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Baby Reindeer - Holy Crap!!

Anybody watching this - No Spoilers please!
mooncrest0231-35, F
It was funny at first then I had to start fast forwarding馃槱 gave it a thumbs down. Lol
@mooncrest02 it's not funny really....more of a psychological drama, not everybody's cup of tea,,,,
mooncrest0231-35, F
@fun4us2b it was disgusting after like ep 3
Jacko197151-55, M
We watched it all. It got very dark.
@Jacko1971 I googled and found it's a true story....the thing that gets me is how he empathized with his emotional a Stockholm syndrome way..
Jacko197151-55, M
@fun4us2b on YouTube Piers Morgan interviewed the real woman.
@Jacko1971 Interesting...Thanks
SpicyMilk18-21, F
starts interessting but it kinda becomes boring real fast
I only watched it because i thought it would be funny. 馃槼

Weird 馃憖
iamnikki31-35, F
I didn't even make it thru the first episode.
Should I try again?
@iamnikki Only if you want to be shocked 馃く it's a bit dark....
Gangstress41-45, F
No lol everyone's banging on about it though
@Gangstress It's crazy for real!
I stopped watching at episode six. He annoyed me too much.
Bumbles51-55, M
Yes, and really liked it, but not the ending.
@Bumbles Afraid to look 馃檲 maybe this weekend..
OldBrit61-69, M
Watched it. Disturbing and illuminating.
@OldBrit Agreed - I like how he really explains everything he is thinking. All his confused thoughts.
Jacko197151-55, M
We watched it because it came up in the Netflix Top Ten list.
He grows up to be a big reindeer 馃槵
@Morvoren If he survives, or doesn't lose his mind completely....
Yeah, pretty uncomfortable
@V00doo Very!

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