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How does your OCD manifest?

Some people are control freaks and want everything tidy.

I on the other hand want things to be all around. I feel like the earth is eating me when I see empty spaces.
Anyone feels like that?
GuyWithOpinions · 31-35, M
I like things flush. Probably from years of people yelling at me when i was young, but if im building something myself and its not flush it might drive me nuts if i dont make it properly. Unless im totally exhausted i might sit there for a while trying to make it perfect enough i can run my fingers over it and not feel the edge.
Jorgillo · 36-40, M
@GuyWithOpinions kinda what I feel about my paintings
SwampFlower · 31-35, F
I have intrusive thoughts mostly.
Jorgillo · 36-40, M
@SwampFlower oh I forgot about that. Do you have thoughts like voices saying how useless you are, even though there is no actual evidence of that?
Cigarguy101 · 41-45, M
Doesn't sound like OCD to me.....
CrazyMusicLover · 31-35
I'm an anxious person with odd ideas of potential inconvenient, uncomfortable things happening if I do this or that so I refrain from doing it. I heard OCD is more about having compulsions to do something, not not doing something but idk...
Those people are not control freaks per se. It's more like over compensation.
Renaci · 36-40
Tidy control freaks have OCPD. Used to be known as being anal retentive.
OCD is best know by ritual compulsions that punish you with panic attacks if you don't do them or do them wrong.
Fear of open space sounds more agoraphobic. But will still cause panic.

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