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Youngest memories

What to no what's your earliest memory is mine was when I was three we were playing on the porch I fell off the porch into the cactuses with the big long pricks my mom and grandmother pulled them out of my face and hands
helenS · 36-40, F
My earliest memory is a crow, flying through our kitchen window, and stealing a silver spoon. I learned later that the crow was well- known as a thief. That guy was one smart bird. He lived near the lake, with silverish chewing gum paper everywhere. And some spoons. I think he did it to impress female crows.
Scribbles · 31-35, F
My earliest memory, is so silly.

I'm in kindergarten and we are doing the letter E in our workbook. There is a tearable page in the workbook. In which we can cut out a square and fold the paper and make a paper envelope. And use a glue stick on one tiny part of it to help get it stay folded.

For some reason this blew my mind that you could make something new out of a piece of paper. Later in the year after fighting with this mean fat kid who always bullied the girls...the teacher showed me a book about origami to look at to bloody calm down. Worked like a charm! until I realized that most of it was too hard for me, and I had no one willing to help me. But for years and years afterwards, I'd always return to origami and attempt to try something new. usually the library had books for me. I never kept any of my creations, because I found it more fun to give away. It was also a decent way to pass notes in school. I got espeically good at cranes, paper balloon, butterflies, fish, stars, rabbits, turtles, various flowers, ninja stars, dog, crow, and paper cups (for water), paper bowl (for snacks) I made a bunch of curious George paper boats when I was 6 years old. The children's book about Sadako and the thousand paper cranes made an impression on me when I was 8, and I'd make cranes every dau to put in a friend's desk when she was in the hospital for two weeks. I was the person to go to for complicated paper airplane folding and paper footballs that held up decently-I had some alternate way of folding it that worked better, but I no longer remember it.

I haven't made anything in years now.
Jill1990 · 31-35, F
I remember playing with blocks of wood on the front porch. I don’t know how old I was.
Thevy29 · 41-45, M
I was 3 years old. My brother kicked me off the playground and broke my arm. My parents didn't notice till a week later. When I came home with a cast on. I got revenge on my brother by hitting him in the face with it. He screamed. Which freaked me out so I ran from the room. Well I got to the door frame at least. Mum and Dad came in to find James with a bloody nose and me knocked out on the floor. 😅
alongalone · M
Well my grandpa on my dad's side died when I was just 2 and a half but I remember him taking me and sis on rides in his big old panel work truck. That or walking outside with him and holding onto his big stubby finger.
meggie · F
I was about 3 and sitting in the garden feeling lonely as my year older brother had started kindergarten. He got dressed in a new smart uniform, packed lunch and made a fuss of.
Eddiesolds · 61-69, M
I remember pating , Duke and Prince on their step all the time. Evryon3 was afraid of Duke. He was so gentle. He only looked mean. I was over there alot
smiler2012 · 56-60
{@iwshm64] got a few around the same age going too my dads parents after i had just been too the dentist . going in my dads brothers car when i was around the same age think it was a weekend a saturday but after all these years the memories are vague. the sky was black and there was a storm brewing got back too my grandparents there was a thunderstorm remember watching the lightening flashing in the dark sky and the rumbles of thunder
I have very vague memories of when I was three or four going with my mum to look at houses to buy
kodiac · 22-25, M
Walikng up to a strange house with an.old lady i didn't know and being told this is where you live now . I was 7.
Snow, or maybe a first Christmas.
trotskyaxn · 41-45, M
I fell down on banana peel at 4
Pfuzylogic · M
My earliest memory was a trauma.
My Mom pushed me to walk across the floor at 9 months. She said I was so terrorized (and I do remember that) that I didn’t walk again until 12,months!
helenS · 36-40, F
@Pfuzylogic You do remember something from when you were 9 MONTHS old?!
Wow 😳
Pfuzylogic · M
Imagine ambulatory dependence on legs for the first time and totally unsure of yourself to a great degree and making it to the other side as if saving your life. Yep, my mom put me through that to feel like she accomplished something! Of course she turned 18 at the time.
Dawgsfan3 · 41-45, M
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dancing in front of the television, going shopping with my mom, sitting at the dinner table...
SunshineGirl · 36-40, F
Being bathed with my sisters in a horse trough on my grandparents' farm.
Strict4u · 56-60, M

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