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It's so hot...

My underwear melted away! 馃サ馃
Pics or it didn鈥檛 happen.
lilacs41-45, F
@DarkHeaven Though I've cut back a little, I like listening to music on my hammock and smoking my "recreational" pot
@lilacs 馃槉
lilacs41-45, F
@DarkHeaven Probably assists in my releasing inhibitions.
FreeSpirit151-55, F
Who wears underwear when it's hot?
lilacs41-45, F
@FreeSpirit1 I went to my day job wearing them and then had to drive to Idaho Falls in the work car, which has shitty AC. Off they went.
lilacs41-45, F
@FreeSpirit1 Jeans are rough on the bits
FeetAreFantastic41-45, MVIP
@FreeSpirit1 People who need some support
DunningKruger61-69, M
"I'm sorry, ma'am, but 'climate change' probably isn't a good defense against indecent exposure."
@lilacs Yup. My parents sold us the farm house and 40 acres around it. The full ranch is just over 400 acres but the lease the rest of it to cattle ranchers as part of their retirement. But 40 acres is still a lot and it sides with the pond on our land that I grew up swimming in. It鈥檚 huge and just barely to small to be called a lake.
lilacs41-45, F
@DarkHeaven It sounds amazing and I'm so jealous
@lilacs no wired internet out there, though. And I鈥檓 only on here when I鈥檓 back in town like today because I barely get one cell phone bar out there. I can call and text kind of but the data part of my cell phone service doesn鈥檛 work at all.
sweetdream22-25, F
Melted or soaked? Lol
sweetdream22-25, F
@SW-User hmmm 馃馃馃
I don't know what you mean lol
lilacs41-45, F
@sweetdream Soaked. Lol! Sweat
@sweetdream Sure sure 馃槍馃槄
There鈥檚 something you don鈥檛 hear every day 馃槀
CultOfPersonality31-35, M
Global warming 馃槉
DownTheStreet51-55, M
That鈥檚 hot
MoonlightLullaby41-45, F
Hopefully you didn't get burned in the process. You naughty little minx with that picture below 馃槒
lilacs41-45, F
@MoonlightLullaby Christmas in July with the present to cover. Lol
robertsnj51-55, M
where do you live? I am in New Jersey--summers are mild. i drink hot coffee when i mow the lawn in the summer.
If you get white cotton panties wet enough they become transparent. It's a fun game to play.
Hang in there.....Degbeme should be showing up any moment with the fire hose......馃榿
Saw the melted away pic, my brain exploded and I can鈥檛 brain anymore.
braveheart2161-69, M
Now theres a thought to make me errrr...... Smile 馃槈馃槈馃槈馃槈
Now that would be fun to watch ??
smileylovesgaming31-35, F
Lady land needs to breathe anyway
Well, there are worse disasters..
Wizardry46-50, M
Sounds liberating
Sthuff happens

LandOfOz61-69, M
may we see please
Ravens8046-50, F
No lie! It鈥檚 miserable 馃槱
BABALOO6441-45, M
And bra?
Dawgsfan341-45, M
Donotfolowme51-55, F
What expression is that
FeetAreFantastic41-45, MVIP
How about your bra?
braveheart2161-69, M
Why not topless 馃憤馃憤馃憤馃槀馃槀@lilacs
lilacs41-45, F
@braveheart21 Driving the work car topless would not look good with the business name on the door. Lol
braveheart2161-69, M
Advertise your errr services 馃槀馃槀馃槀馃槀馃槀@lilacs

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