay.
@independentone I did a computation based on the last check, and over the next 9 months should end up withheld as what I owed this year in total. Crossing my fingers.
SusanInFlorida · 31-35, F
helpful tip - if you use a service like Turbo Tax (or something similar) you can do your taxes weeks in advance, and "suspend" the payment (electronic) until the actual due date (April 18th). That way you don't get surprised with just moments to go . . .
I don't pay taxes 'cause I never file.

Bonus cool points if you can tell me where that's from.
@LordShadowfire France? I seem to recall someone telling me they have the equiv to a flat tax or something like that. No, I didn't Google or peak, it's my best WAG.
@BrewCityBarfly Nope. It's a song lyric. Although technically speaking, I don't have a taxable income. That's going to change as soon as I inherit my dad's rental houses.
@LordShadowfire Ah... I was thinking it was a [i]where[/i], not a [i]what[/i].

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