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baby witch here

Hi I'm new to the world of witchcraft and I consider being Eclectic. I am also not Wiccan. I just need a few tips and advice for beginners like me. Some pointers and reminders maybe? Thank you in advance!
Graylight · 46-50, F
Only because you’re asking….

Witchcraft (and it’s an unfortunate moniker, really), is a calling, not something to be followed for its unique draw. Here are things you should know, some of which you may already:

There are many kinds of practitioners. Old world witches, those of the sea, of the woods, of healing, of covens and solitary. The best way to practice is as you see fit.

This is essentially paganism in a tiny, tiny nutshell, and others are free to expound: Respect, commune and synthesis with the natural world and its great ancient wisdom. Really nothing more. It’s tuning in to the vibration of the Universe and using that symbiosis to channel good for you and the world. A psych major might call a lot of it the law of intention and desire.

Are witches magic? I have yet to see and actual “spell” carried out. No one flies, no one sees remotely, etc. What can be done is universal bending with the breath of intention and focus, which is why the ‘accoutrements’ surrounding it. “Magic” is powerful, but it’s almost imperceptibly subtle.

Stay clear of the trappings of modern witchcraft, unless that’s your style. No one needs a wand, cape, special amulet or the darkest eyeliner available. Those are spectacle witches; the ones you see in every news story at Halloween.

Use only natural, preservative- and chemical-free items in your rituals. Nature means nature, right?

Beware of “trappings.” Crystals are not magical; they carry no energies of their own. In fact, when measured through exothermic energy, crystals are among the lowest energy-holding molecules on earth. They are also inert and chosen for medical and other technologies precisely because they react with nothing. If you find they shift your energy, focus you or simply add to beauty, don’t shy away from them. Just know there’s no magic in them. We can discuss astrology the same way, but I’m not totally convinced we’re missing some undiscovered science there. But you get the point. Create your space for you and the way you feel. Everything else will naturally follow.
Good luck in your journey. I hope you discover much and add much to the world. Let us know what you pick up a long the way.
s1nx4my · 18-21
@Graylight Thank you so much! I appreciate it a lot and will keep what you said in mind.
Graylight · 46-50, F
@s1nx4my Also bear in mind we're all learning and walking along a path of our own making. Enjoy the journey, revel in the beauty, smile in the strength of it and then teach us and others what you find.
Don't be in too much of a hurry to label yourself. Feeling part of a group is cool and all but allow yourself to try all kinds of different approaches and traditions. Find what works for you.

Take what you find and learn with a grain of salt.

For it was for years being told "gods are just achetypes, magick is just pop psychology with props..etc. None of that ever really rang true for me and directly contradicted some of my own experiences over the last 25 years.

For me it always felt like a justification to the out group or justifying your beliefs to the secular world. I have seen and experienced things that cannot be explained away by the mundane.

For you it might turn out to be the opposite.

Don't join a group unless you feel sure it is right for you. Most decent groups have introductory courses and the like to help you learn but also to see if you are a good fit for each other.

Any group that doesn't should be a red flag.

Write and take note of your progress. It can really help earlier on and even later to see your progress looking back.

Even if you don't belong to a group try and see if you can find a buddy to work on some things with. Even better if they are a bit more experienced. I have seen people mess with stuff they were not even close to ready for on their own and things got out of hand. This is doubly true if you get into anything that involves something like flying ointment.

Be careful and do research before you try stuff you find in a book or online. I have heard of people taking baths with minerals because of their correspondences to magick and not bothering to check that they are not water soluble and in some cases leech toxic chemicals into water.

Or burning nutmeg as incense. Don't do that indoors unless to point is to get stoned out of your mind.

Probably plenty of other things that I will likely think about later. lol
Use anything you read or hear as a guide, but do your own thing. There is no right or wrong, only what feels right for you.

I didn't respond to OP. I responded to you: a person with apparent insight into how this stuff works.
Again, if you think my threads are about "prove it to me" then you don't understand what i do here.
I think you might be better served by talking to people rather than making assumptions.

Your feelings are your feelings so if you felt disrespected then i apologize because that was not my intention. I literally own a book called Wicca & Witchcraft for Dummies so i assure you that when i ask how this stuff works it's because i want to know how you think this stuff works.

If you think you can give an answer to my question then i'd be glad to hear it.
If you'd rather continue to tell me what you think of me then feel free to PM me.
LordShadowfire · 46-50, MVIP
@Pikachu I owe you an apology, then. Most people who ask questions like that are looking to debunk it.

Apology accepted.
I understand that it's easy to feel persecuted when you believe in something that is fringe.
I always like reading books by Scott Cummingham.
allygator18 · 22-25, F
You have to shop around for potions to get the best deal on ingredients..and always cast your spells outside because of the bunce-back effect
LordShadowfire · 46-50, MVIP
Find an author you like. There are a lot of good ones out there, and there's no wrong system. Just pick one that works for you.

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