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Why did Biden postpone his annual physical?

Does he think there's a chance he might have to take a cognitive test?
Thinkerbell41-45, F
They haven't found a doctor corrupt enough to certify that he's fit to serve yet.

Wait... does Fauci still have a license to practice medicine? 馃
carpediem61-69, M
A president is not legally required. However, the media was upset when Trump delayed his physical exam and pitched a fit.

鈥淎s a part of granting a president as much power as we do, he has the obligation to demonstrate that he is well or, if he is not, to let us know exactly what is amiss,鈥 said presidential historian Michael Beschloss.

Apparently that only applies to Republican presidents. When you鈥檙e a half brain dead democrat with obvious cognitive decline like the buffoon currently in office it鈥檚 all good 馃槂馃憤. No media questions.
Puppet can鈥檛 dance without it鈥檚 puppeteer
eli160170-79, M
It takes him days to provide a urine sample.
@eli1601 it鈥檚 dust
Thinkerbell41-45, F
He was too busy.

Thinkerbell41-45, F
@ron122 @ron122

The last time it worked, he produced Hunter...
@ron122 that's what your wife says about you. No balls and then she called you a pin dick bugfucker
ron12241-45, M
@independentone I'm so glad I pissed you off.馃ぃ
akindheart61-69, F
Well fear of 45 and 25
JohnOinger41-45, M
@ron122 what do you like about me
ron12241-45, M
@Thinkerbell Doesn't hurt. Seriously though he seems like a pretty good guy.
Thinkerbell41-45, F

Yeah, he's ok.

I guess... 馃き
ron12241-45, M
@Thinkerbell I mean I wouldn't do him. I don't swing that way.馃槕 Id hang out with him though.
hippyjoe195561-69, M
He hasn't recovered from the bike fall? Maybe the stair trips? Not sure. Can't be because his brain doesn't work anymore.
ididntknow51-55, M
He wouldn鈥檛 have passed one when he was standing for president, never mind now, 2 years later, you know the thing
wildbill8336-40, M
make him walk up & down a tall flight of stairs with no handrail... that should be test enough... 馃
Will he get extra points if he remembers person, woman, man, camera, tv in order?
ron12241-45, M
@independentone Typical response from a democrat. You forgot to call me racist though. Now go tell your mommy what a big boy you were on the internet.馃ぃ
@ron122 same reply from you over and over. ron is nothing but a one trick pony.
ron12241-45, M
@independentone You hate the truth.馃ぃ
He, nor any president is required to undergo a physical examination. Nor if they do, to let the findings be told to anyone.
MasterLee56-60, M
@soar2newhighs tradition and if he doesn't the 25th amendment may be invoked
@MasterLee Tradition is nice, not a means to force a president to take a physical exam. Not enforceable as law.
MasterLee56-60, M
@soar2newhighs we will see
Carissimi70-79, F
They鈥檒l find out he鈥檚 a clone.
Only if they do a colonoscopy. 馃ぃ
Jimmy201661-69, M
馃...........His nurse forgot to tell him........
Tres1351-55, M
Dead man walking
@MasterLee It would appear that yes the 25th can be invoked. Question is in that case how do those making a decision about a president鈥檚 fitness go about that?
It is not stated. Nothing about a medical or psychological evaluation is mentioned.
I agree鈥e will see.
Allelse36-40, M
Dunno but at least he's got more marbles than the last one, who knows, maybe the one that comes after will have even less,
MasterLee56-60, M
@Allelse haha
Thinkerbell41-45, F

If Biden had one less brain cell, Kamala would be president.

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@MarmeeMarch Will Trump bring his sippy cup with him? Do you think he has learned to drink water using only one hand to hold the cup yet?
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