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I don't really follow American politics anymore because its toxic af.

Saying that it is probably a really bad idea to run up on someone carrying an AR15 or whatever its was.

Additionally, I don't know how anyone could kill people and not be even slightly remorseful for it. Slightly sociopathic if you ask me.
Northwest · M
[quote]Saying that it is probably a really bad idea to run up on someone carrying an AR15 or whatever its was.

Perhaps, but that's not a foregone conclusion. The first guy was released from the hospital that same day, following a failed suicide attempt, his second. So, it may have been a good idea for him.

As to the second and third guys, they were probably thinking: active shooter situation, and in that case, would you try to stop an active shooter? some people choose to put themselves in harm's way. It's not like we do not have our share of active shooters.

As to the shooter, not only is he not remorseful, but on Monday, he was visiting (along with his proud mother) with Trump, at his house in Friday, and Trump was helping him gloat about it.

It's not just about our politics...
[@9416,Northwest] I agree with most of what you said but this.

[quote]Perhaps, but that's not a foregone conclusion. The first guy was released from the hospital that same day, following a failed suicide attempt, his second. So, it may have been a good idea for him.[/quote]

This just perpetuates damaging tropes and stigma about mentally ill people. And if the hospital released a patient that is still suicidal as you speculate that would be malpractice and serious negligence.

Also, although there is no hard rule most people who attempt suicide by OD Don't usually turn to the messy stuff like "suicide by wannabe cop."
Northwest · M
[@346344,PicturesOfABetterTomorrow] [quote]This just perpetuates damaging tropes and stigma about mentally ill people.[/quote]

Really? How?

[quote]And if the hospital released a patient that is still suicidal as you speculate that would be malpractice and serious negligence.

[@9416,Northwest] [@346344,PicturesOfABetterTomorrow] 🍿👀
helenS · 31-35, F
I follow American politics closely because the US is 25 years or so ahead of Europe. Whatever happens in America is going to happen here as well, just delayed by some years.

"de te fabula narratur" = "about you the tale is told".
TexChik · F
[@1242150,OzymandiasLives] I read that in July I think , it was close to the 4th . It surprised me
[@113373,TexChik] Well if you find it pass it on.
TexChik · F
[@1242150,OzymandiasLives] yep . I believe that caused The brits to out law knives.? Here ( unless democrats are in power) we punish the perpetrators, not the law abiding populace
Pretzel · 61-69, M
I live in the US
I think the saddest part is that we (speaking about the nation as a whole - not individuals) no longer feel the shock of hearing of another shooting
[@15458,Pretzel] That is very sad to hear.
DeWayfarer · 61-69, M
Sorry for replying so late into this. A few here have me blocked though.

[quote] I don't know how anyone could kill people and not be even slightly remorseful for it. Slightly sociopathic if you ask me.[/quote]

I would have to agree having been in some traumatic situations of all kinds, including being in the military, which has caused me to ask just what I would do.

Some just do not want to even think about what they would do. Especially because of their own experiences. They just simply react. And that is sad given how how easily it is to react without thinking.

This is the case with both Rittenhouse and his attackers. Rittenhouse was there with a gun to cause trouble though...

[quote]Rittenhouse was expected to know that one of the people attacking him had mental health issues?[/quote] your case with another user here is to me irrelevant.

Rittenhouse had no compassion just to bring a gun there, much less to use it when he had no need to be there.

His actions in bringing a gun was to promote vigilanteism, rather than his explanation of defense of either himself or that of the surrounding businesses. And is the problem with his actions.

If he was in his home, or on his own property that would be a separate case. If he was to carry any weapon for just his own self defense it most certainly wouldn't be any kind of rifle. It would be a hand gun rather than a AR-15 type gun. Just his parading around with it with was to intimate rather than defense of any business.

Having been in the military and been well qualified with many weapons though would have disqualified me from any jury.

And that by itself is a law problem. For this issue of why that weapon was used was never brought up in trial. The jury itself was hand selected. No person that had military weapons training could pass that particular jury selection.

