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Has anyone actually met any flat earther ?

Magnolia21 · 22-25, F Best Comment
Not in person, but I did watch that documentary a while back. I think what the nasa scientist said was interesting, and to paraphrase, "Some of these individuals are incredibly smart and skilled, we shouldn't be alienating them, we should bring them in."
revenant · F
@Magnolia21 That is an interesting take from a NASA scientist. The more voices and views you get , the fastest you can try to get to the truth I believe.
Magnolia21 · 22-25, F
@revenant More talent, more perspectives, more everything can only be good for the future.
masterofyou · 70-79, M
@Magnolia21 no one should alienate anyone people can believe anything they want but never impose their beliefs on others if they don't want.... i will stick with facts and science....😊

AndysAttic · 56-60, M
I am a flat Earther Ma'am, and proud. I shall shortly be regaling and educating the good people of SW with undeniable facts and evidence.

Chair of Creation Science.
Skegness Creation University.
revenant · F
@AndysAttic hahah there you go !😊
Bewilderbeeste · 61-69, M
Nobody seriously believes that. I've heard people pretending it for a joke.
Bewilderbeeste · 61-69, M
@sunsporter1649 That's for computer use only.
Teirdalin · 31-35
@sunsporter1649 guessing on that map, the bar that says Shutterstock is to represent hell.
Bewilderbeeste · 61-69, M
@Teirdalin Yes.
Johnconnor · 31-35, M
Actually, that was true when the entire earth was a continuous landmass meaning there was one supercontinent and therefore could be treated as a flat earth. Later on, when it got separated into two and then further into seven, it took the form of water around and the whole earth could be seen as spherical.
revenant · F
@Johnconnor I am not talking about continents but about planet earth as a whole.;
Johnconnor · 31-35, M
@revenant What you are referring to now, was referred to in that context in the past at those very few places. And there is just a mismatch between the past and the present on this issue due to the changing dynamics of Earth or rather say tectonics of the Earth.
revenant · F
@Johnconnor ah ok. I guess it depends on civilisations as well. Some were technically more developped than others at the time.
Barefooter25 · 46-50, M
I'd figure many flat earthers still live in Europe. The original concept of the Flat Earth theory is that if you sail far enough into the Atlantic, you'll enter the Sea of Darkness and fall off the edge of the Earth.
Barefooter25 · 46-50, M
@revenant Because the origins of the Flat Earth Theory goes back before 1492 in the Old World. Sailors in Europe believed before the New World was discovered that if you sail far enough into the Atlantic, you'll fall off the edge of the Earth. In order for the world being flat, you cannot have the continents of North and South America. Just the Sea of Darkness with all its monsters before you sail off the edge.
revenant · F
@Barefooter25 oh yes but that was then !
Barefooter25 · 46-50, M
@revenant What is old is new again. If you do meet a flat Earther, just make sure he or she keeps a look out for the sea monsters before sailing right into The Sea of Darkness .
Nanoose · 61-69, M
I have not. But if I ever do I will sell them the Nanoose river bridge. If they believe the world is flat they will probably believe the Nanoose river bridge belongs to me so I can sell it. Cheers!
masterofyou · 70-79, M
It also depends on what is called flat or the degree of flat and +/- the discrepancy factor of the flatness...😊
revenant · F
@masterofyou nitpicky
masterofyou · 70-79, M
@revenant perhaps 🤔 😳 😏 🤣😊
Not sure what that is actually. So will probably not
revenant · F
@Bexsy People who claim that the earth is not a globe but is flat instead.
Skitzo · 56-60, M
I know 1 or 2 that believe in flat earth.
revenant · F
@Skitzo I would be curious as to know their reasons and facts
Skitzo · 56-60, M
@revenant i couldn't say if they have any facts but they have reasons. Ive questioned it many times myself.
acpguy · C
No, I haven't....................I figured they all fell off the edge. 🤣
masterofyou · 70-79, M
No only on here... But there are many Fat Earthers....🤣🤣😂🤣
Ceinwyn · 22-25, F
No. It seems to exist almost entirely online.
empanadas · 31-35, M
@empanadas Unfortunately lol
empanadas · 31-35, M
@PiecingBabyFaceTogether did they like normal humans or like slow mentally?
Spumoni · 46-50, M
One of the conductors I work with.🤦‍♂️
Seen a couple on social media
Icedsky · 46-50, M
Only Online.
revenant · F
@Icedsky I never met any.3
ANightWithNoMoon · 31-35, M
Lostinthe80s · 36-40, M
Only one guy.
Erf IS flat godammit. If you go on the edge you'll see there is no more erf just outer space. If you fall you float away & die. Saw my buddy Paul fall down & he didn't even fall. Just floated & died. I cried. Erf flat
Peaceandnamaste · 26-30, F
They have followers around the globe if they're actually serious it would be followers around the flat.
I don't think i have
If they tried talking to me I've most likely tuned them out instantly
th3r0n · 36-40, M
I thought it was a joke at first, but the more research I did the less I believed that the earth was a globe
Peaceandnamaste · 26-30, F
I hope they're joking or trolling.
Bewilderbeeste · 61-69, M
@Peaceandnamaste I wouldn't call it trolling. It may be silly but I wouldn't say it's offensive.
itsok · 31-35, F
Tastyfrzz · 61-69, M
lumberjackslam · 41-45, M
In the year 1492
FeetAreFantastic · 41-45, MVIP
I honestly cannot believe that anyone truely believes this. I think they are just playing a prank on us.
revenant · F
@FeetAreFantastic aha could be !
empanadas · 31-35, M
Not in person
MethDozer · M
A few actually.

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