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Have Americans all become doomers?

It feels like democrats always think we're doing badly when republicans are in charge. Republicans always think we're doing badly when democrats are in charge. And independents just think things are going badly all the time no matter who is in charge.
I remember the days when I thought shifting control between Republicans and Democrats every so often was a good thing.

That thinking ceased for me after 2016 when I saw the GOP collapse as a legitimate political party and become overrun entirely by shameless grifters and con artists.
Slade · 56-60, M
@Thinkerbell of course she does. They HATE this country and they are overjoyed that this sinister, sleazy, suckass shitbag is destroying it
@Thinkerbell Even with the GOP practically tripping over itself, the Democrats couldn't do absolute power if they wanted to, which I don't believe most of them do. Hell, I don't think even most Republicans want that, despite the fact that the lunatics are in charge.
Thinkerbell · 41-45, F

Oh, the Democrats want to, very badly.
But you may be right that they are too incompetent to succeed.
Freeranger · M
Do NOT, confuse what the news reports to you coming out of cities and certain population centers. They never take in to account those of us who lie outside of all that in considerable numbers who are never counted, and thankfully so.
There are "heartlands" across America who understand and know what is right, normal, and which hearkens back to the age of the Greatest Generation who dealt with the question of world domination by the threat of a Nazi regime. They all pulled together and defeated it. That ardor still exists among millions of us, but your national news just doesn't find it sexy enough to report out about it.
I have every confidence in my country. We WILL survive and right the ship that has been the absolute travesty of Joe Biden, who's dirty leadership is being exposed. Following that, under a new leadership.....the clearing out and sacking of the Justice Dept. , FBI, and others who, have through their own collective duplicities been part and parcel to the wounding of our country, from open borders, to deal making with the intent of personal gain, to using Congressional offices and influence to project their own agenda's.

Congress has become a total cesspool of self-seekers, and politicians past their prime. Establish TERM are OUT of office by age 70....tops!.....AND after 60 you must pass a national cognitive test to be allowed to stay in Congress. Period
One last thing. No security details, no health care and bennies for these current Congressional lifers. The American public, which bares the burden of your stay has had enough. Clean your damn selves up!! You serve at OUR DISCRETION AND ARE PUBLIC SERVANTS!! KNOW YOUR PLACE

THAT IS the kind of government I want.....a responsible one.....a decidedly pared down one with less control over Americans.....and let it be said. You stoopid bastards only serve us as long as we consent to let you do so.

Stick [i]that[/i] in your collective pipes....

Vast apologizies....I have done it again. I must stop biting on these types of threads. I'm all over the map....[sigh]
@Freeranger Lol. I kind of disagree, but damned if reading what you wrote wasn't fun!
the days of civility are gone. and both sides can be blamed for that.
@SheCallsMeCrushDaddy I feel like in one way you're right, but in another, it can still be traced back to Trump. He's the one who lowered the bar and made it "okay" to verbally attack the personal lives of political opponents. And when one person starts playing dirty like that, it becomes easier to justify treating him the way he treats others, and then it just snowballed from there.
@SheCallsMeCrushDaddy Considering Romney stood up to Trump, while McConnell is too cucked to do the same, I'd say Romney is way more appealing. Plus he's hot.
@BohemianBoo his dance card is way more full than Mitch's LOL
In one sense, some of these people are indeed doomed. Those on the right, who complained bitterly. Who distrust any educational authority. I think everything is a hoax, these people are indeed doomed, because their lifestyle is going away by lifestyle I mean back when things were good, say 1950. That will never happen again and indeed it shouldn’t independence, tend to think they are doomed. Because they are veryWorried about things like climate at jobs at corruption the overall decline of American educational excellence. They are less doomed. And yet they feel it. And just because there is no actual tiger in your backyard? If you believe there is? Then you will be just as afraid as if there really was
Ynotisay · M
@SatyrService Solid take.
Quetzalcoatlus · 46-50, M
We used to only share our political opinions very rarely and only during election season. Now we are constantly sharing our opinions for all to read and election season is now year round.
@Quetzalcoatlus I see the official NATO opinion a lot.
Graylight · 51-55, F
@Quetzalcoatlus Much of that's because it's no longer about being on opposite sides of a policy. The Trump presidency encouraged racism, to which many people responded enthusiastically, held citizens in certain groups down and legislated against choice (in all areas). And then he encouraged an insurrection and in the face of serious criminal charges and continues to defy convention by adopting thoroughly authoritative platform for 2024 because there are enough citizen willing to defend a characterless man with 91 criminal indictment against him, which he can add to his loss for rape, charities, businesses and colleagues.