Now to the people that were shot.

The empathy explanation works many ways. Some might say they had no empathy for not doing anything about the situation. And by inaction they had no empathy.

As I have said I have been in many situations. There were times I might have wanted a gun, yet after the military I never had a need for any gun. And I actually had unknowingly lived with murderers.

This is why the gun and weapons issues are so sensitive though. And careful thought should be used before just giving a weapon by not only the user yet as well as the society at large.

The case where I could have wanted a gun?

It wasn't the murderers. It was a mountain lion. Yet I was fortunate in avoiding it. It was known to have killed others and was eventually shot.
DeWayfarer · 61-69, M
[@1242150,OzymandiasLives] unfortunately here in the US that practice is called "kicking up the mud". And "clarifies" the water not at all. 🤷‍♂️

Some will not like you for mudding up the water in fact. 😆
DeWayfarer · 61-69, M
[ @Dragonsballsack] I know you won't see this. You blocked me after all. 🤷‍♂️

Just want to announce that you are officially block number 201 against me.

I block absolutely no one, nor mute anyone.

As to your argument, we are talking about the actual day as oppose to the day before. And he was parading around with that rifle!

Absolutely no excuse for it!
[@412417,DeWayfarer] could be why you guys are a bit of a mess
Dainbramadge · 51-55, M
I think he just hasn't had time for those demons to haunt his dreams.
I saw the video and I know in my heart of hearts he acted correctly in that situation but it still has to be an evil feeling to live with, right or wrong.
He ended the life of a person. A person who only has one life. Something like that is forever.
Dainbramadge · 51-55, M
[@1242150,OzymandiasLives] I wish I could say the same but I was pretty ... dumb at that age.
Yes he should have stayed home.
Like my old supervisor told me once.
He said " If you get your concealed carry permit, eventually you will find someone who needs to be shot."
Dainbramadge · 51-55, M
[@1067315,Driver2] They all had it comin'. Just has to be a weird feeling to be the one who gave it to them.
Driver2 · M
[@116327,Dainbramadge] yes no one won here
Except er did get rid of some bad people
TexChik · F
If you run up on someone carrying an AR openly they are most likely free to do so , have knowledge of their weapon and gun safety and the law , and pose no threat to you unless you are a threat to them . Relax
[@113373,TexChik] I dont know. You could still feel remorseful for something that needed doing. I think Empathy and morality follow the same path.
TexChik · F
[@1242150,OzymandiasLives] yes if I took a life I am sure my ptsd would kick in big time . I wouldn’t like it, I wouldn’t. Wanted to do it , but if forced I would do it with a vengeance .
[@113373,TexChik] I dont think we share a lot of the same political perspectives on stuff but I do respect you because I believe you are a decent human being
If I found out that the person who attacked me and I shot had raped five young children, I would be relieved

I would have zero remorse for taking his life, one because I would've had no choice but also because I know that the recidivism rate for serial child sex offenders is near 100%

I'm therefore glad Kyle took Rosenbaum out
[@1242150,OzymandiasLives] yes, I can't imagine harming a child like that. Sadly the chances that they will never fully recover are very high, with a large proportion turning to drugs and suicide

There is some evidence of empathy in the animal kingdom though. My cat always comes and sticks her nose in my face if I'm crying
[@1192078,Dragonsballsack] Indeed there is. I read a good piece about chickens and empathy if you can believe that.
[@1242150,OzymandiasLives] yes I can actually. I don't know if you ever read the power of one but the protagonists pet chicken was killed by the other boys and it was gutwrenching
I wouldn't be running around on the street with a gun and I sure wouldn't get caught up at a riot with one much less without one. But he was young. Young people get caught up in drama. Older people know better. I wonder where his parents were. I just try and trust the law. That's really all I can do.
[@14748,Zebrawl] I know it was more a rhetorical question but I think he worked as a life guard the day before then stayed at his best friends house, so they probably had little idea what he was up to
GerOttman · 61-69, M
If someone was trying to kill me but ended up ended themselves instead, I'm not sure how bad I would feel about that.
[@755518,GerOttman] You didnt fair enough, my bad. All in it's time and in it's proper measure, is a statement I could certainly stand behind 🙂
GerOttman · 61-69, M
[@1242150,OzymandiasLives] live long and prosper!
[@755518,GerOttman] Live long and prosper brother!
Sharon1 · 31-35, F
Clearly you didn’t follow the trial
[@1084305,Sharon1] No an awful lot no
JimBeam · M
[b]Some people are able to kill people without the slightest remorse. I would feel much less remorse if I killed in self-defense, rather than just slaughtering kids in a parade. [/b]


