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My question on the state of this country after John Lewis passes away
When I got up this morning, I looked at CNN, and they were doing a story on Lewis and his history. I switched to MSNBC and it was the same with them, a history of John Lewis. I then went to FOX and Neil Cavuto was talking about a congressional seat...
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61-69, M
+ 3 32 replies 95 views Jul 18, 2020 |
What is your opinion about SCOTUS upholding DACA
Trump is slapped down yet again. DJT should never sue anyone or go to court, he loses every time.
61-69, M
+ 7 31 replies 95 views Jun 18, 2020 |
Is Trump the Anti Christ?
During Trump's photo op, he held the Bible upside down and backwards. Does that prove he is truly the anti-christ?
61-69, M
+ 8 29 replies 71 views Jun 3, 2020 |
What is your opinion of Steven Miller's wife being tested positive for Covid-19?
With any luck she gave it to her husband, and he gives it to Trump
61-69, M
+ 10 31 replies 58 views May 8, 2020 |
Is Donny John Trump the best at creating unemployment?
Unemployment rate at the highest level since the Great Depression. Way to go Trump, you are the best at being the worst President in history.
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+ 11 89 replies 99 views May 8, 2020 |
After watching Mike Pence the last couple days, my question is:
After watching Trump's daily briefings, at least part of it, the last couple days, is Mike Pence actually a human or a robot?
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+ 4 29 replies 41 views Apr 16, 2020 |
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