It's not a leaning anymore, it's not about moderate differences. It's about hauling this democracy up from the ledge it's hanging over.
Ynotisay · M
It's been a systematic process. "If it bleeds-it leads" has always been a thing. But the dissolution of the Fairness Doctrine under Reagan, which opened the door for far right wing radio, and obviously the internet sent it to overdrive. Many Americans now live to blame and whine which I see as being very different than being an engaged and standing against things that are harmful. Numbers don't lie so we can SEE when things are going up or down. Or wrong. And there's a lot of things wrong right now. Driven, in no small part, by the strategies of those who know an angry and fearful electorate can be manipulated and the political media reinforcement.
The only people who have legit become doomers are working-class people who vote Republican. They've given up on improving America, now they just want to OWN THE LIBS.
djjohnson · 41-45, M
I think that's been a sentiment for the human race for centuries now. People forget how doom and gloom things were in the middle ages and the religious fights against infidels, heathens and witches to the modern religion called science and how the human over population problem of the 80's and climate change debate of the last 20 years. Who can really predict the future and know if anything will eventually destroy us?
@djjohnson [quote]...modern religion called science...[/quote]
I'm sorry, what?
djjohnson · 41-45, M
@LordShadowfire Most people treat science and religion as two different things, but if you look how people use/misuse science you will find a lot of parallels of how people have used/misused religion. In it's effect on people's everyday lives science is just the newest religion.
They’ve all been beaten down by their tv..
20 years of being told everything’s their fault and they’re too privileged…
Just accept how shitty things have gotten..
don’t ask why everything’s so expensive.
Hey!.. let’s fund a proxy war in Ukraine that will inevitably lead to WW3.

I think they got cause to be doomers
TrashCat · M
@TheOneyouwerewarnedabout You forgot about Iraq, Vietnam, Afghanistan, Grenada, El Salvador, Nicaraqua, Libya, Somalia, Serbia, etc, etc...
Graylight · 51-55, F
That's generally always been true, but the divide was something that could be cleared in a healthy jump. Now, one party is falling in line with an authoritarian platform, and that truly threatens democracy in the US. So it's not the regular game of Us & Them anymore. It's a lot more like Take the Hill.
helenS · 36-40, F
In my opinion, there are elements in the American [u]voting[/u] system which lead almost inevitably to the formation of a two-party system, and that will lead to an "us and them" thinking. There's not much propensity for political diversity, and I think that's a bad thing.
Obviously Americans are complacent with whatever emergency they're ignoring at the moment.
Proudly uninterested.
@TrashCat like, whatever. Politics is for people we agree to ignore. I ignore cluster whatever. It's not a thing.
TrashCat · M
@TrashCat cluster uranium whatever. Nobody knows what you even mean. You take the meds from the psych hospital?
Picklebobble2 · 56-60, M
American politicians still have to wise up and recognize it's basic business model of operation has collapsed.
It was in trouble pre-covid; collapsed during it and now those once highly lauded employers for whom Dems. or Reps. kissed @r$£ in return for law changes for thirty years are gone.
And all that leaves is extremes in stupidity. Left and right and those who like to bang on about characters who have already left the stage.
IronHamster · 56-60, M
House Minority Leader Robert Michael (R) had a theory. His theory was, if you let Democrats spend your grandchildren's inheritance, they'll let you lick the jam off their toes under the table. Frankly, my kids have a bleak future because of Democrat overspending on stupid shit. I suppose DeToqueville was right. Democracy can only exist as a form of government until the people find out that they can vote themselves gifts from the public purse.
TrashCat · M
Well, we're not doing ao good no matter who's captaining the ship, but we're doing better that most countries
Iwantyourhotwife · 22-25

What streets you reppin cuh

It's real gang s**t out here



AlienFox · F
It's easier than setting aside our differences and working together against the elephant in the room.
Things only go badly when Republicans are in charge of anything
Ynotisay · M
@SW-User According to the data that's relatively accurate. Certainly on the national stage. There are some Republican states that are running well but that doesn't speak to who they're running well for.
Rolexeo · 26-30, M
Presidents have too much power and influence for that to not happen
amycandy · 22-25, T
yes, all yanks, are masive moaners,
pdockal · 56-60, M
Haven't you noticed? Things [i]are[/i] going badly. The environment in which we live and which sustains our lives is going to shit. Xenophobia is at an all-time high. Nobody can agree on how to deal with the homeless problem, because fully half the country just once the homeless to go off and die somewhere and won't admit it. And there's a maniac in charge of Russia trying to take over all of Europe.
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