[b]Also, you don't need a gun to kill people. Kyle killed two with a rifle, and Darrell killed at least six with a Ford. [/b]

Graylight · 46-50, F
That's the greatest tragedy in all of this. Not that a difficult case was deliberated one way or the other - we're free to argue about that the rest of our lives. It's the naked celebration with which were letting a young man in a very grave situation learn that his actions were not just legally justifiable but desirable by half the country. The ignorance of the gravity of the ideology and disregard for the human pain caused in the situation is horrifyingly remarkable.
Graylight · 46-50, F
[@1202958,dakotaviper] Nope, quite the opposite of the point. Jump first, think later and you'll never reach a sound conclusion.
dakotaviper · 51-55, M
[@627992,Graylight] what you just pointed out applies to you too. Truth hurts, doesn't it.
Graylight · 46-50, F
[@1202958,dakotaviper] No, because the situation doesn't apply to me with this post. Wtf are you talking about? Are you making a salient point or is this just a drive-by snarky comment from a grown adult who should know better?
whowasthatmaskedman · 61-69, M
American politics used toi be a vital subject for those who needed to keep up with the course of events and try stay informed. In spite of the fact that there were obvious signs of trouble with international debt and internal corrumption, the machine kept chugging along and stayed on the high wire. But the rise of China, Trump and covid have burst the bubble and the whole thing is crashing down. The world now needs to concern itself with how China recovers and how they will lead. Of course America is still relevent to Americans, and Canada and Mexico as neighbours. But it doesnt drive the world any more.😷
RedBaron · M
And the rest of us need to know this why? Think others care whether or not you follow something? Slightly narcissistic if you ask me.
[@1050026,RedBaron] Too late to take the moral high ground now. I un-humbly accept your capitulation.

RedBaron · M
[@1242150,OzymandiasLives] I know you narcissists need to "win" to feel better about yourselves, so have a good time.
[@1050026,RedBaron] are you still here? 🤣
TheConstantGardener · 56-60, M
Such a small post and such a large commentary.
its not the size of the ship its the motion of the ocean or some shit lol [@335077,TheConstantGardener]
TheConstantGardener · 56-60, M
[@1242150,OzymandiasLives] I lost the will to live way before I got to the bottom but fair play to you.
[@335077,TheConstantGardener] Its like full time work
Driver2 · M
Yes good idea , stay out of it
[@1067315,Driver2] Or what?
Driver2 · M
[@1242150,OzymandiasLives] nothing I don’t think it’s good if you don’t understand it
Why bother
[@1067315,Driver2] I do understand it. I just dont feel like following it.
GhostPoncho · 46-50, M
Exactly. The celebration victory lap is vile. I’d be traumatized that I killed two people no matter what.
[@903658,GhostPoncho] of course one can view another's behavior through the worst possible lens. Perhaps he is trying to communicate what actually happened given the complete misinformation peddled by the press. I imagine if no less than a presidential candidate slandered you, and half the country hated you, no one would be perfectly fine with that.
GhostPoncho · 46-50, M
[@1192078,Dragonsballsack] While I don’t agree with your characterization or interpretation, I appreciate the response.
Leggs · 46-50, F
people's conscience often catches up sooner or later.

Even if that doesn't, eventually karma does.
[@1073121,Leggs] i would prefer it was the conscience.
This message was deleted by its author.
[@487686,smexy] Hell no 🤣

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